Haley Storms Virginia Beach, HaleysShindig’s On The Scene Report!

Posted on April 1, 2012

Virginia Beach Show 3/30

Report From Haley’s Shindig (original at http://www.twitlonger.com/show/gnvdvo), reprinted with permission.

I finally got to see @HaleyReinhart at Pembroke Mall in Va Beach last night. She was set to perform at 7 PM, I got there at about 5 and there was a few dedicated #Haliens already grabbing their spots to see her. I found a column about 10 feet away from stage and set up camp beside the VIP section.

Couple interesting interactions, one with a Haley hater the other with a sales lady who had never heard Haley. The hater was your typical unattractive, out of shape,conservative 40’ish female. She didn’t like Haley’s smug attitude on the show and really hated Harry for all things, supporting his daughter. Than she said James should’ve won…. Explained to her I ran a fan site and that she should get over last years show and see what a sweetheart Haley is and see these kids as Professional Recording artists and get over it. That was my last interaction with her.

The sales lady was actually really cool, she really wanted to hear Haley so we listened for her on the radio station feed and at 7 or so they played “Free” on the radio. She loved it! Yay for new fans!

Ok, Haley was running late, she had a performance in the afternoon in the DC area, anyone with knowledge of that area knows traffic there makes LA look like an expressway at times. She got stuck in traffic there and in traffic coming into Va Beach. What genius planned these 2 stops in a 6 hour period should be fired.

The radio station handled it pretty well, by 7PM there was a good 300 or so people waiting for her to show up. They played her single on the Radio and told us that they had a custom sub-woofer bass platform brought in at Haley’s request because “she likes her Bass”

Haley arrives at 8pm and my first glance of her was of her hair. And than I saw her, 10 feet away. DEAD! I borrowed my best friends Android and was able to catch a minute of Wasted Tears and full versions of the rest of the songs.

Haley is gorgeous in person, I mean like supermodel gorgeous. Even though it was obvious she was tired, she sucked it up, made the crowd laugh and put on a great performance. I think she was energized by one of her best friends in real life being there. I didn’t get the girls name, but before Haley came on to sing, Haley spotted her in the crowd and gave the most beautiful smile to her and did a fist pump.It made her all that more real and human to me seeing that. She has a heart of gold:)

Wasted Tears was her warm-up song and with backing vocal track, had a much fresher sound than what I’d heard previously. (Side Note: Keith and Courtney really add some serious Funk to her songs, amazing musicians) She than went into “Free” she said before she sang it she heard it on the Radio for the first time (when 94.9 played it) and she teared up.

While singing “Free” it was awesome to watch her interact with the audience and especially the kids on top of their parents shoulders, she’d point at one, catch eye-contact with them, point, half-hand wave and wink. Yeah,some smug attitude there:)

After “Free” she announced her single and her new song “Now That You’re Here”. (Corrected) I have to say it is my personal favorite now and probably the same of the 400 other people that heard it. She announced it was time to get moving and dance before she sang it and the crowd did, immediately joining in clapping to the beat and grooving. I’d say this is probably Haley’s favorite and I bet she wrote it alone the way she poured herself into it. Fantastic song, can’t say anymore than that.

She followed it up with “Hit the Ground Runnin” mentioning she sang it at “Glitter and Glam” and namedropping Khloe:) The crowd loved that as well.

After she finished singing, she was doing her thanks and goodbye thing, than turned around to talk to Courtney and Keith. The crowd started chanting “One More” and “Encore”. She got back on the mic and said something to the effect she felt bad everyone had to wait and her set was so short and jokingly asked if it’d be ok if she sang another song?. You know what the response was:) I told her we had Guac and she laughed:)

She than said she would sing one from Idol. Keith started playing a super funky intro and Haley went “Wow” She than went into HOTRS and it was the funkiest, most chilling performance I’d ever heard of it. She continues to make every version better than the last and this is the “Funky” version:)

After that, she thanked us, told everyone to go get “Listen Up’ and was very appreciative of all the cheers and support.

After she went off-stage, she met up with her friend, they embraced, gave each other big hugs and Haley started crying. She told her friend “thanks” haha. My friend who came down with me saw her crying as he walked past her and told her “The Army loves you, Haley” (He was still in his national guard outfit) She responded by blowing him a kiss and winking at him. I had to go pick him up off the floor, haha.

I didn’t get VIP tickets bud did find one lady who did nice enough to get my copy of her Walmart EP autographed for me. Talked to the sales lady from earlier and she already downloaded “Free” from iTunes and went on and on about how good Haley is.

I used my friends Android to cap video and will post vid’s tonight.

Haley, if you read this, thanks for being an inspiration and staying true to yourself and the Music. You truly are a Star.


Haley’s Shindig’s Video

Partial Wasted Tears

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