Listen Up Album Info w/Tracklist/Previews (ROLLUP)

Posted on April 13, 2012

Updated: 5/23
Album Shindigs (News – Universal Music)

May 21 9:00AM, Good Day LA
May 21 8:30PM Album Release Party & Concert: Hard Rock Cafe, W. Hollywood, CA
May 22 Listen Up! album release
May 23 Attending Idol Finale (Tentative)
May 25, 8:30AM, Good Day Chicago
May 25, Rosemont IL Akoo, “Free” in studio, invitation only Details
May 26, 2:00 PM  Wheeling, Walmart CD Signing (Get signing wristbands w/ purchase starting at 9am)
May 26, 9:30 PM Chicago, Hard Rock Cafe Chicago (63 W. Ontario)  CD Signing & Live Performance
May 27, 2:00 PM  Mall of America  CD Signing & Live Performance (Get signing wristbands w/ purchase starting at 9am, ROTUNDA STAGE)

Haley has merchandise available at

Details at Album Release Events

Aims ‏ @teamaims The track listing for Haley Reinhart’s album is here though! Retweeted by Addicted2Haley [4/13]
Aims ‏ @teamaims· Open Ooh, there’s a listing for Haley Reinhart- Walmart Exclusive too but it doesn’t give any info on that. Retweeted by Addicted2Haley
Haley Reinhart ‏ @HaleyReinhart Hey! I wanted to be the first to share my deluxe track listing as well as the back cover of “Listen Up!” Here you go!!! [4/22]

Haley Reinhart ‏ @HaleyReinhart· Open @HousesOTheHaley Walmart is actually the only physical distributor 4 ze deluxe package aka 4 extra tunes so make sure 2g2 ur local Walmart:D [4/22]

Other news
There’s a unsubstantiated report that “Wonderland” may be released as a (promo) single.  (Haley Reinhart “Wonderland” (Single Premiere) | Ultimate Music)
Haley appeared on Voice of America 4/13.  Listen to the final cut of “Wonderland”  See Events 4/13 to 4/21. DC 4/13-14, Orlando FL 4/17,18 or 19, W. Palm Beach 4/19, Tucson AZ 4/20, Las Vegas NV, April 21, 2012.   (There is murmuring that she may be filming a Glee! gig  (a someone said that they hear from someone, so it’s basically a telephone tag rumor).   Would be nice, but don’t hold much hope for this to turn out to be true.)

Debut Album Listen Up!

Allbum cover
Walmart spilled her tracklist.  The regular album is 10 tracks.   There is a deluxe version which extends her sound with 14 tracks. Physical copies of Listen Up! Deluxe is only available at her website and Walmart (Listen Up! (Walmart Exclusive).  iTunes has both the regular ($9.99) and deluxe ($12.99) albums available.  [It’s not uncommon for some or all of the bonus tracks to be available on iTunes; sometimes included in the album buy, sometimes available for individual purchase.]


01. Oh My! ft. B.o.B. 2:49
02. Free 4:09
03. Liar 3:24
04. Wasted Tears 3:15
05. Undone 3:49
06. Now That You’re Here 3:19
07. Wonderland 3:40
08. Keep Coming Back 4:01
09. Hit The Ground Runnin’ 3:43
10. Walking On Heaven 3:24
Total: 35:33
11. Follow Me (I’m Right Behind You) [DELUXE VERSION]
12. Spiderweb [DELUXE VERSION]
13. What You Don’t Know [DELUXE VERSION]
14. Let’s Run Away [DELUXE VERSION]
  • Catalog # B001678902
  • Release date: May 22, 2012
  • First single release: “Free”, March 20, 2012
  • 1st Video: Free (release 3/29 to VEVO), Director: Christopher Sims (web)
  • Deluxe version has tracks and may be a Walmart Exclusive.
  • Album photography: Harper Smith Photography
  • Allmusic entry listen-up-r2440325 (stub only 4/7)
  • Publisher: Ole as Purple Cape Music

Music Video on VEVO


Music Video Behind the Scenes


Photoshoot behind the scenes photoshop video



Full 1:30 previews at iTunes Deluxe or Regular albums (must use iTunes for now).  Outside the US?  Evidently, there’s a  button on the lower right you can use to switch to the US iTunes store.
Clips from the Regular album via Interscope  [NOTE: these are different than the iTunes clips! These are the first 1:30m]
iTunes previews on SoundClould
30 second of “Spiderweb” from the Deluxe album

Purchasing Options

Deluxe Version

Fan Package (Deluxe CD + booklet + single) ($19.98)
Walmart Deluxe Edition (Walmart Exclusive) ($11.88 4/26)

iTunes!-deluxe-version/id524193536($12.99 5/7)

Standard Version

Some of the purchasing options for the Standard version.

Interscope Catalog: B001678902  UPC 602537002238

iTunes!/id524205340 ($9.99 5/7)
Walmart ($10 4/26)
Barnes and Noble ($9.91 4/26)
Amazon  ($8.89 5/3)

Amazon MP3 (this includes the digital album booklet) ($9.89 5/10)

CD Universe ($9.89  4/26)
Best Buy!+%5B5/22%5D+-+CD/5422876.p?id=2447453&skuId=5422876 ( $9.99 4/26)
Target – ($8.89 5/1)
f.y.e. ($9.99, $8.99 members 4/26) ($10 5/1)

Outside the US (Note: keep checking to see if a non-import version shows up as this may be cheaper). – (CDN $12, 6/1 – only regular version) (CDN $12.99 6/1) (CDN $14.64 5/1 IMPORT) – not yet listed (entry labelled Haley Reinhart (American Idol 2011) for £10 is unlikely to be correct) (£15.84 5/1 IMPORT)
Boostep UK (£17.08 5/2 IMPORT)

Amazon UK MP3 (£7.49 5/3)

Boostep Australia (€ 16.60 5/2 IMPORT) (¥ 1442 5/1 IMPORT) ( EUR 17,99 5/3 IMPORT) MP3 (EUR 9,90 5/3) – ( 5/3 IMPORT) not listed

CDON Finland!_%5Bimport%5D-19078578 ( € 19.95 5/2 IMPORT)
Boostep Finland ( € 20.43 5/2 IMPORT)
Megastore Finland ( € 11.89 5/2 IMPORT?)

Megastore Norway (95kr 5/2 IMPORT?)
Boostep Norway (129.07NOK 5/2 IMPORT)

Megastore Sweden ( 109sek 5/2 IMPORT?)

Details on songs

  1. “Oh My” by Rob Kleiner, Mozella (Maureen Anne McDonald), Haley Reinhart, 883293679; w/guest rap by B.o.B. / brassy mid-tempo Motown
    • 90210 remix adds Wes Smith (most likely of Goldenwest aka Wes Period) 883772837
  2. “Free”  by busbee and Lucie Silvas, Producer: busbee, / Mature breakup song
  3. “Liar” by Rob Kleiner, Samuel Watters, Haley Reinhart 88386871814138601
  4. “Wasted Tears” by busbee, Jonathon Ian Green, Haley Reinhart 883748435 / groovy bassline and girl group-esque “woos
  5. “Undone” by Mozella (Maureen Anne McDonald), Haley Reinhart, Rune Westberg 88364819214130268; Producer: Rune Westberg / teary ballad
  6. “Now That You’re Here” by Chris DeStefano,  Haley Reinhart, Samuel Watters 883868716 / mid-tempo funk
  7. “Wonderland”, Chris Seefried, Haley Reinhart 13554861 / neo-Motown
  8. “Keep Comin’ Back” by Rob Kleiner, Steve McEwan, Haley Reinhart  14138599 / sexy vocals distorted ever so slightly
  9. “Hit The Ground Runnin’” by Mike Elizondo, Trevor Lawrence, Aimee Proal and Haley Reinhart  883979140 / Uptempo
  10. “Walking On Heaven” by Mike Elizondo, Trevor Lawrence, Aimee Proal and Haley Reinhart  883978986 / Inspirational
  11. “Follow Me (I’m Right Behind You)” by Haley Reinhart, Steve McEwan, Rob Kleiner, Jason Falkner  14138600
  12. “Spider Web” by David Hodges, Steven Miller, and Haley Reinhart 883887792 / rocking
  13. “What You Don’t Know” by Haley Reinhart, busbee, Samuel Watters 883868717
  14. “Let’s Run Away”  by  Shy Carter, Lauren Christy,Haley Reinhart, 14119619 engineered or produced by Andrew Haller? / Reggae-ish
    • Also listed as: “Run Away” by Haley Reinhart, Shy Carter, Lauren Christy, R4578D
She’s performed “Free”, “Wasted Tears”, “Hit the Ground Runnin'”, and “Now That You’re Here” at various events.   We’ve heard the final cuts for “Free” and “Wonderland”.   “Oh My!” was originally going to debut on 90210 until Tristan Wilds got sick (evidently he was going to do the rap).
Some Tweets
Pia Toscano ‏@PiaToscano Props to @HaleyReinhart for creating an incredible album… Congratulations on the start of a beautiful career #listenup 8:43 PM – 21 May 12 via Twitter for iPad · Details


Album Review: Haley Reinhart’s ‘Listen Up!’ [, B+, extended version of print version, 5/23]

No grade.  Just talks through a few of the tracks.

From the engaging songwriting to the thoughtful and well-crafted genre-crossing musical arrangements, it’s very apparent that Reinhart knows exactly who she is as an artist and knows how to express it in such a way that you can’t help but Listen Up!

Listen Up: John Mayer, Haley Reinhart, more [Review, 3 out of 4,  USA Today, 5/21]

Last season on American Idol, Haley Reinhart struggled to find suitable material for the swoops and slides of her free-wheeling, bluesy vocal style. That’s not so on Listen Up!, a vivacious bit of post-Adele neo-soul. From reverb-drenched Oh My! to Motown-influenced gems like Wasted Tears andWonderland, Reinhart has grooves that should thrill her fans from the show. — Brian Mansfield

New Albums by John Mayer, Haley Reinhart and Linda Oh [New York Times,  Jon Caramanica, 5/21]

… “Listen Up!” is all shape, all fixed-data points for Ms. Reinhart to adhere to — a taut album full of meaty, thickly arranged pop-soul that suits her booming voice extremely well.

Ms. Reinhart still isn’t a pop star, but that’s fine. Produced primarily by Rob Kleiner and busbee, these songs hark back to the 1960s and ’70s, when Motown girl groups were ceding ground to soul-driven rock. It’s singers’ territory that shows off both the smooth power of Ms. Reinhart’s voice and its engine-revving churn. She lingers elegantly over notes at the end of lines, as on “Now That You’re Here,” and can tighten up into a growl when needed, as on “Liar.”

In contemporary pop terms, this is territory staked out by the likes of Bruno Mars, and the long shadow of Amy Winehouse hangs over the more wrenching soul numbers like “Wasted Tears” and “Oh My!,” on which Ms. Reinhart sounds comfortable, even flirty

Haley Reinhart “Listen Up!” Album Review — 4 out of 5 stars [Artist Direct, 5/21]

On her debut album, Listen Up!Haley Reinhart stands out as both soulful and sweet.

Nodding to a classic sound with a modern feistiness, the American Idolseason ten finalist adds an elegance to 21st century pop.

REVIEWS: Haley Reinhart, ‘Listen Up!’ [7 out of 10, Spin Magazine 5/21]

Thank Adele for an Idol album with depth. Thank Winehouse for dusty soul. Thank Reinhart for the pipes.

Listen Up! — out May 22 — draws heavily on the neo-soul and girl-group R&B of artists like Adele, Duffy and the late Amy Winehouse. But Haley puts her distinctive twists on the genre, and fans of the Illinois singer likely will be thrilled with the wayListen Up! turned out.


Liar“There’s a right side and a wrong side” in any relationship gone wrong — but which side is Haley on? That’s the big question in this mysterious soul song, where she seems to have the support the background singers, but they might just be enabling her so she can keep lying to herself.


MusiqTone Hot Seat [Interview 5/16]

HS: I’ve had the great opportunity to listen to Listen Up! before it’s release next week. It shows your capability to master so many different genres, and everything flows so smoothly. What was the writing process like?
HR: Thank you, um it was really a crazy process actually. For me actually when I moved to L.A., I was set up with about two months, three months worth of different producers and song writers. So each day we would walk in, and from the very first session which was with Rob Kleiner and Sam Watters. And we wrote “Liar,” and that’s the second song. [Haley stops to double check “What is it?”] Not the second, I mean the third song on the album. It’s just ironic and it did go very very smoothly. And we didn’t really premeditate trying to fit all of these genres that’s just what I’m influenced by and it was quite easy to just let the rest come naturally.

HS: Right off the bat, the first song on Listen Up!, features B.O.B. How did that collaboration come to be and what was it like finding out that someone of his caliber was going to be on your first major label record?
HR: It was pretty awesome, we were talking about how it was a very short song and we thought we should get a rapper and that would be a pretty cool thing. I added a little part myself, a breakdown after the rap. We met a few people who would like to do it and we tried to think about the best person. And once he got his verse in, it was like he fit the coolness that the song had and well it was perfect.

Haley Reinhart interview: American Idol star talks Listen Up, Free, Lollapalooza [Beatweek, online version, previously only available in PDF, 5/21]

Haley Reinhart, The Beatweek Interview, [Beatweek. 5/15 Issue, pp 16-18; worth a read!  ]

“There was so much boldness from people,” Haley Reinhart says of the old  Motown era in which her debut album finds its roots. As such she’s called the
record ‘Listen Up!’ complete with an exclamation point, and that’s precisely what  audiences have been doing since she first took the American Idol stage last year. …

The first single, entitled Free, is an  upbeat sounding number with soaring vocals which belie the  fact that it’s about a breakup.  Still, she says, “it’s more of an  empowering breakup song.  You should feel good after hearing it, knowing that even  though we love each other we need to break this thing  off so we can truly be happy.”

But if Free is along the lines of  what fans were expecting  from Haley, opening track Oh  My might be a different story.  A minute and a half into the old-school tune, hip hop artist  B.o.B. makes an appearance. “It was very short and sweet,”  she explains regarding her own part for the song, “so we  wanted to add to it. We thought a rapper part would be cool. We were thinking about different people, and I really wanted somebody cool and slick that could add that depth and vibe to the song, and  B.o.B. did a great job of it.” …

Says Undone is a bit poppier than normal and a ballad of which she said “I’m not used to ballads”.

The second half of the album picks  back up the pace. Now That You’re  Here sounds like it could garner  airplay in dance clubs, of which she  says “I really like funk and R&B, the  stuff that you can grove to.” Wonderland is a pure throwback. “It’s  an anthem for ladies out there. It’s a  love song. I’ve felt love, so it’s around the corner if you just look for it. That’s  a tribute to old Motown.”

INTERVIEW: Haley Reinhart On Her Debut Album [Popservations, Turn It Up column, 5/14]

Having ‘listened up’ to Listen Up!, there’s a definite retro flavor to the tracks. Songs like “Wonderland” and “Wasted Years,” which I’ve got stuck on repeat, obviously reference the classic Motown sound. Was that mix of old and new sounds something that you were looking to do on your album?

“Yes, yes it is. There wasn’t much that I was premeditating, but that was definitely something I needed to keep in mind. My roots, the classics — they mean so much to me — so being able to have that instilled in the record and still bring it together with a contemporary feel was definitely something that I wanted to represent.”

Updated BIO at, excerpts:

Last summer, while spending nearly every night singing to sold-out arenas on the American Idols LIVE! Tour, Haley Reinhart landed her first record deal. Although the smoky-voiced singer/songwriter was unspeakably eager to dive into recording her debut, Reinhart decided to hold off until the 49-date, continent-hopping tour had ended. “I wanted to wait till I could put all my focus and energy into the album and be very hands-on with every single aspect of it,” says Reinhart. “It was really important to me that the record have an organic, soulful sound that truly reflects the kind of artist I want to be.”

Immediately after the tour ended, Reinhart (who ranked third in the tenth season of American Idol) moved from her hometown of Wheeling, Illinois, to Los Angeles and began furiously crafting the songs that would eventually grace her debut. The result is Listen Up! (19 Entertainment/Interscope Records), a ten-track fusion of pop, R&B, rock and roll, and soul that’s both timeless and irresistibly fresh. Serving as co-writer on all but one number (“Free,” the album’s sweetly sorrowful, piano-driven torch-song lead single), Reinhart infuses Listen Up! with her strikingly authentic sensibility and, in turn, more than meets her mission of bringing a classic spirit to modern pop.

To help harness that spirit, Reinhart joined forces with a first-class lineup of songwriters and producers that includes Mike Elizondo (Jay-Z, Fiona Apple, Maroon 5), Rob Kleiner (Usher, Flo Rida, Timbaland), and busbee (Katy Perry, Kid Cudi, Kelly Clarkson). “We just dove in headfirst, and it all ran really smoothly because I was feeling so inspired,” says Reinhart of the recording process. “I’d get into the studio with a producer and we’d get going on a song and start laying it down right away. A lot of the time we ended up going with the first take—the mood and the energy were so good the first time around, it didn’t make sense to try to re-create it.”

Not only helpful for building momentum, the synergy between Reinhart and her collaborators was key to the album’s stunning diversity of sound. “Working with all these different people, we got to bring in so many tonalities and play around with different rhythms and techniques from a whole mix of genres—from classic rock to funk to psychedelia to jazz,” she says. “We weren’t even intentionally trying to fit all that in. It just happened naturally once things got flowing.” Still, much of Listen Up!’s strength lies in Reinhart’s devotion to old-school pop simplicity. “The most crucial thing to me is that people hear the album and feel good and just get lost in the melodies,” notes Reinhart.

Now that she’s striking out on her own, Reinhart’s excited about merging her tightly honed performance chops with what she calls “that raw musicianship that means so much to me.” “With the music I grew up on, there were all these imperfections that made it amazing,” she says. “It wasn’t about trying so hard; it was all about pure feeling and energy. To me that’s the important stuff. That’s what I want to bring back into music today.”
Early Press

‘Idol Hangover’: Season 10’s Haley Reinhart Talks Taking Risks on ‘American Idol,’ Feeling Sexy on New Album (Video)

Long video, includes some info on the album.


Do you have a track on the album that you feel particularly attached to?
A lot of different ones for different reasons honestly. I have my dad playing on four of them, playing guitar. It’s really cool! So all those four tracks that he played on I absolutely love. There’s one that me and him and the producer who I wrote it with, Rob Kleiner, we all loved that one. There’s just different songs with different vibes to them, but that’s one of those that just has something really, really cool about it. We talk about a lot of different subjects, but I really like the ones that take you somewhere and are relatable. There’s a song called ‘Wonderland’ that it feels like it’s from a different time, like new age Motown. It’s just a lovey dovey tune that listeners can easily relate to.

I also read that you worked with B.o.B on the song ‘Oh My.’ What was that like?
Yeah! I actually haven’t met him yet, but we put down that track and we were looking at what we might want and filled him in on it and he was all about it. It sounds great! I love it, it has a very rompy kind of Motown sound again. And I just needed somebody so cool and slick to fill that little spot, and he did such a great job.

Are there any other collaborations on the album?
No, the rest is just me and most of the backgrounds are me, too. I love like super harmony and everything. There’s a couple that I have busbee and another writer, John Green, just doing some little like background vocals, like on the song ‘Wasting Tears.’

Haley Reinhart Talks Collaborating With B.o.B. On New Album “Listen Up!” & “American Idol” Global Grind 4/2

How will the album sound different from what you were doing on American Idol?

For the most part I did covers that I liked and put my own spin on, put the sultry flavor into it and added freshness to it as well. That part of me, those roots of Motown, some of those songs that I did, I’m taking that with me. It’s just now I’m able to tell my own stories and make the kind of groove I want. Most of the music is mid-tempo, so you could just feel it, and move along to it.

Your album is called Listen Up! What do you want everybody to hear and take away from your album when it drops in May?

I want them to be able to look at it as a big collection that has continuity. It’s a different sound. I want them to realize the raw musicianship of it. I want people to get lost in the melodies and be able to relate to all the lyrics because it’s all really relatable topics.


You mentioned a little bit of Motown and how you’re soulful, who are some of your musical inspirations?

I grew up with a lot of old school Motown and R&B stuff, as well as Classic Rock. It’s always been a huge influence of mines with The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. The whole ’60s/’70s era is so important to me. I kind of felt like I was born in the wrong time, but there’s a reason for it. I have to tell myself “I’m here to bring the good stuff back…,” and create new more modern spins on it for myself.

What does music mean to you?

It’s a way of living, which I’ve done forever. My parents—blood, sweat, and tears—music is their life. They’re still playing together 40 years later. I’ve grown up in a house of music. Even my relatives—my mom has five other sisters—they all can sing. It’s an outlet. It’s powerful in so many ways. It can make me cry on so many different levels. Hearing a new artist who’s just got it, that tears me up. I love that. I live for that stuff.

Interview: Haley Reinhart Wants Music Fans to Listen Up! 3/30

Switching over to you new album, Listen Up!, which is set to be released on May 22, where did the album title come from?

I was doing a lot of the creative [stuff], like the album artwork at the same time, and I had this idea and it kind of coincided with the title. I’m going to have an exclamation, like I really just want it to be a known thing. Like, “Hey new generation, old generation, whoever, take a listen to this stuff.” I put a lot of hard work into it, it’s organic and raw, and has a lot of elements that I’ve grown up with, as well as being very modern and fresh. I just want people to give it a listen.

Since your lyrics are really important to you, are you drawn to certain topics or do you just go with whatever comes to mind in the studio?

I like to have a direction, they need to make sense. So in order for them to make sense, we have to create the story that’s going on. When I walk in, I always have an idea and the more and more that I got into the process, I’m like, “Alright, I want to talk about this story about a girl and boy who are best friends. I’m in love with this guy, and I want to make him see that I’ve always been here for him. And any flaws that he thinks he has, I think they’re beautiful,” and we’d write a whole song about it. That one I did with busbee, called “What You Don’t Know,” it’s fun, you know. I like songs that take you on a journey and take you somewhere else and really sink your teeth into it.

What are you hoping that your listening audience takes away from your new record?

First of all, I hope that people of all ages will enjoy it. It’s great to know that Idol has a huge, wide-range audience. And that’s fantastic, because I wanted to be talking to a younger crowd as well as a much older crowd. I hope that everybody will give it a listen and really just see that I wanted it to be a very organic and natural experience. I want them to be able to get lost in it and relate to it. All the songs are very relatable. I know that people have gone through these kinds of experiences. I want them to be able to hear me and what I’m saying.

‘American Idol’ alum Haley Reinhart releases video for ‘Free’, talks about her upcoming album EW 3/29

 If you’re a fan — and if you like acts like Duffy and Fitz and the Tantrums — you should be excited for Reinhart’s new album Listen Up,  due on May 22. She previewed a few of the new tracks for EW staffers: a brassy B.O.B. collaboration called “Oh My,” a tender ballad, “Undone,” and a smooth neo-Motown ditty, “Wonderland.”…On what she wanted in her new album Listen Up“I wanted it to definitely be a mashup of old and new, retro and modern. Things like funk and jazz and rock and pop and definitely soul throughout the entire album. That’s something that I put into all the covers on Idol, so to have that maintained through the whole sequence of songs. As well as keeping it very organic and rooted, but then having something like program drums — we used that at times because the other portions of the music material was very much organic. It’s completely me and showing the kind of artist that I’ve always going to be.”

VH1 Pass The Bowl Series 3/29

Shannon ElizabethWhat do you do to better the world?

Haley Reinhart: I sing and the music that I’ve been writing…I like to get through to listeners through music. More and more, I just like to send out positive messages and motivational, worldly-type music. The last track on the album called “Walking on Heaven” is going to be just about that… this world is a beautiful place, we’re so blessed to be on this land, why not take it to the fullest and make it that great place it can be. So, that’s just one way, but I definitely like to remind myself and others around me, as little as recycling and anything else like that, just to make the world a better place to be in.

Haley Reinhart talks ‘90210,’ ‘Listen Up!’ USA Today 3/26/2012

Haley recorded Free during last summer’s American Idols Live tour. While it’s the only song on Listen Up! that she didn’t have a hand in writing, she says the song helped establish a direction for the rest of the album.

“It all has the sultry feel, very retro but yet modern at the same time,” says the singer, who was known for her versatility during her time on Idol. “Things travel between rock and funk and jazz, but it all has a sort of continuity with pop undertones. It does feel like a collection to me.”

Fans who’d like to hear her go further afield should consider picking up the deluxe edition of Listen Up! Haley takes a few more stylistic liberties there. “They stretch out,” she says. “There’s one that goes in a reggae direction and another that’s more on the rock side, then one that’s just out there and psychedelic-sounding.”

Haley Reinhart Talks Returning to American Idol, Her 90210 Guest Spot and…Becoming Angelina Jolie?! – E! Online.  3/22

Your album “Listen Up!” drops May 22, over a year after your season of Idol came to an end. What were you trying to accomplish with your debut album?
I wanted to make sure that it had a lot of substance to it. I wanted it to touch on a lot of different genres and still have it be catchy pop undertones, but just definitely keep true to myself and what I’m doing and have it reach out to people. So everybody knows, ‘She’s not just wanting to sell out for the fame.’ I’m here for the music.

“Free” definitely has a retro-soul feel to it, so can we expect the rest of “Listen Up!” to have that same vibe?
I think you hit it on the head. Pretty much all the music, you can define it as retro-soul. There’s just a lot of other elements involved. It can go from a little bit of rock to funk and there’s hints of jazz in there. But definitely sultry soul is my thing, so I try to stay true to that throughout the whole thing.

‘American Idol’s’ Haley Reinhart Talks New Album, Guest Stars The Hollywood Reporter, Shirley Halperin March 7, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter got an early listen at the yet-untitled full-length (due out in May) and all its retro goodness — songs like “Oh My,” a mid-tempo number featuring big horns, tambourines and echoing drums, “Keep Coming Back,” with its sexy vocals distorted ever so slightly, and “Undone,” a teary ballad worthy of “diva” designation, what with its piano-led melody, soaring vocals and strings. But perhaps the song that best serves Reinhart’s soulful sound and vibe is “Wasted Tears,” which, with its groovy bassline and girl group-esque “woos” sounds like it came straight from another era.

To hear Reinhart tell it, her goal was to make an “organic” album. “I want it to be real and to have substance,” she said on a rare break from studio time at Hollywood’s Record Plant. “Depth on different levels is so important to me. You look at a band like The Beatles, all their material has so much depth to it. And I want people to be able to run away with my melodies and get lost in them and take the lyrics and be able to relate to them.”

Indeed, for an album that has elements of R&B, soul, rock, pop, jazz and funk, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into. Reinhart revealed more about the process — and fantastic end result — in an exclusive sit-down with THR.

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