Retail Outlets for Listen Up!, Amazon 3/17

Posted on March 17, 2012

The retail CD for Listen Up!, release date May 22, 2012, is now available for preorder at Amazon (US) as of 3/17.

In due time, expect availability at other outlets.     You can check Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Target, other Amazon sites, HMV sites, CD Universe, etc.  The album is expected to be available world-wide; however, we don’t know if, in some regions, this may be limited to digital downloads.

Updated: 3/27

“Listen Up!” Fan Pre-Order Physical Deluxe Bundle

The Fan pre-order bundle has, in addition to a 14 song CD, a 14 postcard flipbook and a high quality download (320kbs) of the “Free” MP3.

Confirmed: There are 3 bonus tracks on the Deluxe CD included in the bonus album.

The MP3 download of  “Free” may be a bit higher quality than available at retail (typical is 256kbs).  All of this may be worth a few extra dollars to you.  Go to the order page or to our previous post for more details on the bundle.

Haley Reinhart talks ‘90210,’ ‘Listen Up!’ USA Today 3/26/2012

Haley recorded Free during last summer’s American Idols Live tour. While it’s the only song on Listen Up! that she didn’t have a hand in writing, she says the song helped establish a direction for the rest of the album.

“It all has the sultry feel, very retro but yet modern at the same time,” says the singer, who was known for her versatility during her time on Idol. “Things travel between rock and funk and jazz, but it all has a sort of continuity with pop undertones. It does feel like a collection to me.”

Fans who’d like to hear her go further afield should consider picking up the deluxe edition of Listen Up! Haley takes a few more stylistic liberties there. “They stretch out,” she says. “There’s one that goes in a reggae direction and another that’s more on the rock side, then one that’s just out there and psychedelic-sounding.”

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