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Posted on June 23, 2012

A low key week.  Next week is The View. Our Texas Haliens get a bonus, Haley is supposed to air this week’s episode of D210. June 24-30 D210 TV on Timer Warner Cable, in this week episode, various air times.  TX only.

Update: based on reports, Haley’s whirling around LA doing appearances, press, publicity events.   So far, Grammy’s, CelebBuzz.

June 24

2Words HaleyReinhart ‏@LiveSimpleLife Sorry it took so long, here is video from Friday night of Haley in the Springs. 4 videos all but Free. Enjoy!!! —> [Colorado Springs, 15hoski]
2Words HaleyReinhart ‏@LiveSimpleLife @HaleyReinhart Friday night #1 –> #2 –> #3 –> –> 2:43 PM – 24 Jun 12 via web · Details  [Colorado Springs, 15hoski]
Intro [ 6/24]
Wasted Tears [  6/24]
Hit The Ground Running [ 6/24]
House Of The Rising Sun [ 6/24]

June 25

Haley Reinhart was a finalist on Season 10 of ‘American Idol,’ but at this point, her ‘Idol’ stint is but a footnote in her career, as she promotes her Interscope Records debut, ‘Listen Up!’

PopCrush has teamed up with the lovely, talented and husky-voiced singer for this exclusive premiere of ‘Wasted Tears,’ which she performed live at the TouchTunes concert.

We spent so many months enjoying Reinhart’s take on other people’s songs during her season of ‘Idol,’ but now, she is treating fans to her own tunes, which she delivers masterfully in her gorgeous, smoky, neo-blues voice. Reinhart was always an old soul trapped a young body, and that hallmark of her style remains apparent in this video.

Previously available on YouTube, but acess was pulled until 6/26 3PM Eastern (according to VEVO version); most likely to allow the PopCrush “exclusive”.
Haley Reinhart – Wasted Tears (Live At TouchTunes) [Haley Reinhart VEVO, from the March 13, TouchTunes NCB performance in Las Vegas, 6/25]
Video: Haley Reinhart performs ‘Wasted Tears’ [USA Today, TouchTunes in LV, 6/25]
Ann Frank ‏@therealannfrank Just met with @HaleyReinhart @TheGRAMMYs. Love her energy! 12:24 PM – 25 Jun 12 via web · Details
The GRAMMYs ‏@TheGRAMMYs American Idol alum @HaleyReinhart visited GRAMMY HQ today & performed some of her new songs for us! for coming! 1:30 PM – 25 Jun 12 via web · Details 
Same posted at Facebook with different picture.
Nick Lamain ‏@NLamain Congrats @HaleyReinhart! Saw a review of your album in WorldMagazine! 2:39 PM – 25 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details
Notable CDs: Five Pop-Rock Releases [World Magazine, online version of above, 6/25]
Haley Reinhart Serenades Dinkytown [Twin Cities Starlight, MN show photos + comments, 6/26]
Unbroken Halien ‏@LovaticReinhart @HaleyReinhart Free started playing at M&Ms world in Las Vegas and i flipped in the store. (; 8:24 PM – 22 Jun 12 via Twitter for Android · Details [Many reports of playing in Movie Theatres, etc; probably via TouchTunes or Akoo]
Joseph Kapsch ‏@JosephKapsch .@AmericanIdol fans: @HaleyReinhart is stopping by the @CELEBUZZ studio shortly for into. Got any questions send ’em our way! 1:54 PM – 25 Jun 12 via web · Details
Kelly Clarkson dominates ‘Idol’ airplay [USA Today, Idol Chatter Blog, 6/25]

June 26

Casey Abram’s album Casey Abrams releases today including a duet with Haley, “Hit The Road jack”.

June 27

‘Idol’ album sales: Underwood, Clarkson, more [USA Today Idol Chatter, 6/27]

Haley Reinhart, Listen Up! (2,000, -32%, 39,000)

Yeeeaaaa! “Oh My! (Feat. B.o.B.)” will be featured on Hollywood Exes tonight at 10/9c on VH1! Check it out! – Team Haley
IPB Image
Haley Reinhart Shout Out! [youtube, video, Shoutout to Nordstrom’s Rack (unlisted, so we’re getting an early view), 6/27]
Nordstrom Rack shared a link3 hours ago Peep this video from former American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart. Listen to her song “Free” and download others: [Facebook post corresponding to above]
Leads to the Nordstrom Rack Spotlight page where they have summer tunes and a spotlight on the artists including Haley including info on album and fashion advice (following based on Hollywire interview in May):

Former American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart is making quite a musical debut with her first studio album, Listen Up! An already well-received album, this is one of the best new pop albums to date from 2012.

When asked Haley about the one word to describe her new album she told us “unique”, and that is exactly what fans can expect!

The album, co-written by Haley, save the lead-single, Free, is an eclectic blend of what one would expect from the sultry-voiced Chicago native: a bit of pop, rock, R&B and a truly soulful feel, something missing in the albums of today. “It was really important to me that the record have an organic, soulful sound that truly reflects the kind of artist I want to be.”


BMI to Blitz Chicago with Wide-Ranging Performances on its Lollapalooza Stage August 3-5[, lists Haley’s set, 6/27]

PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan @HaleyReinhart is on the banner ad on the http://tasteofcountry.comhomepage #artistspotlight 😀 [Related to the Nordstrom Rack promo]
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Sweet posters AKOO made for meh when I did a show back in chi town. 6:33 PM – 27 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details
VH1 ‏@VH1 You heard music by @emelisande @haleyreinhart and @sayjaffe in tonight’s #HollywoodExes episode 2! Download here: 7:53 PM – 27 Jun 12 via web · Details

June 28

Snippet of “Walking On Heaven” sound check at her Mix 106.3 State Theatre in Bay City, MI show.   Did not perform it that night.  Still yet to be performed in public.
Haley Reinhart – Listen Up! (2012), recenzja  [, in Polish, Review, 9++/10, 6/28]
How was it to record with Haley Reinhart?
“Easy and fun. There’s never any stress involved. It was kind of a spontaneous session, I hit her up and I said, ‘Hey, I did ‘Hit the Road Jack.’ I played the bass and tried singing it myself, but I wanted her to sing it. She knows how to improvise and have fun, so it’s always a good time.”
Seventeen Magazine Verified‏ @seventeenmag It takes change to make change and everybody can be the miracle they want to see –@HaleyReinhart #quotes  8:24 AM – 28 Jun 12 via Tumblr · Embed this Tweet


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