Haley Reinhart video for “Free” available 3/29 3AM ET

Posted on March 28, 2012

See Listen Up Album Info w/Tracklist (ROLLUP) for the latest information.

VEVO is showing availability at 3AM ET 3/29 for the official video for Free and a 3AM ET 3/31 availability for a Photoshoot behind the scenes video. Looks like it’s set to be available on her HaleyReinhartVEVO channel around the same time. Spread it far and wide!

AVAILABLE on iTunes!

VEVO ‏ @VEVO· Open Get us a pair of hot pants stat, because we want to join in on @HaleyReinhart‘s retro-fabulousness! http://vevo.ly/He8UU5

Music Video on VEVO


Music Video Behind the Scenes [4/4]

Photoshoot behind the scenes photoshop video (3/31 Morning)

Not officially available until 3/31 3AM ET, but (you can watch it at AOL here in lower quality) [3/30 morning]

Available now!

Youtube VEVO


Universal MusicGroup ‏ @UMG· Open NEW VIDEO: @HaleyReinhart gets jazzy in #Free. Watch now: youtu.be/b1ed3bSjqSI

VEVO ‏ @VEVO· Open Get us a pair of hot pants stat, because we want to join in on@HaleyReinhart‘s retro-fabulousness! vevo.ly/He8UU5


Haley Reinhart Rocks Stop Staring in Music Video Stop Staring’s Blog 4/4

How delightful and surprising! Former American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart wore one of our Retro Clothing pieces in her new music video for the single “Free”. This is not the first time Haley has rocked Stop Staring but it is still surprising nonetheless. Most noticeably she wore the Glam Wrap Dress in Red with White Polk-a-dots on one of her most memorable performances on Idol to great acclaim. She looked absolutely fabulous in that particular little Cocktail Dress and her fans and ours could not get enough. Haley does not only have great vocals but also an incredible and undeniable chic sense of style. This time around she opted for the 40’s inspired Lila top in Grey in which she looked simply amazing. The Lila top is part of our newest Spring/Summer collection and will be available for purchase soon. All you Stop Staring and Haley Reinhart fans keep an eye out for the Lila top and for her album that is sure to be a hit just like her style.

Rolling In The Deep Cocktail Dress (was actually Julie Zorrilla’s dress)

ISH interview

Full version:

Haley Reinhart “Free” (NEW VIDEO) GlobalGrind 4/2

One Track Sunday: Haley Reinhart Belts It Out In Fifties Gear CinemaBlend 4/1

There’s an associated article on Listen UP!.

New Video: Haley Reinhart, ‘Free’ MTV 3/30

We don’t normally like to use the word “saucy” to describe good music (it conjures way too many confusing images of marinara). But we just can’t help it when it comes to Haley Reinhart‘s new video, “Free,” due to the fact that there’s a decided undercurrent of “haters, to the left.” Ergo, the sauce.

Haley Reinhart Goes Retro For ‘Free’ [VIDEO] RyanSeacreast.com 3/29

The video, directed by Christopher Sims, has 50′s written all over it, filled with bright colors and Reinhart’s signature big curls. In addition to mellow piano keys in the background, Reinhart sings in a public parking lot dressed in a cherry-red crop top and high-rise bottoms to match.

Lana Del Rey & Haley Reinhart Perform On Idol Elimination Night [VIDEO]

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 22-year-old gave her reason on choosing “Free” as her first single. “From the first chord the piano hit, just hearing the piano raw, alone was cool. The chords aren’t your typical chords,” she said. “The chord progression was beautiful. It’s a waltz, which also caught my attention, because I love that.”

Haley Reinhart: ‘Free’ Video Premiere! JonAlis Music Blog 3/29

In the video we see the 21-year-old American Idol finalist try to break free from a failed relationship in a retro themed setting.Haley looks great and the visual works perfectly with the song, it doesn’t need to be anymore that what it already is. “Free” is truly a song that’s worthy of people’s attention and I’m hoping it takes off. What do you guys think?

watch haley reinhart’s music video! 17 Magazine 3/29

 17: Since the video is about going through a breakup the mature way, do you have any breakup tips?

HR: The song is really relatable to me. …

17: What do you think is the worst way to break up with someone?

Haley Reinhart “Frees” Herself in Sexy Debut Video Yahoo Music Blog 3/29

Season 10 “American Idol” seductress Haley Reinhart’s first music video, for “Free,” has just officially premiered, and the sultry clip fits her as perfectly as the teeny pinup-girl short-shorts she rocks in many of the video’s moodlit scenes.

Yes, the “Idol” coquette who vampily lounged Fabulous Baker Boys-style on a piano for “Benny & The Jets,” had a wind-machine whip her golden curls during “Rhiannon,” and on last week’s “Idol” results show performed in a gilded birdcage ups the glamour factor even more in “Free,” albeit in a tasteful and charmingly old-school way


Now she’s got a snazzy new video to go along with it. Reinhart, who stopped by the EW offices earlier this week to chat about her new single and upcoming album, worked with director Christopher Sims to achieve a look that was both “very retro and modern.” Sims set the video in a vintage 1950s diner and “kind of put his spin — literally — on things,” Reinhart jokes.

On choosing “Free” as the first single: “From the first chord the piano hit, just hearing the piano raw, alone was cool, The chords aren’t your typical chords. The chord progression was beautiful. It’s a waltz, which also caught my attention, because I love that. Not that I’m trying to be so different, but I don’t really like the most obvious and typical stuff. The fact that it’s a mature breakup song is totally up my alley. There’s nothing irrational about it — we love each other, but we know we gotta end this, at least for me to be happy. I totally can dig that. It just had a lot of different elements in it that struck me to be hypnotic.”

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Based upon the “leaked” version

http://www.hitthefloor.co.uk/videos/music-video/haley-reinhart-free-music-video/ 3/26

Haley Reinhart indicates who’s boss in the music video for her latest single ’Free‘ as she shows how to break up with a guy in style.

Haley rose to fame after coming third place in Season 10 of American Idol.  As well as having lots of attitude in this video, she also proves to be quite a style icon, with many retro costume changes throughout.

Check out the video below! Does anyone else think she has a shocking resemblance to Sandy from Grease around 1:15?!


Haley Reinhart dishes out what may be one of the sexiest dumpings we’ve ever seen, when she breaks up with a guy in her new music video for ‘Free,’ the lead single from her debut album ‘Listen Up!’


Simple, but cute MV! Ms Reinhart looked amazing in all those retro outfits (especially in the red shorts one!). The jazzy, bluesy “Free” serves as the first single from Haley’s upcoming debut album “Listen Up!”, due in on May 22 via 19 Entertainment/Interscope.


The single was produced by Busbee, and while her voice shines, I don’t think it positions Reinhart well in the current market and its certainly not single material.

The Christopher Sims-directed music visual is a simple, yet effective outing for the talented vocalist. The highlight was definitely the old-school styling – which is simply stunning on her petite frame.


I love this. I especially like the bluesy and retro undertones all through it – great delivery, to be honest. Haley knows how to sell a song, no question. Also, I didn’t believe it when Haley said that Interscope was going to give her some creative control over her album, but boy, was I wrong about that. Everything about this screams Haley.


Haley Reinhart vamps it up in her brand new music video for her single, “Free”. Snazzy, retro and utterly cool–Haley even gets a hot co-star who plays her love interest. What’s not to like?


Video Premiere: Haley Reinhart – Free. I now OFFICIALLY calling her one of ours WATCH OUT!!! artist.


The clip, set in a darkened diner, is directed by Christopher Sims, whose work includes videos for Lady Antebellum, Jimmy Eat World, Staind, OneRepublic, Stone Temple Pilots and Idol alum DaughtrySTORY: ‘American Idol’s’ Haley Reinhart Talks New Album, Guest Stars (Exclusive) Reinhart sings the song — a jazzy, nu-retro styled romp — with a vampy style, coyly flirting with the camera from the diner’s countertop.

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