CONFIRMED: Carnegie Hall: Haley Reinhart (& Casey?) and Irvin Mayfield, New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, Oct. 8, 2012

Posted on March 30, 2012

CONFIRMATION: Irvin Mayfield ‏ @IrvinMayfieldJr · Open Guess who’s coming to Carnegie Hall on Oct8th? @HaleyReinhart

UPDATE 4/2: Probably safe to book.   Though safest to wait until 19E/M or Haley confirms.

UPDATE: Date is the 8th according to the Carnegie Hall Schedule and is likely correct,but 10th was given word of mouth.  Definitely safest to wait for something more official to book anything if your primary purpose is to see Haley, but even if our info is wrong, Irvin Mayfield, stellar trumpeter, and the NOJO are must sees as well!

Looks like Haley will be joining Irvin Mayfield and the New Orlean Jazz Orchestra at Carnegie Hall for their October 8th, 2012 Performance.   There is no official announcement, but there was a word of mouth confirmation by one of the parties and several hints dropped by others(1,2).  If you’re in the area and you’re the least bit into jazz (or even if not), you might want to mark this on your calendar (especially those Haliens who are planning to travel cross-country for this :)).  Probably safest to wait until an official announcement as this is so far out, so it’s probably just as well you can’t buy tickets yet.

Carnegie Hall Performance Link Perlman Stage, Stern Auditorium

Update 4/4:

Casey joining them?  Not confirmed but strongly hinted at here.

Irvin Mayfield ‏ @IrvinMayfieldJr Close @IAmCaseyAbrams ever heard of Carnegie Hall? 1:07 PM – 4 Apr 12 · Details
Casey Abrams ‏ @IAmCaseyAbrams @IrvinMayfieldJr Have I ever!!
Irvin Mayfield ‏ @IrvinMayfieldJr  Open On Oct 8th, Carnegie will hear of you too…
Casey Abrams ‏ @IAmCaseyAbrams @IrvinMayfieldJr could not be happier, THEE best news ever

Amazing Performance of God Bless The Child by Haley Reinhart and Irvin Mayfield in New Orleans in 2011.   These two had just met.  Totally impromptu, unrehearsed.

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