“Free” Single and Video Available Tuesday March 20, 2012

Posted on March 19, 2012

Update: International availability 3/23.

The single is available on iTunes at 11:00PM EDT 3/19!!!   The video is not currently available.  Also available: CDUniverseAmazon.   320KB at Google Music. 

Update: 3/29, the video was released but not for sale yet.  AVAILABLE on iTunes!

21 March 

Interscope Promotion ‏ @INTERSCOPEPROMO· Open Monday, @HaleyReinhart #Free impacts at Hot AC! Get ready!

“Free” the first single off Haley’s debut album Listen Up! should be available tonight around midnight EDT as we roll into Tuesday.   Expect the video to be available on iTunes at the same time.

Title Artist Time
 Free    Haley Reinhart         4:14

Direct: AmazonCDUniverse, iTunes, Google (320kb version)

Via Artist page: iTunes Haley Reinhart link, Rapsody

Full preview

Listen Up! is available for pre-order

Her debut album, Listen Up!, scheduled for May 22, is available for pre-order.  For more information on the special fan pack, see Preorder Listen Up! Now or go directly to her site at http://www.haleyreinhart.com/order/ (currently US only).

The retail CD version of Listen Up! can be pre-ordered from Amazon.   Expect to see it available in other outlets as we draw nearer to the May 22nd drop date.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” and American Idol Highlights

As long as we’re shilling Haley Reinhart albums, for those who missed it, she had two other releases since American Idol concluded last May.

First is Baby, “it’s Cold Outside” ft. Casey Abrams.   Available in digital download only from iTunes, Amazon, and other digital outlets.  The video is available for sale only at iTunes though you can watch it at VEVO or her VEVO channel on youtube.

Prior to this was her American Idols Highlights EP available from June 2011.  5 songs; only “You Oughta Know” had not been previously released.  Best purchased at Walmart (exclusive) in the US as other stores had to import it at a much greater price.  See Discography for a tracklist.

Of course, there are also all her American Idol studios.  These are still available on iTunes.

Updates will be made here as new information appears.

Reviews and Reports

IdolsNow ‏ @idolsnow · Open HALEY REINHART’s “Free” debuts at #55 on the Hot Digital Songs chart. [3/28]
IdolsNow ‏ @idolsnow· Open HALEY REINHART’s “Free” debuts at #4 on the Bubbling Under the Hot 100 chart. [3/28]

19 Entertainment ‏ @19News Check out @HaleyReinhart in @peoplemag#idol @IDOL_Insider twitpic.com/92i8t4

MTV – ‘American Idol’ Veteran Haley Reinhart’s New Single ‘Defines’ Her

“I picked it out while I was touring with the ‘Idols’ and I was getting all these songs shipped into me,” she said of “Free.” “This one I just had to stop and say ‘Hey this has my name written on it.’ It’s something that I can look in the future and see it being able to define me. It’s got elements of the sultry, even hints of jazz in there.”…

“I had this vision and the director, Christopher Sims, really brought it to life for me,” she said. “There’s a guy involved, it is kind of a motivational break-up song, so I wanted to keep it mature, yet have the playful scenery behind us. We put it out in a ’50s-style diner and just kept it playful, fresh.”

Women win the week for ‘Idol’ downloads, USA Today 3/28

First week sales 35k.

Twitter find:

Michelle ‏ @summerdaze_from the current print EW: @KrisAllen TVOL: B, @HaleyReinhart Free A- http://twitpic.com/90ctip

HALEY REINHART, Y’ALL! How good is that woman? Haley is probably my favorite contestant in ‘Idol’ history, so I’m biased, but damn, girl! I watch ‘Idol’ every season and every season I have a contestant that I fall for, but in the end I have never bought an ‘Idol’ contestant’s album, ever. That WILL change when Haley’s record comes out. “Free” is a killer single

Haley Reinhart returns to ‘American Idol’ USA Today IdolChatter 3/22

It plays to her jazzy strengths, and it shifts from the uptempo verses to a half-time bridge. For a singer like Haley, it’s all of marrying her to the right material. This song may not end up being a huge hit, but it’s a great fit for her.


Includes a brief audio clip.

Haley Reinhart Debuts New Single ‘Free‘ on ‘American Idol’ Stage  Hollywood Reporter

Mild inaccuracy in the article, the performance was taped just before the live show began due to staging issues, so the audience was treated to the live performance.    (The birdcage was evidently quite heavy and took 10 people 10 minutes to get offstage according to an E! Online reporter. 1 2)


She has matured so much in the space of a year, coming across like a modern Stevie Nicks, with a little less gypsy and a lot more glam.

Haley Reinhart: “Free” Dai(ly) Jams Blog 3/22

From yesterday’s soul-wrenching blues songstress Brittany Howard, we turn now to a poppier version of the strong female blues vocalist. … Her voice has an edgy growl that could work in a dank basement club or dressed up like a pop star. Clearly, Ms. Reinhart has chosen the latter — and she’s flawless in her own domain.

This performance of her first single, “Free,” proves why the ones who will make it are the really talented musicians, the ones who can phrase and emote outside the studio. It’s also a nice piece of pop writing, memorable and luxurious in Reinhart’s voice.

LISTEN: Haley Reinhart Debuts Long-Awaited Single ‘Free’ Spin Or Bin Music 3/20

Like we all know, today’s pop music world is slowly going back to the traditional sounds (Adele, Christina Perri etc) thus the release of Free comes at quite the opportune time for Reinhart. The song definitely suits Haley’s voice, but I gotta say that I followed Haley’s performance quite closely during her Idol days and Free didn’t exactly let her showcase her full vocal prowess. What a shame, but hopefully the songs in her album (coming out in May) will allow her to do just that.

Hailing Haley Turn It Up at Popservations 3/19

“Free” has a nice, swinging syncopation, allowing room for Reinhart’s jazzy inflections to shine (particularly in the bridge) without making them the sole focus of her performance. “Free” is still very much a pop song, and one that I’m surprisingly pleased to make a spot for.

Haley Reinhart’s new single, ‘Free’: Listen here! Zap2it 3/19

We can’t stop listening to the piano-based tune, which is jazzy and poppy at the same time — a great showcase for her bluesy voice.

New Music: Haley Reinhart – Free stupidDOPE.com 3/19

Her bluesy jazz influenced vocals champion great singing, reminding us of what real talent is.

Haley Reinhart is finally back and Free. A short review IDOLHead Ed 3/19

The song itself is so different from anything on the radio now and that’s not only a good thing, it’s a damn good thing. Haley’s buttery vocal actually takes me on a journey with its wandering but collected melody.

New Music: Haley Reinhart – “Free” Entertainment Empire 3/14

The cut is pretty good! I was expecting a flower-child, sunnier song, but this helpful slice of funk-pop soul definitely makes it above the mark. Haley’s super rasp voice soars in all aspects of the track.

Haley Reinhart “Free” (NEW MUSIC) Global Grind 3/16

The upbeat, piano-driven single features a healthy dose of traditional pop music blended in with jazz. Add in her old-school, bluesy voice, which is deceiving because she’s only 21, and you have a recipe for a unconventional-sounding single, one that we definitely think can be a hit record.

Listen: ‘American Idol’s’ Haley Reinhart streams first single HitFix (blog) B- 3/16

“Free” has a jazzy, piano-based, slightly quirky feel, redolent of Regina Spektor. It’s not super catchy, but it’s pleasant and likeable.

Haley Reinhart – “Free” top40.about.com 4.5/5 3/14-15

“Free” follows in the recent footsteps of Adele in being a song without a highly specific genre. However, the Adele comparisons end there. Haley Reinhart is a singer with classic pop style that is animated by jazz. Beyond its words about relationships, “Free” also marks the debut of a singer who seems bent on escaping conventions of the pop mainstream. This song could fit comfortably on pop, jazz, and even rock radio playlists. (4.5/5)

Haley Reinhart, ‘Free’ – Song Review PopCrush 4/5 3/14

Haley Reinhart wants to be ‘Free’ on her new tune, a breath of fresh air that adds mild jazz influences to a retro-sounding pop song. (4/5)

The Singles Bar: Haley Reinhart, “Free” Popdust 3/14

Twitter: Popdust‏ @Popdust @HaleyReinhart Popdust thinks “Free” might be the best Idol single to date… Details

“Free,” on the other hand, doesn’t make Haley more anonymous but more distinctive. The track’s jaunty piano and torchy vocals… But Reinhart happens to do this jazzy, slightly retro thing well. On “Free,” she gets to growl a bit, coo a bit, and trip along the syllables in the bridge in a way that’s close enough to scatting. She gets off a pretty good hook, too, with her delivery of “want you to be, want-you-to-be… free.” As a showcase of Reinhart’s vocal strengths, the single could hardly be better.

Notable mentions


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