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Posted on March 14, 2012 has a special fan “deluxe” bundle available.   (Update 4/6: The Deluxe CD included has at least 3 bonus songs).

If you’re a fan, at a minimum you’ll want the  Deluxe CD.   The bonus tracks will be those that don’t quite fit into the flow of the album including a rock song, a psychedelic sounding track, and a reggae-like one.    (We know the Deluxe CD will have at least 3 bonus songs.  Last, unofficial report, was that the regular CD would have 10 songs and the deluxe 14, but honestly 10 seems to be below the norm for the regular CD as most have 11-13 tracks).

Ordering the fan bundle, if you can afford it, is also a nice show of support for Haley and her music.


Special fan bundle includes:

  • Deluxe LISTEN UP! CD, including 14 songs
  • Collectible display book including 14 vintage art postcards, specially designed with Haley’s personal touch, including notes and a message to her fans
  • Get Haley’s new song, “Free” instantly! (To be redeemed beginning March 20)
  • Limited quantity will include a display book signed by Haley!
  • *Customers ordering on or before 5/13/12 will receive their order in time for product release date (5/22/12). Valid in US only.

NB: if you care about the autographed displaybook, the site at one point started said a certain number would be signed and switched to say “Limited quantity will include a display book signed by Haley!”, then marked it “SOLD OUT!!!”.    It now says “[Limited quantity will include a display book signed by Haley!]”.   The order page also says the display book will be autographed.    Assume Haley and team decided to extend the offer a bit longer, possibly because while it was marked as sold out they posted to facebook saying you could get an autographed copy.   As long as the order form itself (and your receipt) says it is autographed, then it probably will be.

The preorder price 19.98 + shipping (around $8 in the continental US ).
You can also order it through Mooncast.
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SANTA MONICA, Calif., March 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Haley Reinhart — the 21-year-old Illinois native who won over American Idol viewers with her unique, standout performances and jazzy vocal style as a Season 10 finalist — will release her debut single, “Free,” digitally on March 20th. The piano-driven track, which Haley describes as “an empowering break-up song” is the lead-off single from Haley’s eagerly awaited debut album, Listen Up!, which will be released by 19 Recordings/Interscope Records on May 22nd.  To hear “Free” visit

Beginning today those who sign up at Haley’s website can pre-order the physical deluxe edition of Listen Up!, which includes a CD of the album’s 14 songs, a collectible display flipbook featuring 14 vintage art postcards with commentary and a personal message to fans from Haley on each card, and a code to redeem a digital download of “Free” beginning March 20th.  The first 500 fans to purchase this very special item will receive copies signed by Haley.

To celebrate the release of “Free,” Haley will return to American Idol to perform the song on March 22nd. She will also appear as herself on the CW’s 90210 on the March 27th episode, performing a part of the song.

The TV appearances promise to whet the appetite of Haley fans eager to hear what she has in store on Listen Up!, which has shaped up to be a retro-flavored, yet thoroughly contemporary-sounding collection of songs that Haley co-wrote with her collaborators, who include Mike Elizondo, busbee, Rob Kleiner, Rune Westberg, and Chris Seefried. “Along with the album’s pop undertones, it definitely has key elements of soul, rock, R&B, and even some jazz,” Haley says. “I’m hugely influenced by the music I grew up with and you can hear that on the album. I’m so thrilled to make my visions come to life!”

Read more about “Listen Up!” in the Hollywood Reporter‘s exclusive interview with Haley here:

Listen also at:, goes to Facebook page where it plays the Interscope Soundcloud version.


MTV – ‘American Idol’ Veteran Haley Reinhart’s New Single ‘Defines’ Her (VIDEO) 3/28

“You’re going to be surprised to hear a lot of different flavors, but at the same time it all meshes well together,” she said of the album, which hits stores May 22. “I show a lot of different sides. I have my roots I come from a lot of different genres, so you’ll hear definitely sultriness throughout the entire thing, very retro yet modern take, and there’s pop undertones in it with some funk jazz rock, it’s got a lot going on.”

Haley Reinhart talks ‘90210,’ ‘Listen Up!’ USA Today 3/26/2012

Haley recorded Free during last summer’s American Idols Live tour. While it’s the only song on Listen Up! that she didn’t have a hand in writing, she says the song helped establish a direction for the rest of the album.

“It all has the sultry feel, very retro but yet modern at the same time,” says the singer, who was known for her versatility during her time on Idol. “Things travel between rock and funk and jazz, but it all has a sort of continuity with pop undertones. It does feel like a collection to me.”

Fans who’d like to hear her go further afield should consider picking up the deluxe edition of Listen Up! Haley takes a few more stylistic liberties there. “They stretch out,” she says. “There’s one that goes in a reggae direction and another that’s more on the rock side, then one that’s just out there and psychedelic-sounding.”

Haley Reinhart Talks Returning to American Idol, Her 90210 Guest Spot and…Becoming Angelina Jolie?! E! Online 3/22

‘American Idol’s’ Haley Reinhart Talks New Album, Guest Stars (Exclusive) Hollywood Reporter 3/7

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