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Posted on July 21, 2012

This week a couple of high profile events and the week after, she hits it big with Lollapalooza.

July 22, and Staples for Students Teen Choice Awards Afterparty [Possibly musical entertainer]
July 27, Step Up Revolution Release, Undone on film Soundtrack

Next week:

Aug 2,  97.1  KTCZ-FMCites 97 Oake On The Water, Lord Fletcher’s, Spring Park, MN, Live Broadcast
Aug 3, Lollapalooza, BMI Stage, 1:10-1:50, f.y.e. Autograph Tent, 2:30, Info, Chicago IL
Aug 4, 6:10 PM, Musical Appearance, LA Angels at Chicago White Sox, Anthem or 7th Inning stretch (TBD), WGN TV, WSCR 690 AM Listen Live, 97.5 ESPN Eportes (Spanish).

Aug 5, 1:10 PM, Musical Appearance, LA Angels at Chicago White Sox, Anthem or 7th Inning stretch (TBD), CSN (Comcast Sports Network) TV, WSCR 690 AM Listen Live, 97.5 ESPN Eportes (Spanish). [Corrected]


Official FREE featured on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Posted 7/27/2012 by TeamIGA

Haley’s single FREE will be featured on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ for the rest of the season!

July 22

It’s been confirmed that Haley will be “partying” with and Staples for Students.   Most likely she’ll be at their Teen Choice Awards afterparty.   She may be one of many celebrities on hand to stuff backpacks and with any luck she may be part of the musical entertainment.   Either way we should get at least photos.

Red Carpet TCA
Marc Malkin ‏@marcmalkin #americanidol. her nameplate says Listen Up in honor of her new album 5:54 PM – 22 Jul 12 via Instagram · Details

July 23

Haley Reinhart on the Shake Up at ‘American Idol’ [Hollywood Report, Video, TCA Interview, basically confirms Oh My! as the next single!, 7/23]

Followup article on American Idol using quotes from the above video.

Mariah Carey Will Be a ‘Wonderful’ ‘American Idol’ Judge, Says Haley Reinhart (Video): The season 10 alum also vouched for Gwen Stefani, Adam Lambert and Paul McCartney as potential additions to the Fox family. [Hollywood Reporter, video, TCA Interview,  7/23]

Mariah Carey As ‘American Idol’ Judge: ‘Real Advice, Real Criticism’: ‘She knows what it’s all about. She’s got the golden voice,’ former ‘Idol’ contestant Haley Reinhart tells MTV News. [MTV News, video, 7/23]

Haley Reinhart – Hit The Ground Runnin’ (Live At TouchTunes), [Las Vegas, March 13, released 7/23 on Youtube VEVO]

2012 Teen Choice Awards: Biggest ‘Call Me Maybe’ Sing-A-Long EVER? Maybe! [Radar online, video, skip to 1:00, 7/23]

Image Collect Teen Choice Awards Haley Reinhart Photos [Image Collect, Watermarked versions of images for sale, 7/23]

Haley Reinhart’s Singing Career Launched by American Idol [VOA, recap of the April Spring Blossom Interview, 7/23]

Keith Phelps ‏@KEiTHPHELPS Camp earlier this week 8:07 PM – 23 Jul 12 via Instagram · Details [Grammy Camp]

July 24

Release of Step Up Revolution with “Undone” on the movie soundtrack.

Haley Reinhart Talks ‘Idol’ Judges, Fall Tour [Billboard, video]

More TCA red carpet photos via stairway2halien

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

July 25

American Idol ‏@AmericanIdol Listen Up! @haleyreinhart‘s “Free” is used as the girls’ elimination song on @danceonfox. Did you hear it on tonight’s episode? 7:29 PM – 25 Jul 12 via Twitter for Android · Details
SYTYCD ‏@DANCEonFOX Did you recognize #Idol alum @HaleyReinhart’s single “Free” as one of the kiss-off songs at the end of tonight’s show?  6:57 PM – 25 Jul 12 via HootSuite · Details
Video here (starting at 1:52)

Music and Musicians Magazine Feature [, via link]

KS95’s Live 95 Concert MN, Free performed live at KS95’s Live 95 at The Varsity Theater on 6/19/2012 [video, burry, but sound is okay, via stairway2halien, 7/25]

Haley’s hard to see in the video, so here’s a copy of a photo from the event.
NorthstarPat ‏@PatAHaleyFan Rock’n it out last night in Minneapolis @HaleyReinhart@KEiTHPHELPS @KortHaussProd 6:06 PM – 20 Jun 12 via web · Details


July 26

Live on E! 7-26-12 [E! online interview, around 13:40]

Also available at: Live From E! Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal and the Jackson Family Drama Continue [E! online, 7/26]

Plus, Haley Reinhart swung by the Live From E! set to talk her new album, going on tour and her upcoming gig at Lollapalooza. All this plus Haley’s thoughts on the American Idol shake-up on this episode of Live From E!


Dustin and Patrick ‏@DPPJ @HaleyReinhart Saw the film at a press screening Tuesday, instantly recognized your song and got excited. Used VERY prominently over scene. 7:48 PM – 26 Jul 12 via web · Details

Haley Reinhart on AMERICAN IDOL, Her Next Single and Whether She’d Ever Want to be a Reality [Give Me My Remote, Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet, youtube, 7/26]

Shure Incorporated ‏@shureinc So great seeing @GRAMMYFdn @HaleyReinhart @GROUPLOVE@Slateproaudio & @brianlondon @ #GRAMMYCamp LA! See FB for pics 12:39 PM – 26 Jul 12 via HootSuite · Details [3 Haley Photos]

Natalie ‏@NatalieChicago I’m interviewing Haley Reinhart today who placed 3rd on American Idol season 10 / she’ll be at Lolla 2012. Any questions you want asked? 9:21 AM – 26 Jul 12 via web · Details
Natalie ‏@NatalieChicago @jedlovesmusic not until this weekend! Ill tweet you the link! [Most likely on]
Natalie ‏@NatalieChicago @jedlovesmusic asked! She is planning a fall tour. 1:46 PM – 26 Jul 12 via Seesmic · Details
Natalie ‏@NatalieChicago @Ethangraham11 I asked what her next single will be and she wants it to be Oh My, but not sure if it will happen next.

July 27

Release of Step Up Revolution with “Undone” on the movie soundtrack.  (July 24 was sneak previews)

☛ Listen Up! ☚ ‏@HReinhartNation Okay guys here it is,Undone in Step Up! @HaleyReinhart I started freakin out when I heard those first notes:) #soproud 10:25 PM – 26 Jul 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details [37 seconds parts of first version, prechorus and first line of chorus, appears early in movie]
Official FREE featured on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Posted 7/27/2012 by TeamIGA

Haley’s single FREE will be featured on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ for the rest of the season!

Exclusive interview with Haley Reinhart [, Natalie Kuchik @natalieChicago, leadup to Lollapalooza 7/27]

Lyrically, what is your favorite song from “Listen Up!” and why?

I love them all for different reasons, and it’s really, really tough for me to answer. One of my favorites is “Walking on Heaven” because it’s more than your typical love song. It’s basically speaking about the world and how amazing and blessed we all are for being on here, to stop and smell the roses.

Musically, what is your favorite song from “Listen Up!” and why?

I really love “Wasted Tears” because it comes naturally to me. The melody just flows out of me, that’s why I wrote it (laughs) and that’s a song I love to perform.

July 28

Rick Dee’s HOT ADULT 07-21-2012 [Rick Dee’s Hot Adult Radio Top 40 Countdown, 7/28]

Free - Haley Reinhart
Free (Haley Reinhart) Haley Reinhart


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