Promo April 1-7, Events 4/2 Spokane, 4/3 SLC, 4/4 CO, 4/5 Detroit, 4/6 Louisville (ROLLUP)

Posted on March 29, 2012

Known so far: 4/5

On trip: Chiara Kramer management, Courtney Leonard bass/md.   Keith Phelps on keys.   Expected: 7 cities.   Look for radio and TV appearances.

Major Highlights:

Star Spangled Banner

The official version here at MLB’s site.   Thanks MLB!   MLB video below:


April 2  Spokane WA KCDA concert at the KCDA Lounge,  Northern Quest Casino & Lounge.  Audio here.

April 3 Salt Lake City KJMY MyFM 99.5 MY 99.5 performance studio Tuesday!

April 4 Colorado

April 5 Detroit Lions Opening Day, National Anthem

April 6 Louisville KY Louisville Magazine’s April Derby Launch Party on April 6, 2012 5:30PM  (originally posted in Louisville Magazine’s April Derby Launch Party, KY, April 6, 2012).   Updates/reports are here.

Possible targets: WDVD Detroit, WTMX Chicago

Quite likely they made a few unreported side visits.  ( KVUU Colorado Springs one likely candidate. )

Next few weeks: Tucson (4/20) Vegas (4/21) [as of 4/7]

April 2  Spokane WA KCDA Lounge,  Northern Quest Casino & Lounge.

Wasted Tears

Now That You’re Here



“Wasted Tears”


“Now That You’re Here”


Contest link:

1031 KCDA ‏ @1031KCDA· Open Our mini concert with @HaleyReinhart was great! She has some incredible vocals! Check out our fan pix –

Tusk’s mini-concert report is here on

They went into “Wasted Tears” and let me tell you, the sound set up was excellent, the keyboards were fantastic, the hairs stood up on my arms. She sounded amazing and effortless. “Free” was next and to finnish it off, “Now That You’re Hear”. Let me tell you, it is now my favorite song that we’ve heard so far…The arrangement was the best I heard and they really grooved it….Fantastic. I had to laugh as I saw Keith and Courtney closing their eyes and smiling as they were really getting into the groove LOL. It sounded FANTASTIC, the speakers were arranged around the room so the music was not only coming from the front. The backup vocals and all the sounds worked.

Haley Reinhart Mini Concert KDCA Music Blog

Not only was Haley as sweet as a cookie she has incredible vocals and a lot of soul. Everyone was blown away by her performance; people are still talking about it in the office. I am sure you have heard her single “Free” which we are currently playing on 103.1 KCDA; but outside of “Free” Haley also performed two other songs and one of them being “Now That You’re Here” for us today at the mini concert. “Now That You’re Here” and “Free” are both going to be on her debut album “Listen Up!” which is due May 22nd! Haley is a down to earth girl who has worked really hard to get where she has. We have marked May 22nd on our calendar and can’t wait to hear all of the songs off her album! Check out our interview with Haley Reinhart here:  Haley Reinhart Interview

Brief Audio Interivew:

with a nice callout to her fans as her biggest cheerleaders.   Haley mentions they listened to “Free” in the parking lot on the radio; here’s Chiara’s photo.
Audio of concert to follow, possibly video later.
(via, PJ_HaleyFan, stairway2halien)

April 3  Salt Lake City UT KJMY MyFM 99.5 Performance Studio

Also co-sponsered by a number of other stations:
Today’s 106.5 ‏ @todays1065· Open Haley Reinhart (American Idol) will perform live on our site tomorrow (4/3) at 11am MST. Watch here! #haleyreinhart [KOSY, AC]
Oldies 94.1 ‏ @941kodj· Open Haley Reinhart (American Idol) will perform live on our site tomorrow (4/3) at 11am MST. Watch here! #haleyreinhart [Classic Hits]
97.1 KZHT ‏ @971zht· Open Haley Reinhart (American Idol) will perform live on our site tomorrow (4/3) at 11am MST. Watch here! #haleyreinhart [CHR]
Hoping for video from station as the uStream was not very good.  Video of the uStream courtesy of blue22HR. [Yup.  Got em.  Right below]
Video and Photos at (They updated 4/7 with much better sound).

April 4 Colorado

DJing MY 99.5 SLC (11PDT, 2EDT) [Taped]

Haley Reinhart ‏ @HaleyReinhart· Open Hey guys! I’m taking ova MY 99.5 in Salt Lake City today at 11am pst! You can stream it at! Fuuun stuff! Thx@my995!

Chiara Kramer ‏ @chiarakramer· Open@HaleyReinhart‘s taking over @my995 at 11am pst! Hear her talk about the single, album, and what songs she loves on the radio today 🙂

Audio courtesy of Stairway2Halien

Denver at KALC Alice1059  [Top 40]

Video at:

A break from the usual Hot AC station.  Looks to have been an employees only closed event.   Don’t think it aired.   KALC also sponsored the Concert in the Sky with Kris Allen.

However, they did provide some Photos


KISS FM ‏ @KISS_FM_LIVE A buddy of mine in Denver today with @HaleyReinhart … JEALOUS!

Denver at Mix 100 KIMN

Mix 100 KIMN Looks to be another private event.

John Murray ‏ @jamminJohn303· Open Live performance from American Idol’s Haley Reinhart! Awesome! (@ Mix 100) [pic]:

April 5 Detroit Detroit Tigers Opening Day

19 Entertainment ‏ @19News· Open@HaleyReinhart will be singing the National Anthem 4 the Detroit@Tigers opener against the @RedSox this Thurs! #redsox#openingday#tigers [4/2] Game will be broadcast on ESPN2 (1PM EDT).   Cross your fingers that they show the NA (I believe they normally do).  ESPN2 online schedule for this event.  Note: you should be able to watch it online  live (click on watch).


VIDEO TAKEN DOWN BY MLB  Hoping someone from MLB will post a copy!

MLB Listens!  They uploaded it here.  MLB video:

A youtube version of the MLB video:

Slightly better quality here, but you need to skip to 6:11.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Original poster reuploaded to DailyMotion, so you can watch it here as long as that stays up.  (MLB link above should stay good though).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The NESN version on youtube (recording of the TV):

Some fan video.   Gives a better feeling for the stadium.   Use the following to jump to Haley


Press Release 2012 Opening Day Festivities

12:56:00  National Anthem – 2011 American Idol finalist, Haley Reinhart

12:57:45 Military Flyover – 107th Fighter Squadron “Red Devils” flying the A-10C Warthog from Selfridge Air National Guard Base, MI

Cross your fingers that ESPN broadcasts the NA ’cause it doesn’t loo good as the broadcast is scheduled to start at 1PM. [They didn’t :(]

Detroit Tigers ‏ @tigers· Open We prepared a jersey for today’s anthem singer, @HaleyReinhart: #AmericanIdol


Brad Galli ‏ @BradGalli· Open American Idol finalist @HaleyReinhart sang the national anthem at Comerica. Our interview before the game: [CBS affliate WXYZ]
big bad brown ‏ @tastesgreat247· Open @HaleyReinhart Excellent job today! You sang beautiful and classy. Thank you, love a Tiger fan. Hope you have a great career!

“American Idol” alum Haley Reinhart did a superb job before today’s opener, then told me afterward she is a huge baseball fan — and the suburban Chicago native’s loyalty lies with the White Sox, not the Cubs.

Marianne Harms‏ @are_youin @HaleyReinhart Cool pic of you from @detnewsDetroit News! Nice job today!! Sounded fab!
Kory(: ‏ @CarrieJLoFan· Open Haley Reinhart won me over after singing the National Anthem.#NewFan [4/6]
Nice photo here via Stairway2Halien ; Haley right before singing the anthem.
[97.1 The Ticket, credit an assist to Brando817Halien]
97.1 The Ticket Interview with Jeff Riger 4/6
Entertainment Weekly ‏ @EW ‘American Idol’ week in news: Haley Reinhart sings opening day national anthem, Scotty McCreery heads off to college [brief mention, link to performance]
On Thursday, that honor went to season 10 Idol, Haley Reinhart, who sang a beautiful rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” before the Detroit Tigers home opener against the Boston Red Sox.

April 6 Louisville KY Magazine Launch Party



Louisville Magazine’s April Derby Launch Party on April 6, 2012 5:30PM (open to public) [originally posted in Louisville Magazine’s April Derby Launch Party, KY, April 6, 2012.   Updates/reports are here.]

Zach Everson ‏ @Z_Everson Idols Haley and Zach at the Louisville Magazine Derby issue launch party @ Ice House Retweeted by stairway2halien

Louisville Magazine ‏ @LouisvilleMag Haley Reinhart & Jon McLaughlin at our launch party at The Ice House! We’ll be here until 7:30. ‏ @louisvillecom Idol finalist Haley Reinhart sings to a packed Ice House at the Louisville Magazine Derby issue launch party.
Jessie Oswald ‏ @JBOswald68 American Idol’s HaleyReinhart is the real deal!
Jessica Bledsoe ‏ @Jecka57 @haleyreinhart gettin down with her bad self at the Louisville Magazine Derby issue release party!


Ryan Duvall ‏ @Howyoudoin_guy· Open Would like to thank Haley Reinhart for the awesome interview! I wish nothing but the best for you and your career! #halien@HaleyReinhart [Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette]


Reports collected from: PJ_HaleyFan, Stairway2Halien, HaleySlaysIt, Brandon, Init2winit and others.

Haley ends this week by spending the weekend at home celebrating Easter!

Haley Reinhart ‏ @HaleyReinhart From one peep to another… Happy Easter:) [4/8]
The above was posted to twitter and facebook where it proved incredibly popular.   Hmmm..
And then caught by fans at the Northpoint Chipotle on 4/10
 Showing an interesting side of social media:
sarah petersen ‏ @speedersen  i would be making my mom drive me to chipotle to get a picture with haley.
and then going for the cuteness (still at Chipotle)
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