90210 Appearance, “Blue Ivy” Episode, March 27, 2012

Posted on March 24, 2012

Haley will appear on 90210 appearing as herself and singing “Free”.   90210 airs on TheWB 8 ET/PT, 7 CT. Check your local listings as times may vary by station.

She shows up in the second half.   There’s a brief mention of her around around 25 minutes or so.   A brief mention after her appearance (56m) and then a brief mention at the end.  Also a bonus clip here.   Video with Haley parts extracted here.   The Huffington Post has the core scene here or via AOL here.

The episode preview is available at the 90210 website and if you miss it, you’ll be able to catch the complete episode there later.

Spoilers for the Blue Ivy episode.


‘90210’: Dixon Gets A Chance To Perform With “American Idol” Alum Haley Reinhart (VIDEO) Huffington Post 3/28

When she showed up at his house toward the end of the episode, she found him not there. He’d taken off to go on tour with Reinhart. That leaves the possibility of Reinhart making a return appearance when and if Adrianna tracks Dixon down to give him a piece of her mind, or maybe say all is forgiven and just be happy for his success.

‘Idol’ alum Haley Reinhart heads to ‘90210’ USA Today 3/27/2012

“I got to perform Free and then had a few lines in there,” says the singer, who finished third during Idol‘s 2011 season. Reinhart’s appearance in the episode, titled Blue Ivy, includes a scene with Adrianna Tate-Duncan (actress Jessica Lowndes). …

Reinhart will release her Listen Up! album May 22, but she says she wouldn’t mind if her 90210 gig led to more acting work. “I’ve always loved acting,” she says. “I did a lot of theater and musicals, skits and improv. My mom wanted me to go into acting more than singing, when she saw me onstage. Maybe someday.”

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Haley Reinhart talks ‘90210,’ ‘Listen Up!’ USA Today 3/26/2012

“I got to perform Free and then had a few lines in there — a pretty good amount, a scene with the character Adrianna,” she says. “It was fun –- a little taste of what I hope is more to come.”

Haley Reinhart Talks Returning to American Idol, Her  – E! Online

You also have an upcoming guest appearance on 90210. How did that come about? 
It’s a really long story. The character Dixon (Tristan Wilds), it was supposed to be me and him doing another tune actually. Him doing a rap part, but he ended up getting sick, like in real life, really sick. He got the Valley fever and that’s terrible. We changed the song to “Free,” which works for me, but I didn’t get to meet him at all. We changed the script to make him backstage. I hope he’s doing better. Everything else about it, working with Jessica [Lowndes] and the rest of the crew, everybody was really, really sweet people. They run a tight ship. It was really cool to be a part of. I love acting. This was fun just to get back into it.

Was the song you were originally supposed to perform off your album?
Yeah. It was actually “Oh My” because there’s a rap part in it.

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