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Posted on June 3, 2012

Haley’s back in LA and was taking a break from the road last week.  The big push may be winding down.  Still, still some travelling to come. June 9 Live 98.5 KBFF Birthday Bash, RoZone, Portland OR Info.

June 3

Review: Listen Up! by Haley Reinhart [lightyearsofcy Blog, 6/3]

B.o.B ‏@bobatl RT @nickkndhaley588@bobatl on a scale of 1-10 how hot is@haleyreinhart ? #ohmy <<< 11!!! 11:07 AM – 3 Jun 12 via Echofon · Details

June 4

See the Music: Haley Reinhart [ARTISTDirect, video 6/4]
Interview with ‘American Idol’ Alumni Haley Reinhart [Best Fan Blog, 6/4, took place several weeks ago though May 7th or so]
BF: That’s crazy! What do you think of going into the music industry from a competition show, versus going the old school way? I know now you are signed to Interscope, but nowadays there are two different ways of going about it.
HR: Well for me it’s very interesting that you ask. For me, if I could have done it on my own, I would have loved to, but the matter of the fact is that today’s day and age is a whole lot different. It’s not easy; there’s no just sitting around in bars and clubs just waiting to scout and search for the next big thing. So I think the more and more that I think about it, and me going through Idol, I really believe it’s a beautiful thing right now. We need these kinds of shows because otherwise there isn’t that much room and outlets to find people. So it is the internet, it’s YouTube, it’s the three singing shows that are out that are going to make people’s dreams come true.
BF: So what’s happening next? Your single “Free” is out, what else are you working on?
HR: Well right now I’m all over the place doing promo tours. I’m getting “Free” on as many stations as possible and it’s really going well. I hit the top 40 charts, or Hot AC most recently – it’s very exciting. And coming up there’s going to be a whole lot more talking about touring, and then there’s things like Lollapalooza which is in my hometown, Chicago, so I get to play there with my full band and it’s going to be amazing. And right now the album [drops] in two weeks or so, so I’m really just counting down the days and enjoying everything.
BF: Now another question: what high school clique were you in?
HR: I was actually in a lot of different groups. I was the one who jumped around group to group. I like to be a social butterfly, I really like to engage with many different people, I don’t really shut out anybody. Of course I had my main group of friends of like a three of five girlfriends and a lot of guys. I hang out with more guys than girls as a whole probably, but I really jumped around and kept myself busy with a lot of different kind of people.
BF: Cool! Last question: what are you a Bestfan of? It could be a colour, a food, a personality trait. It could be anything, but what are you just a really big fan of right now?
HR: Right now I’m a big fan of the sun. I’m laying out right now as we speak. I try to get in the sun as much as possible. It’s really relaxing, especially being really busy and doing all this crazy stuff, living in airports and everything. It’s good to be able to soak up resources and the environment.
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Now usually I don’t do this but uhhh… 😉 Got ma hair did! @hairbyevelise is da cats meow<3 7:45 PM – 4 Jun 12 via Camera on iOS · Details

June 5 News

Idol finalist Reinhart inspiring in pop debut [The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 6/5]

Haley Reinhart Listen Up! 19/Interscope B+ Haley Reinhart flirts with Bruno Mars’ turf on her debut. Listen Up! is a smartly arranged and well-produced modern soul/pop throwback that may, upon hearing, surprise American Idol detractors. Its Motown and Philly rooted sound is great for the singer’s powerhouse voice.

June 6 News

Listen Up! ole Signing Haley Reinhart Drawing Rave Reviews for Album as Singer/Songwriter [Ole Newsletter; Ole is her publisher, 6/6]

Chad Richardson’s Top Ten [Ole Newsletter, 6/6]

8. Now That You’re Here Writer: Haley Reinhart, Sam Waters, Chris DeStefano Description: Female, Mid Tempo, Retro Pop Comment: By now you must have heard from more than one person that former Idol Haley Reinhart’s new album Listen Up! is FAR from the traditional “Idol record.” Haley, beyond being a fantastic singer, is also a fantastic writer – an ole writer at that! This song to me is ALL about the chord changes in the chorus – Donna Summer meets Adele. Please and thank you!

Universal MusicGroup ‏@UMG Can you guess what @HaleyReinhart would be doing if she weren’t a musician? Find out here:
MetroLyrics ‏@MetroLyrics What would @HaleyReinhart be if she wasn’t a musician? Find out in our exclusive #MyMusicalMind survey:
We’ve got another American Idol alumni on this round of My Musical Mind: Ms. Haley Reinhart! At just 21 years of age, the Illinois native’s pipes have soul that is well beyond her years.
Haley Reinhart visits MOA [Mall Of America, YouTube, 6/6]
Casey Abrams’ Debut Album[, Haley at 3:30 singing Hit The Road Jack, 6/6]

June 7

Haley taped a performance for The View today.   Looks like it was an guitar acoustic, probably with John Notto.
Shawn Albanese ‏@shawn830 @HaleyReinhart @ShoStarFly88 and I enjoyed your performance on@theviewtv today! Thx for the cd! Beautiful voice! 3:27 PM – 7 Jun 12 via Echofon · Details
Shawn Albanese ‏@shawn830 @haleyscoop @HaleyReinhart @ShoStarFly88 @theviewtv Haley will be on @theviewtv on July 6th. It was taped today.
Though not certain,  the song choice!  [She sang “Free”]

Shawn Albanese ‏@shawn830 @LyndylooLynne honestly, I can’t remember. Wasn’t a fan until today. We got her new cd. I think it was “oh my!” 3:39 PM – 7 Jun 12 via Echofon · Details


Haley Reinhart Photo Diary: The ‘American Idol’ Star Shares Personal Pics From Her Album’s Release Week (EXCLUSIVE) [AOL, 10 photos, 6/7]

The link to the gallery there was bad, you can use this one instead.   Nice stories behind the photos.  A couple of the captions:

Visiting the Mall of America

“I got to meet some staff at the Best Buy there. They had a lot of big posters up … that was really nice. When I see posters of myself, half of me is so excited, and half of me is hiding my face, like, ‘I can’t believe this!'”

Soundcheck Before My Mall of America Performance

“I have this adrenaline that runs through my whole body before a show. I feel like if I was too anxious about it then, I couldn’t be a performer like this. The live performing has been something that’s been a part of my life from a very young age, so it is more in my comfort zone. This performance was us on our last leg here … the last day of the whole crazy week. We were in Chicago, and my mom gave me the dress I’m wearing as a gift and I’m like, ‘Well great because I needed something for tomorrow I’m kind of running out of clothes!'”

Music Of The Week, June 11th: Haley Reinhart [Belle Magazine 6/7]

More Mall Of America Photos [Haley’s facebook, 6/5]

June 8

Haley Reinhart “Listen Up” Listening Party[Mix 94.9, MN, 6/6] June 8, 2012 10:00 pm

Our Club Mix Diva Jade has your hook up for the best “Inside” specials anywhere!  Jade will feature the new album “Listen Up” from American Idol alum Haley Reinhart starting at 10PM only on Mix 949.  Tweet with Jade and the “Haliens” @mix949 and read her album review @

JaimePrimak ‏@JaimePrimak @HaleysGrrrowl She sang Free! 5:07 AM – 8 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details

Haley Reinhart News ‏@HaleyRNews RT @JaimePrimak: Grammy nominated @waynebrady and American Idol star @haleyreinhart the talent cup runs over. 6:39 AM – 8 Jun 12 via Echofon · Details
Wayne Brady ‏@waynebrady @HaleyRNews @jaimeprimak @haleyreinhart loved meeting you! Keep killing it!
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart @waynebrady Same here, such a big fan of your work:) Hey ello to your family and check out my album Listen Up! 11:45 AM – 8 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details

LastFM Facebook June 8

American Idol Haley Reinhart is stopping by our NY office today for an interview and to discuss her new album ‘Listen Up!’… What else should we talk about?
Also – her top scrobbled track is “Free” … what’s your favorite?
Haley Reinhart’s Listen Up! Album Review [94.9 St. Cloud MN, Jade, 6/8]

Tonight at 10 I will be playing the debut album from Haley Reinhart who places third on the 10th Season of American Idol. Listen Up! was released on May 22nd and Haliens are loving her debut! Hope you can join our listening party tonight! Here is my review of Listen Up!


Very strong vocals kick off Haley’s debut album. The moment the song started I swear I was listening to a young Amy Winehouse. I love Amy’s blues, jazz fusion and her vocals. The songs is “like a firecracker blowing up the sky.” In my opinion, the best first song on the debut album to have! The song features B.O.B. who collaborates with a bunch of artists, and he brings the song to life even more! “Got a speeding ticket for living my life too fast.” The song is hot and I hope this is her next single we play on Mix 949.


The final track on the album is the perfect road trip song. Roll the windows down and belt out the lyrics.  “We’ll find that love and peace of mind.” Turn the radio up and just let the wind blow through your hair. “Free your mind and let it go.” While listening to this song at my desk I just want to run outside hop in the car and roll all the windows down and sing with Haley. A great song to end the album.

Overall I would give Haley’s album, Listen Up! a solid B. The first album is always the toughest one to make, I would guess. What do you want your fans to hear? So much to say but what songs will be the best. Looking forward to her second album when she has grown up a little and has more than a handful of months to put out an album. Little too much about love for me. But overall, very impressed. Hailey is a versatile artist that can bring in different elements to an album.

My Favorite Songs: Oh My!, Wasted Tears, Hit The Ground Runnin’, Walking On Heaven.

What are your thoughts on the album? Share you favorite songs and your own review below

June 9 Live 98.5 KBFF Birthday Bash, RoZone, Portland OR Info.


Washed Tears, Hit The Ground Runnin’, Free, Now That You’re Here [ , 6/10]

Live 98.5 KBFF birthday bash at the RoZone; 6PM at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park.  Tickets $20 in advance, $25 at door.   Haley is scheduled for about 45-50 minutes.   Looks to be Keith on keys and Courtney on drums.

Sat, June 9 LIVE 95.5’S BIRTHDAY BASH (schedule)

4:30 p.m. Gates Open for Ticketholders 5:00 p.m. Blue Ember 5:40 p.m. Ian James 6:20 p.m. Dia Frampton 7:10 p.m. Ryan Star 8:00 p.m. Scars on 45

9:00 p.m. Haley Reinhart 10:00 p.m. Andy Grammer

hailey mcphee @haileymcphee Haley Reinhart💗 8:13 PM – 9 Jun 12 via Instagram · Details
Close to an #idol @HaleyReinhart!
Ethan Graham ‏@Ethangraham11 @roz233 @haleyscoop set list was wasted tears, HTGR, free, now that you’re here and a crazy HOTRS. Got videos of WT, free, and HOTRS  9:17 PM – 9 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details
Live 95.5 Facebook photos [34 photos 6/9]


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