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Posted on May 29, 2012

Haley’s back in LA and taking a break from the road this week.   No events known for this week & sources say none planned.   Next week: June 9 Live 98.5 Birthday Bash, RoZone, Portland OR Info.

May 28, 29 News

Nylon Magazine ‏@NylonMag What’s it really like to be on American Idol? @haleyreinhart tells us all about it – and her new album! ❤  1:33 PM – 29 May 12 via Twitter for Mac · Details
the insider: haley reinhart [Nylon Magazine, 5/29]
Recording and everything? The first time you do a take, that energy can’t even be duplicated. “Free,” my single, is the only song on my album that I didn’t write or co-write, and I picked it out on tour, and I recorded it here in New York! I even went back to re-record it, because I thought, ‘Well, it was so rushed, and it’s the first real recording I’ve ever done in my life,’ and the rehearsed take wasn’t even close to the original. If it works, it works – don’t touch it again.

You’re famous in Idol world for getting Led Zeppelin to clear their songs for you. What was that like? It was so cool! I kept asking the producers if I could do Zeppelin, and the producers kept saying, “No Haley, they’re not gonna clear their songs, they never clear it for anybody – and I’m like, ‘They cleared it for someone’ and the producers are like, “Yeah Haley, who was that?” It was Adam Lambert. So guess what, it looks like I had to work my way up for the producers to actually give me a chance to ask Led Zeppelin. [The producers] sent them “House of the Rising Sun” and the band liked it a lot and they let me sing their stuff. I was in honor. I was like, “There’s no turning back; this is my pick; I’m gonna get my dad up there to do it with me.” … Like Amy Winehouse? I love Amy Winehouse… She came from jazz, I came from jazz. There’s a lot of similarities in terms of our musical style, and I guess with the ’50s pinup vibe, that’s very shared, too. But I want to get back into my edgier psychedelic vibe!

Haley Reinhart, “Listen Up!” [PopQuizBeat Blog, PopQuiz, Review, B+, 5/29]

Reinhart’s a cupcake to be reckoned with, too. What jumps out at me from listening to Listen Up! as a whole is that while she never says a direct word about grrrl power, every lyric is written from the point of view of somebody who’s potentially powerful in her own skin: if the relationship’s failing, she capable of leaving; if she’s unhappy, she can figure out how to stop crying; if there are sparks in the air, she’s in charge of her own sexuality; and her dreams are active ideals of a better future. No wonder she’s having a better time at the club.

Listen Up! [Times Union Blog, High School program, Albany, 5/29]
The top 10 songs and albums onthe iTunes Store [, AP wire story, 5/29]

10. “Listen Up!,” Haley Reinhart

May 30 News

Haley Reinhart [Victoria’s Favorite Finds, FM News 101.9, NY & 101.1 Chicago, 5/30]

… I went on to iTunes to preview each song on her debut album called “Listen Up!” and after getting through the first few I decided she is going to be a staple on my Summer Playlist. Her raspy voice is like Dusty Springfield meets British artist Duffy meets the retro feel of Adele. Her songs are much more uptempo than any of those lovely ladies that I just named making her a perfect choice for Summer fun. Haley Reinhart’s debut album “Listen Up!” is so good you’ll forget she was EVER on a singing competition TV show.

Haley Reinhart: Listen Up! [warrenelburrito blog, 5/30]

Haley Reinhart, Listen Up! (20,000, debut, 20,000) (#16 BB200)
Haley Reinhart Listen Up! Review [People Magazine,  reproduction, 3 of 4, 5/30 – 6/11 issue]

AMERICAN IDOL HALEY REINHART [Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide, video, 5/30] Phillip Phillips puts up big ‘Home’ numbers [USA Today Blog, 5/30]

Haley Reinhart, Undone (8,000, debut, 8,000)

Haley Reinhart Rocks Hard Rock Cafe [, Champaign Urbana, 5/30] Music Of The Week, June 11th: Haley Reinhart [Belle Online Magazine Blog, 5/29]

MTV Music Meter ‏@MTVMusicMeter New to the @MTVMusicMeter top 10 today is @HaleyReinhart, congrats! 8:56 AM – 30 May 12 via · Details [#10]

May 30 Video from LA Show

Wasted Tears () Intro and Wasted Tears (, 5/22, published 5/30) Free (, 5/22, published 5/30) Hit the Ground Running  (, 5/22, published 5/30) Now That You’re Here (, 5/22, published 5/30) HOTRS ( (, 5/22, published 5/27, here for completeness) Oh Darlin’ (, 5/22, published 5/30)

May 31, News and other

VOA Interview with Larry London, April 13, 2012 [Video, Posted 5/31]

June 1, News and Other

HALEY REINHART’S “LISTEN UP!” ALBUM REVIEW [andersonbriango Blog, 6/1]

nick spanos ‏@SpanosPhoto Here’s another new photo from my shoot with Haley Reinhart from American Idol…@haleyreinhart #haleyreinhart 6:32 AM – 1 Jun 12 via Facebook · Details

Her album is also far more authentic than most that come after that show, with a unique vocal style that seems to be both before and beyond her years.

Nice little interchange that results in KMXK, MN playing Listen Up!  in full next Friday! (Added nearly 200 followers in the 12 hours that followed)
Buy Listen Up! ‏@Addicted2Haley @mix949 Anyway possible for you guys to fully play Haley Reinhart’s album like Adam and Kris?
Mix949Mix949 ‏@mix949 @Addicted2Haley here’s a challenge for you, get 100 follows for us today and we will play all of Haley’s album next Fri! 4:46 AM – 1 Jun 12 via Mobile Web · Details
June 8, 10PM Central, Mix 94.9, KMXK Playing full Listen Up! on Air, MN
Mix949 ‏@mix949 @krisallen new album tonight @ 10P and @haleyreinhart new album next Fri! 3:57 PM – 1 Jun 12 via Mobile Web · Details
Sabrina Bohbot ‏@OneDforeverr @HaleyReinhart Remember me i just met u!! plz follow me 4:51 PM – 31 May 12 via web · Details

June 2

Nigel Lythgoe ‏@dizzyfeet RT @iWantYou2BeFree:Can you please promote @HaleyReinhart‘s album a little bit on here? [HALEY’S ALBUM IS SO GOOD IT PROMOTES ITSELF.] 8:44 AM – 2 Jun 12 via Echofon · Details
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SWRV [ 2 Photos from March 2012 ]
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stairway2halien ‏@stairway2halien Haley Reinhart counts down her top 5 American Idols (SWRV) 7:38 PM – 2 Jun 12 via web · Details  [Search for Haley Reinhart]

Itsnotyouitsme Album Spin – Haley Reinhart  It’s not you… It’s me Blog 6/1]

MCA MUSIC @mca_music Listen Up! By Haley Reinhart – MyMusicStore Philippines:  11:15 PM – 2 Jun 12 via Tweet Button · Details [Available in the Philippines]


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