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Posted on June 30, 2012

National TV, performance on The View on July 6th.   No other events known.  Next week is MLB Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game (televised). July 6, The View, ABC, pretaped 6/7

July 1

Rick Dee’s HOT ADULT 06-30-2012 [Rick Dee’s Hot Adult Radio Top 40 Countdown, 6/30]

Free - Haley Reinhart
Free (Haley Reinhart) Haley Reinhart
“On the Verge” on Ryan Seacrest’s American Top 40 Hot AC edition [6/30]

July 2

Clayton Perry:  My favorite tracks from your debut album are “Undone” and “Now that You’re Here.” For each track, make a quick note on the songwriting process, recording experience or lyrical influences. Haley Reinhart:  “Undone” was a really big change of pace for me, because the rest of the album is very mid-tempo. It has a good groove to it, and that’s where I like to be most of the time – as far as performance is concerned. It’s different doing ballads, and it is a little bit more on the “poppy” side, especially with the repetitive “undone, undone, undone.” So it was interesting for me hopping into that world. I added a whole lot to it, and I just kind of dug deep into a darker, heartbroken place and that’s what came out. “Now That You’re Here,” I had a lot of fun writing this one, and I had a lot of great people around me. Me and Sam Watters were going back and forth just talking about love and listening to other music. I remember we were listening to Nina Simone and really contemplating the world itself, and everywhere that life has taken us so far – all those things that make up love to us. And then as far as the sound goes, I love old soul, Motown, R&B; so, we really got a good groove with this one. And it just kept going. I mean, the time just flew by. Fourteen hours later, I was thinking of all these background parts that just kept coming, and I couldn’t stop putting down.

Akoo studio performance available in Malls now.   Will go to youtube soon after.
19 19 Haley Reinhart, Free (852) (#31 Hot AC)
Slightly Pitchy: Overcoming The American Idol Curse[PopDose, says Haley didn’t sell out, 7/2]

Ready for a happier ending? Every once in a while, something great clicks. In the coming weeks, I am going to mix in some detailed reviews of worthy Idol alumni. They didn’t sell out artistically, which is why you have likely never heard their incredible music. Here’s a preview:

Haley Reinhart (Season 10) keeps it sexy and soulful:

Noticed this just now:
Haley’s Grrrowl ‏@HaleysGrrrowl @therealannfrank does the fact that @HaleyReinhart performed at Grammy Headquarters help her chances of getting nominated?
Ann Frank ‏@therealannfrank @HaleysGrrrowl @HaleyReinhart It helped her become a member! Only qualified Voting members can vote in the @TheGRAMMYs! Retweeted by Haley Reinhart 12:41 PM – 28 Jun 12 via web · Details

July 3

“Free” Music Video GIFs [ 7/3]

Change your profile pic on Twitter to one of the GIFs below and Haley will follow you! Make sure you tweet@HaleyReinhart to let her know you’ve changed your pic!

July 4

On The Scene [Angelo Magazine, 7/4]

‘Idol’ albums: Carrie tops, Casey debuts [USA Today, Idol Chatter Blog, 7/4]

Haley Reinhart, Listen Up! (2,000, -11%, 41,000) (#189 BB200)

Haley Reinhart@HaleyReinhart Happy fourth of July 🙂 I’m home, going to the sox game with the fam, life is good. Stay cool everybody! 2:49 PM – 4 Jul 12 via Camera on iOS · Embed this Tweet
Taryn Leigh ‏@LightSwtchLogic Met @HaleyReinhart today at the Sox game, both of our families sat in the wrong seats and ended up next to each other! 6:48 PM – 4 Jul 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details
DH Haley ‏@haleyscoop Nice! @haleyreinhart looking patriotic at @whitesox game for fourth! 9:50 PM – 4 Jul 12 via TweetCaster for iOS · Details

July 5

10 Must-See Lollapalooza Artists [Violent Success Blog, Independent Music Scene, 7/5]
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart LISTEN UP! I’M ON THE VIEW TOMORROW! OH MY! BE SURE TO WATCH #TheViewTV 3:28 PM – 5 Jul 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details 

July 6, The View

11AM Eastern, The View, ABC, pretaped 6/7, Video available here and here,

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Thanks to those of you lovies that caught me on The View this morning! And thanks to @TheViewTV.. I LOVE YOU WHOOPI 😉
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image


Celebuzz Interviews ‘American Idol’ Alum Haley Reinhart [Video, 7/6]

Reports from the first Idol 2012 Tour stop:

mcaro05 ‏@mcaro05 @Alyoup005 and yes it was the haley video 🙂 it played three times 9:08 PM – 6 Jul 12 via web · Details

July 7

American Top 40 ‏@AmericanTop40 .@Haley Reinhart debuts at #40 with “Free” the 48th @AmericanIdolhit. She’s also the 1st new finalist to debut since @LeeDeWyze last year 11:50 AM – 7 Jul 12 via Twuffer · Details
Rick Dee’s HOT ADULT 07-07-2012 [Rick Dee’s Hot Adult Radio Top 40 Countdown, 7/7]

Free - Haley Reinhart
Free (Haley Reinhart) Haley Reinhart

Suspect Haley has made her way to St. Louis today.  She was in Chicago this past week for the 4th.   She wasn’t at Casey’s concert in Rosemont but her dad was!

♥SLY♥ @PhillipPhever Casey and Haleys dad lol 4:26 PM – 7 Jul 12 via Twitter for Android · Details
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Kansas city! Whatta place! I can’t wait to bust a move at the celebrity softball game tomorrow;) 11:03 PM – 7 Jul 12 via Camera on iOS · Details


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