“Free”, American Idol Results Show, March 22, 2012

Posted on March 22, 2012

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RT @BradyTheBengal: RT if you thought @HaleyReinhart ‘s Idol Performance was fantastic! #free [HALEY IS FANTASTIC. GREAT STAGING TOO.]

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Haley performs her single “Free” during the American Idol Results tonight.

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Over a year later.. now it’s time 4 me to return 2 the idol stage, where it all began 2 perform MY VERY OWN SINGLE “Free” NEXT THURDAY 3/22!

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(and yes, DeAndre, Haley does remember you.  She named you one of her favorites in her St. Louis Fox TV interview here).

Haley Reinhart Talks Returning to American Idol, Her  – E! Online

You’re performing on Idol tonight. How does it feel to be back? 
It is crazy! It feels so long ago and it feels like yesterday at the same time. I haven’t gone back to the studio, like CBS and everything, once. I can’t even tell all the emotions I’m going to be feeling, but I know I’m going to run into all these familiar smiling faces. I can’t wait for that reunion. That’s like family right there.


‘American Idol’ recap: Nobody Wins From This Misery

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EAT IT, JUDGES No one puts Haley in the corner of a cage!

Here is a star.

THIS! Is American Idol. No, seriously, this is practically the logo for the show, but way better. Haley Reinhart is a badass bitch.

To perform the hell out of her new single “Free,” Haley Reinhart wore a long, gauzy red gown with some severe Angelina Leg and a sparkly hair clip that put Randy’s pin collection to shame. Aggggh! I’ve watched this maybe….15 times? 20? And I spent the afternoon listening to “Free” and Haley’s studio recordings from season 10 of Idol on Spotify. I’d forgotten how much I love her — and what a stunning visual performer she is. I lose my breath a little whenever she throws one arm up in the air with her signature “I love singing!” dreamy expression and head tilt. But that’s probably because I’m so unhealthy and never get off of my couch.

Let’s go, America! Make Haley happen!

Haley Reinhart, the scratchy sexy singer from Idol Season 10 shows her pre-taped (is this like a trend?) performance of “Free“. I’ve always loved this girl and honestly, after she was booted pretty much gave up caring last year. She is sexy as hell (though tonight’s hair was a bit too exaggerated for me) in a slinky red number as she plays, trapped inside a giant cage until it’s airlifted outta there. The whole number was quite the production and maybe if I hated the singer I’d mock it, but as is, she’s sweet and has a great voice so I quite liked it. Good luck Haley.

Haley Reinhart returned to the “American Idol” stage during the Top 10 results show Thursday evening and performed the first song from her debut album. And if the rest of the album is as good as the first offering, “Free,” the young Ms. Reinhart will have little to worry about with regard to a successful career.

“Free” is both a musical throwback to an old bluesy torch singer style (vocally, think Billie Holiday) and a 70s-like piano-driven tune, very in keeping with the Billy Joel theme employed for the week by the “Idol” producers.

Haley Reinhart returned to the “Idol” stage for new single “Free,” a piano-driven tune that could very well bring the singer her first big hit on the radio waves.
Yahoo Reality Rocks Video (they don’t like Free as the first single)
Possible did the lighting for Haley’s performance.   The post links to a Vimeo video showing the effects (and part of the show).



Last night, powerhouse songbird Haley Reinhart made her grand return to the stage of American Idol, where she belted out her jazzy new single, “Free”;. The unanimous consensus: Haley wowed, displaying the prowess of a great diva who will be around for many more years to come.


The song, a sultry, jazzy throwback to another era, fit Reinhart like a glove and was a solid offering for Billy Joel week. She performed the number in a golden birdcage and looked amazing with a sleek, red dress (showing a bit of leg, Angelina Jolie, style) and her hair teased to high heaven. Reinhart brought a touch of Las Vegas pizazz to the Idol stage.


Reinhart turned the sexy meter up to 11, thanks to her form-fitting hot pink gown, the piles of curls pushed to one side of her head and the fact that she performed in a lighted birdcage, sauntering inside of the bars as she sang. From her styling to the staging, it was a “Va va va voom!” performance from stem to stern. Haley was, in a word, hot. She has matured so much in the space of a year, coming across like a modern Stevie Nicks, with a little less gypsy and a lot more glam.‘Free’ is a mid-tempo, semi-jazzy and totally soulful romp that sounds like it was penned expressly for Haley Reinhart, since it plays to her smoky strengths.
Tonight we get performances by “Indie-pop sensation” Lana Del Rey as Ryan Seacrest calls her, and last season’s third place finisher, The Growler herself Haley Reinhart.

Haley Reinhart’s first post-Idol single “Free” is now available for download on iTunes and Amazon and she sounds pretty much the same as she did this time last year, no big surprises from this middle of the road poppy-jazz song. Don’t worry kids, my review of this is coming, I’m hoping the lyrics are more decipherable in the studio version


We tortured the bottom three a little longer with the new Haley Reinhart single, Free. She was good and typical Haley. I’m not going to turncoat now and tell you I’m buying her single, because I’m not. But I think a lot of people will. But you know Haley annoys me with the dreamy head tilt.


Next was Haley Reinhart, one of the most promising singers from Idol’s Season 10. She performed for the first time on TV her debut single “Free” (which is a pretty solid song for a debut btw!). Haley hit the ‘American Idol’ stage looking like a mini DIVA with fierce hair, and a fierce long red dress. She SOLD “Free” amazingly well last night with that performance. Great vocals!


Before rounding out the Top 9, Season 10’s Haley Reinhart performed her song “Free” in a giant birdcage. It was a smooth little number and a not-so-subtle hint to Lana that it’s possible to be sultry while moving around and showing some emotion.

Rant time: Excuse me, while I get this off my chest. So Haley Reinhart. Pretty good for a chick that was eliminated before some of the other schlock that actually made it to the finals and eventually won – Scotty McCreery I guess is doing alright. But her performance goes to show that maybe America actually gets it wrong sometimes. Reinhart has a great style and voice and she proves that she is marketable despite not winning or even sniffing the finals last year. What’s worse is that what we got was completely different from anything she dared to do on the show last year. Well, more likely was given the chance to do. They pigeonhole a lot of these performers into what they think is the best when the reality may be their own style and their own decisions may actually be better. Proof in what Reinhart delivered with her first studio song “Free,” which is pretty darn good. Think what she could have been if she was given a fair shake on the show and allowed to do what she is best at? Who knows what would have happened.


After this, Haley Reinhart, the third place finisher last season, debuted her new single, “Free”. The vocal was amazing, but the birdcage was a bit much. Her jazzy pop sound will be interesting to follow. How much did Adele change the pop music landscape?


Well, we know how Haley Reinhart would do as an Idol contestant — third place, last season. Tonight she’s in a birdcage, singing her new single “Free.” The birdcage is kind of silly, but Haley looks gorgeous in a slinky gown, and she sounds terrific. The song is surprisingly good, and she’s much more compelling than Lana Del Rey. We’re calling this a win for Haley!


Haley Reinhart performs with a Katy Perry-esque stage setup, kills it, and we don’t hear her talk to Ryan or the Judges, which is probably really good.

After that Haley Reinhart is back on the show, singing “Free” in a giant golden ‘birdcage’ on stage. This is like a Las Vegas production of a cabaret, odd mix of the spectacular balanced by the intimacy of her gorgeous voice.


And then: Haley Reinhart from Season 10, singing her new single, “Free.” Haley performed standing in a giant birdcage with massive stars in the background. She looked quite sexy. The song was an interesting blend of pop instrumentation with her jazz-inflected voice. She sang it beautifully, and I will totally download it. I will say, I did not get Haley last season until Elton John week. She just didn’t make any sense to me, and the poor dear was SUCH a mess in the beginning. But then it all just clicked and she became one of my very favorites of the season. Oodles of talent in that one, and she’s delightfully quirky. Best of luck to her.


Dressed in a smoking hot red dress with her long locks swept to one side, Haley performed her debut single, “Free.” She started the performance in a bird cage-like contraption until she uttered the word “free” — pretty appropriate. In true Haley fashion, she growled throughout the song but delivered some pretty fantastic notes as well.

Haley Reinhart, “Free” – The birdcage reminded us a little too much of what Miley Cyrus did with “Can’t Be Tamed,” but this performance reminded us of why Haley should have made the finals instead of Lauren. It was fun, vocally stirring, and a nice reminder for everyone to go to iTunes and buy the single. Now. Let’s make this a hit!
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