Radio Event Palm Springs Mix 100.5 3/23

Posted on March 23, 2012

Haley appears at the Mix100.5 Acoustic Lounge.  Event held at the Stir Lounge Renaissance Esmeralda Resort.


Setlist.   This time MOSTLY her own original songs.

  1. Wasted Tears
  2. Free
  3. Hit The Ground Runnin’
  4. House Of The Rising Sun
  5. Now That You’re Here (debut)
Blogett Bird ‏ @dromMomma Open Patti Reinhart (songlist) Wasted tears ,free ,hit the ground runnin ,hotrs and now that your here for the first time

“Feels like this chemistry / Might be the end of me / If love is my enemy / Don’t set me free / Now that you’re here there’s no one else for me.” These lyrics, they make me feel so good! Hollywood Reporter 3/7/2012

Some tweets from the ground:

RenaissanceEsmeralda ‏ @RenEsmeralda #HaleyReinhart is performing a new song for the first time live right here in Stir! We love her “energy”! Details

RenaissanceEsmeralda ‏ @RenEsmeralda Haley Reinhart is “hittin’ the ground running” at tonight’s Acoustic Lounge! Stir is open for all after the show!

Chris Moradi ‏ @ChrisMoradi This girl has the soul of a 60 year old black woman in a 21 year old white girl body

caryn garcia ‏ @caryn_garciayoo Open @HaleyReinhart is beautiful and has a voice with some power !!!

Update from Mix 100.5 3/26


Meet & Greet Photos

Halien history note: Event first discovered by stairway2halien who noticed a tweet from someone going to the event.

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