News and Info, 6/10-6/16 (ROLLUP)

Posted on June 10, 2012

Expecting a quiet week.   Nothing scheduled until 6/20.

Late word: June 11, Windy City Live TAPING for 6/22, ABC, 9AM, Chicago IL

June 10

Reportedly in Chicago at the Blues Festival in Grant park. June 11 Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Dark Side’ rises [USA Today, position on combined Idols radio spins chart, 6/11]

25 25 Haley Reinhart, Free (691) (#27 Hot AC)

Interview: Haley Reinhart at Live 95.5’s Birthday Bash! [Live 95.5, Video, 6/11] [youtube] American Idol star Haley Reinhart heads to the State Theatre for a free concert [, promo for 6/20 concert,  6/11]

Haley Reinhart (Season 10, 2011). Watching the bluesy ingenue offer bold showings of songs from Adele, Alanis Morissette and Elton John was a joy during a season that featured the most versatile voices in recent “Idol” memory: Eight of them scored major post-“Idol” deals. Her stellar debut is required listening for any “Idol” fanatic.

June 12, Windy City Live, Taping for 6/22, ABC, 9AM, Chicago IL

Taping appearance (w/Dad) for Windy City Live for 6/22
Lollapalooza scheduled announced.  Schedule.   Haley will be on the BMI stage from 1:10 to 1:50.  (NOTE: all BMI stage acts are 40m this year).
Live 95.5 Haley Reinhart Performance Photos [Live 95.5, Portland, 32 Photos, update from  facebook photos, 6/12]
Abby Rose ‏@blackhrdontcare Beautiful talented girl inside&out.&humble at that..wish more celebs were like her.. So honored to meet @HaleyReinhart 7:15 PM – 12 Jun 12 via web · Details [Possibly during Windy City Live]

June 13

‘Idol’ album sales: Carrie Underwood and more [USA Today Blog, sales # to date 33k, 6/13]
Casey Abrams Puts a Spell on Yahoo! Music [Yahoo Music Blog, video, mention of “Hit The Road Jack” with Haley, at 6:30m into video to 9:50m, 6/13]

June 14

Hit The Road Jack [, 30s preview, 6/14]
Teen Kids News Report on Girls Who Rock 2012: Part 1 [, twinswholaugh, video, some video/mentions of Haley, Pt 2 tomorrow, 6/14]

June 15

Teen Kids News Report on Girls Who Rock 2012: Part 2 [, twinswholaugh, video,  short interview, short clips at end, 6/14]
New Artist: Haley Reinhart [GetFreshFaced blog, 6/15]
Fox11 L.A. Hangout w/Haley Reinhart & Maria Quiban [Fox LA, behind the scenes on 5/21, 6/16]


June 16

Haley should be at #39 on The Rick Dee’s Hot Adult Weekly Top 40.   Not up on website yet, but in this weeks broadcast.   Check back here later.

Hey gang!
We’re having some technical difficulties with tonight. Until that’s resolved, check out the new Hot Adult Edition of the Countdown here:…


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