Tracking Haley, week of 4/22-29, Conan O’Brian, Idol Hangover (ROLLUP)

Posted on April 21, 2012

Weeks events. TV appearance. Blog (video) appearance.   Also spending time with the press in advance of the 22nd launch.

4/22 Sunday Private event (below public appearances), Full band (Breezy, Courtney, John, Keith)
4/24 Tuesday Haley appears on Conan O’Brien
4/24 Lane Newland ‏ @LNEWLAND1  Open With @HaleyReinhart today and now with @KrisAllen for a UMG Publishing performance. Busy day! [Unknown, possibly filming Idol Hangover or doing interviews, etc.  (Chiara is out sick, so double duty for Lane today.)]
4/25 Thursday (speculation: will likely be In the idol audience along with Casey that night supporting her friend Stefano)

4/27 Friday How You Doin’ Interview ( event) released
4/27 Friday The Hollywood Reporter Idol Hangover

4/24 Tuesday Conan O’Brien


Interscope Promotion ‏ @INTERSCOPEPROMO  Open Set Your DVR @HaleyReinhart will be performing @ConanOBrien on 4/24 #FREE

Conan O’Brien show Website, twitter @TeamCoco

From the website schedule page:

HALEY REINHART Twitter Facebook You Tube Official Site American Idol finalist Haley Reinhart’s new album is Listen Up!. It’s our favorite album/dad command since the Commodores released You Kids Be Quiet Back There or I’ll Turn This Car Around!

Conan O’Brien airs at 11, 10 Central on TBS.

Her band Breezy, Courtney, John and Keith were pretty excited about this.  Conan is pretaped. Look at their timelines around 1PM (Pacific).

Brian Mayes ‏ @BrianMayes· Open Watching @HaleyReinhart on Conan… I can’t remember the last time I was so excited for a new album release.

Stephen Malphrus ‏ @StephenMalph · Open Just saw @haleyreinhart on Conan and was really impressed. She looks as beautiful as she sings! #impressive #gorgeous

Bronwyn Flores ‏ @BronwynFlores· Open What blonde girl performed on Conan tonight? I’m an instant fan.

AshleyLynn ‏ @Ashley_Fearless  Open #NowFollowing – @HaleyReinhart . Damn she can sing & she is drop dead sexy.

Darby McNally ‏ @DarbyMcNally · Open Dayummm! Haley Reinhart just sang her lungs out on Conan #whattababe

AshleyLynn ‏ @Ashley_Fearless · Open Haley Reinhart on Conan….she is so fucking sexy.

Brandy Hennessey ‏ @secretsvsrumors Haley Reinhart looks great, sounds better. #Conan

eyemDOPE ‏ @eyemDOPE · Open Haley Reinhart is on Conan. I’m in love with this damn girl.

Luis A. Ferrusquia ‏ @lu4mvp · Open This Haley Reinhart girl on#conan can sing and she looks pretty good

Brandon Haddox ‏ @TheModernMyth · Open @kayjean21 I just heard Haley Reinhart sing. I think I’m in love..

Padma Lakshmi ‏ @PadmaLakshmi· Open Just listening to Haley Reinhart. (Sp?) On Conan!!! She is so awesome. [From Top Chef]

Mitch Cain ‏ @mcain27 Haley Reinhart on @ConanOBrien tonight. Gorgeous.#looksgoodsoundsgood

Kirsten S. ‏ @_kirstenkuchen· Open Just fell in love with this Haley Reinhart girl. Omg. She is not only smokin’ hot, she also sings so amazinglybeautifulcuteoerfectangelic.

Screen Caps

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TWIST Chats with Haley Reinhart! [Twist Magazine interview 4/26]

4/26 Thursday

Idol Audience.

Randy Jackson ‏ @YO_RANDYJACKSON· Open Great seeing you! @haleyreinhart @AmericanIdol #idol

shirleyhalperin ‏ @shirleyhalperin Here’s @haleyreinhart looking gorgeous backstage at@AmericanIdol with @YO_RANDYJACKSON!

News & Tidbits

Melinda Newman ‏ @HitfixMelinda· Open Getting ready to interview @haleyreinhart. Really impressed with the new album. She sounds great! [4/26]

MEET HALEY & CELEBRATE HER DEBUT ALBUM RELEASE  [Universal Music, Interscope, Haley’s site]  – Album release events 5/21 LA, 5/26 Wheeling and Chicago, 5/27 Mall Of America

4/27 Friday How You Doin’ Interview ( event) released

Ryan Duvall ‏ @Howyoudoin_guy Open Alright Haliens, here it is! Enjoy this interview of the beautiful Haley Reinhart! @HaleyReinhart

4/27  Friday Idol Hangover


Idol Hangover Episode 9 with Haley Reinhart

Covers: Elise, Song choice, Cojones. Who does she like on AI11. Visting Idol: Haley & Randy. Lollapalooza. Listen Up! Bold statement ala 60s. Sultry album, “Oh My!”. Songwriting, cowriting. Songs stoked to play live (all of them). Judging success. Public eye versus mystery. Twitter Q’s: Heels & Flats. Oh My! What Queen song(Loves Queen). Song with Casey. Which voice mentor.


‘Idol Hangover’: Season 10’s Casey Abrams On Colton Dixon’s Elimination, His New Album (Video) The season 10 finalist reveals plans for his new music (including possible featured guests — Haley Reinhart? Lady Gaga?), when he might shave off his beard and the YouTube video he has yet to make public. Plus: Casey performs a brand new song on a special 4/20 episode of “Idol Hangover.” [4/20, talks a bit about Haley at 15:10, announcing she’s next week’s guest and recent Casey phone call with her where she says she’s exhausted but loving the experience.]

shirleyhalperin ‏ @shirleyhalperin Here’s a sweet pic of @DidiBenami and @HaleyReinhart after taping@THR‘s ‘Idol Hangover’ today – video posting soon!


HR: There are some upcoming people that we were checking out–even people like Mayer Hawthorne–just different acts that have a very retro feel to their music that I feel like I could mesh with. Right now, it’s all a matter of who’s actually going out on tour, and I really hope that it’s somebody that I mesh perfectly with, you know?

Exclusive: ‘American Idol’s’ Haley Reinhart, Casey Abrams combine for new song [HitFlix]

We interviewed Reinhart yesterday about the new album, but also asked if the pair had recorded anything new. “Yes, we actually just had something in the mix and I’ll let him talk about that; it’s nothing that I’ll give away,” Reinhart said. “But yes, we are getting together and doing more stuff…We could never leave each other in that way. We have to continue to do stuff together.”

When I asked her specifically if it was for his Concord album, she’d only say, “We’ll see what happens, but it’s looking good.”

Harper College to offer Haley Reinhart’s sandwich [Daily Herald]

Her favorite sandwich, which she named “The Harper,” calls for toasted, whole-wheat bread, turkey, roast…


Unconfirmed reports she took some time off for a VIP tour of Disneyland with friends.
aj rafael ‏ @ajRAFAEL· Open I’m 15 ft behind @HaleyReinhart at @disneyland and I am so scared to go say hi and ask for a picture. Hahah.


Teen ‏ @teen· Open Look who just stopped by @teen — @American Idol’s@HaleyReinhart You jeal, AI fans? [4/27 afternoon]

Owly Images

4/22 Sunday Private Event

Identified as at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach by InitIt2WinIt.

Looks to be a P&G sponsored event for the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACSD).  Possibly via Walmart connection?  May be incidental, but Cover Girl (a P&G company) had an event there that the day.  Chicago also appeared.

Michelle McCormack ‏ @Michellemmm · Open Seeing the band Chicago tonight in a room w/ 200 people! (@ TheBreakers Hotel & Resort w/ 3 others) [pic]:

Michelle McCormack ‏ @Michellemmm Anyone remember the band Chicago?

Breezy Lovejoy ‏ @BreezyLovejoy· Open We on some watch the throne type shit tonight

Breezy Lovejoy ‏ @BreezyLovejoy  Open ShowTime

As usual, based on reports from many, including stairway2halien, InItToWinIt, etc.

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