Funny Or Die Offices

Posted on March 12, 2012


Link to the video:

Haley’s scene starts around 1:40.   Great look around 2:17

Lane tweeted that Haley was visiting the Funny Or Die offices Sunday 3/11.

Lane Newland ‏ @LNEWLAND1 At Funny or Die offices with @HaleyReinhart!!! What could we be doing????
Most likely doing a video for Funny Or Die.   Possibly for Funny Or Die Presents for HBO.   Given Avin Das’ participation (see his  imdb entry), probably a short for the site.
From some later tweets, including:

Calais Campbell ‏ @Campbell93  Open S/O to @j4ahvidbest @JaredQuay @adamlustick and@haleyreinhart today for making me laugh all day on set at funny or die #goodtimes

Haley was on set with:

Avin Das ‏ (staff writer) @JimmySparkles
Jared ‏ @JaredQuay
Adam Lustick @adamlustick
Jahvid Best (RB, Detroit Lions) @J4hvidbest
Calais Cambell (DE, AZ Cardnials) @Campbell93

So, don’t be surprised if you see Haley in a Funny Or Die video soon.

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