Haley hits Louisville, Indianapolis, Cincinnati (WXMA, WZPL, WKRQ)

Posted on March 6, 2012

Haley’s single, “Free”, will drop March 20, 2012.

Haley’s on a mini-tour of Hot AC radio stations this week in the midwest and Texas.  Here are some of the key highlights of the first half of the radio mini-tour hitting the states of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.   Her team this trip included Neara Russell (keyboard), John Notto (guitar), and Chiara Kramer (management).

The first visit was to Louisville’s 102.3 The Max (WXMA) for a small audience.   There are photos of this below (bottom).

The next day was Indianapolis99.5 WZPL Smiley Morning show where they gave us 30 minutes of Haley on the air!   Thanks!  Including the first performance of “Free” on the radio ever.  Fittingly for Haley, it was a live performance.   WZPL interview! Here.

Later in the day, they dropped by Cincinnati’s Q102 WKRQ for a private function for the staff. Some good photos below.

They finished by flying to St. Louis for tomorrow’s events.  Look for them on Fox’s Morning News at 8:50AM Central.   Full list of known events are at “Free” the Single Radio Publicity Week Schedule, March 4

March 6

3/6 Indianapolis, WZPL 99.5, Smiley Morning Show 9:30am

Listen to the WZPL interview! Here. Includes “Free” and HOTRS.

Includes a bit of banter, performance of “Free” (“an empowering breakup song”), some audience interactions, and another haunting, as usual, performance of the “House Of The Rising Sun”.  She also proves she can instantly recognize her idol mates Stefano, Pia, Lauren, James voice.

Chiara Kramer ‏ @chiarakramer Thanks for having us! @wzpl @smileyradioshow yfrog.com/obxbbrvj

Haley Reinhart ‏ @HaleyReinhart Thanks for inviting me to the party @wzpl @smileyradioshow@kjonair @helpertoni @willpfaffy !!! Good times in Indy;)

Jennifer Williams ‏ @JRMediaStar Me and @haleyreinhart pic.twitter.com/LoOTn928

Dave Smiley ‏ @smileyradioshow Hanging out with American Idol’s @haleyreinhart in the smiley mystic lounge this morning! twitpic.com/8ss20e

Kyle Brooks ‏ @Taithleach pic.twitter.com/Zmbi3cor

Daniel D ‏ @ShinDIGH @haleyscoop @HaleyReinhart @neararussell Wasted Tears from WZPL 99.5 in Indy this morning. Great job, gang!youtu.be/q0A5ZQVYEY4

House Of The Rising Sun (via Taichleach)

Wasted Tears (via Taitchleach)

Free (via Taitchleach)

Audio in the podcast is much cleaner.

New video with better audio

Video from Prunty3267 posted 4/8



Wasted Tears

3/6 Cincinnati WKRQ

Haley Reinhart ‏ @HaleyReinhart Big thanks to @wkrq @grovercollins @q102briand for having me come to the station and play ya a couple songs!
(Photos via Stairway2Halien)

You can find more photos at WKRQ Gallery

March 5

Louisville KY, WXMA, 102.3 The Max, Lunch appearance

Chiara Kramer ‏ @chiarakramer Thanks for having us!! RT @INTERSCOPEPROMO: Thanks to WXMA TheMax 102.3 Louisville for having @HaleyReinhart in studio today! #free

@JesseRas Oh yeah. I love my job @LambertLindsey pic.twitter.com/4K4DWjo0 (via @stairway2halien)

with Tommy Lee WXMA

Haley Reinhart@HaleyReinhart Bye bye Louisville, hello Indianapolis! Thanks for havin me 102.3 The Max, you guys are great:) pic.twitter.com/2WGnyXuu

4th Street Live, Louisville, KY

Haley Reinhart ‏ @HaleyReinhart Here’s another one from Louisville! Me and mista John Notto, my new guitar man.. Ever so serious;) pic.twitter.com/VeBL96MR

Haley and John

You can find more photos at WXMA Facebook Gallery


(For an exhaustive list of performances and media, please go to Stairway2Haien’s 2012 Live Info and 2012 Media  page.)

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