Lollapalooza, 7/29-8/4 MN, IL (ROLLUP)

Posted on July 28, 2012

Lollapalooza week!   Expect a lot of photos and video.keep

Aug 2,  97.1  KTCZ-FMCites 97 Oake On The Water, Lord Fletcher’s, Spring Park, MN, Live Broadcast
Aug 3, Lollapalooza, BMI Stage, 1:10-1:50, f.y.e. Autograph Tent, 2:30, Info, Chicago IL
Aug 3 Rock The Vote Nights 21+ event (   Performing Friday.

Source: BMF Media @BMFmedia ATTN CHICAGO: @haleyreinhart will be at #RTVNIGHTS next week@rockthevote @hardrockchicago @calvinklein 2:20 PM – 28 Jul 12 via HootSuite · Details

Lineup to be revealed on Monday 7/30 at HRC Chicago’s facebook site.  VIP ticket contest here.

Aug 4, noon, Lollashop Artist Signings, 332 S. Michigan Avenue.

July 29

Haley Reinhart: Listen Up! [Music Now Magazine, republished version of article as appeared in On Demand, 7/29]

Haley Reinhart’s ‘Free’ is goodbye anthem for So You Think You Can Dance 9 [, 7/29]


(Los Angeles, CA, July 26, 2012) — SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE viewers were rewarded with a special treat during the performance and results show last night. After America’s vote was revealed to send home female contestant Amber Jackson, AMERICAN IDOL Season 10’s favorite singer-songwriter Haley Reinhart’s single “Free” off her debut album Listen Up!, was playing as America waved the eliminated contestant goodbye. The song will continue to be the goodbye anthem for the duration of the season.

July 30

6 Chicago acts performing at Lolla 2012 [Red Eye Chicago, Chicago Tribune, 7/30]

Haley Reinhart, 21 (1:10 p.m. Fri. at BMI stage)

Sound: “It is very retro yet modern at the same time. I wanted to blend a lot of genres together that I’ve been influenced by. So it does have pop and rock and R&B and soul all together.”
What to expect: “It should be a family affair. I’m trying to get some of my family to come join me on stage and I’m really, really excited about that.”
Advice: “Bring a little fan with some water that can squirt out of it. And I’m really excited because I have merch for the first time that will be sold, and I’ll be there signing at a tent (2:30 p.m. Fri.) and selling CDs and all that jazz. So definitely stop by and pick one up and buy a T-shirt.”
Past Lolla experience: NA. “I have actually always wanted to go to the fest, and for some reason it’s never worked out. It’s an unfortunate thing, but it’s even cooler to say my first time going I’m going to be performing at the festival as well … The timing was always off, but the timing’s on now!”
What Lolla artist would make her star-struck: “There’s plenty of people. I’m really excited, at least on my day that I’m performing there’s Black Sabbath and it would be cool to chill with Ozzy backstage. The Shins and the Black Keys. Very, very cool groups. I plan on going to the two rest of the days and checking out Red Hot Chili Peppers, and there’s a lot of other people like JJ Grey, Alabama shakes, and there’s a whole bunch of people that I’d be really excited to see.”
On any pressure she feels by putting out similar music to someone as acclaimed as Adele: “It is inevitable sometimes, even though we’re very much different as we can be alike. But for me I think it’s a great thing because somebody like her, who’s been able to slip through and be an unbelievable success, I think that it just creates more an opening for someone like me from small-town Wheeling to rise up and be able to pull through with this sound that I’ve really always been inspired to create.”
Kid Color [Facebook, 7/30]
Check out this RedEye feature & interview with Chicago artist that’ll be taking the stage at Lollapalooza!
I’m honored to be included in this list alongside some of my own personal favorites – JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound, Zebo, Orchard Lounge (official), Empires, & Haley Reinhart!

CDL Exclusive: Interview With American Idol’s Haley Reinhart [Celebrity Dirty Laundry, 7/3]

Haley might just be one of the sweetest, most endearing and most eloquent celebrities we have ever spoken to. She is the powerful voice of a soulful generation. Haley is as gentle and as kind as a whisper in a hurricane. An artist with one of the most promising careers of any ex-American Idol contestant, Haley is the quintessential American sweetheart whose music must be preserved by the finest of soul music connoisseurs.

GRAMMY Campers Get Tips for Making It in the Music Biz [ blog, 7/30]

Lollapalooza: A Primer [Chicago Magazine, 7/30]


Before you dismiss this 21-year-old American Idol finalist as a pop princess, hear her sultry noir voice onListen Up!, her powerful debut. August 3 at 1:10 p.m.

July 31

Charity buzz auction closed for $2,550.

August 1

Lollapalooza returns with mix of new and veteran acts [Chicago Daily Herald, 8/1]

August 2

97.1  KTCZ-FMCities 97 Oake On The Water, Lord Fletcher’s, Spring Park, MN, Live Broadcast starting at 3PM Central.   Performance around 4PM.

Perform with guitarist John Notto.  Set “Hit the Ground Running”, “Wasted Tears”, “Free”, and “Keep Coming Back”


High quality videos from Cities 97:

Keep Coming Back (Site doesn’t allow direct linking, but someone made a youtube copy).

Youtube, Facebook fan videos:

“Hit The Ground Runnin'”   


Keep Coming Back” 

Facebook video from Eric Newman

“Wasted Tears” 

Other Wasted Tears videos: (audio issues)


Haley Reinhart Performs At Oake On The Water This Thursday! [Cities 97]

This Thursday, the very talented Haley Reinhart will perform a live on-site Studio C performance on the deck at Lord Fletchers on Lake Minnetonka. It seems only fitting that this finalist from the 10th season of American Idol should join us during the 10th season of Oake On The Water!

The anticipation on this one has been HUGE and I know that many of you will be coming out for your first Oake On The Water live broadcast to see her (I know you Haliens are out there!). I thought this would be a good time to answer some of the frequently asked questions we get about these live Thursday performances.

Chiara Kramer ‏@chiarakramer I played merch girl today! 2:45 PM – 2 Aug 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details
Pat ‏@PatAHaleyFan The beautiful and amazing @HaleyReinhart and the talented@JohnNotto 2:52 PM – 2 Aug 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details
Cities 97 ‏@cities97radio The lovely @haleyreinhart and the equally lovely #Haliens at#OakeOnTheWater – 2:17 PM – 2 Aug 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details
Embedded image permalink
Jasmine Cohen ‏@jasmine_cohen American idols Haley Reinhart 🙂  2:05 PM – 2 Aug 12 via Photos on iOS · Details
Brian Oake ‏@BrianOake Haley Reinhart has brought out fans by the thousands to#LordFletchers! Wow! #HalienInvasion #YouWillBeAssimilated 2:05 PM – 2 Aug 12 via Twitter for Android · Details
bev mcphee ‏@bevmcphee Having a great time at Oake on the Water listening to some great music by Haley Reinhart! 3:42 PM – 2 Aug 12 via Photos on iOS · Details
DH Haley ‏@haleyscoop Aww, she looks so pretty here. RT @LankMyklebust:@HaleyReinhart is a straight dime. #OakeOnTheWater  image by @LankMyklebust, 2h 3:09 PM – 2 Aug 12 via TweetDeck · Details
Lucas Groskruetz @KreutzHesTall Constant goosebumps. Honestly so amazing, especially keep coming back! So honored to be first to hear it live! ❤ you@haleyreinhart! 2:37 PM – 2 Aug 12 via txt · Details
And, while she’s got a crazy voice (her bluesy/R&B/country/pop sound is reminiscent is unique, and also slightly reminiscent of Joss Stone) even this isn’t the most exciting thing about her. What surprised me most during our interview was that this young starlet on the rise is deeply involved in all aspects of her music-making, and so intent on building her own name outside of American Idol. We got to chat last week about her new album Listen Up!, upcoming projects, and what it was like growing up in a family of musicians. It was so refreshing to hear a young artist speak with such passion, excitement, and intelligence about her craft. Suffice it to say, this girl’s going places, and she’s not waiting for anyone to take her there

PITNB: Who are some of your major old school influences? And I know you listen to a lot of soul, but are there any contemporary artists as well that you’re digging?
Haley Reinhart: Oh yeah, well as far as old school I love the StonesThe Beatles are probably my biggest influence. Definitely Joplin. In the R&B world, The Jackson FiveMichael JacksonAl GreenMarvin Gaye, I mean I‘ve really grown up with all this stuff. I think I know it more than I know some of the new stuff! But I am getting the lowdown because I’m touring and doing radio for top 40 so I’m much more aware now. And there are some new acts that are really great, like Gotye and Fun and Janelle Monae and The Black Keys. I love the new wave of rock n’ roll. It’s a cool time.

August 3

Lollapalooza!  BMI Stage, 1:10-1:50.  There’s a moderately good chance she’ll be featured on one of the YouTube Lolla streams.  Will update if and as we find more, but keep your eyes peeled.   No matter what, there should be video of her performance available soon after.

(Current information is that Haley’s family will be onstage with her, sister and mom doing backup, Dad probably on guitar)

Set list:   “Wasted Tears”, “Hit The Ground Runnin'”, Walking On Heaven”, “Oh My!’,  “Free”,  “Spiderweb”, “Keep Coming Back”,  “House of the Rising Sun”  Haley did the “Oh My!” rap herself.   Sister and Mom did backup vocals.   Dad joined in on guitar.   Some reports of B&TJ, turns out to be incorrectt.

 She’s the first American Idol finalist to have her own set at Lollapalooza, and the fans came out in support.


Wasted Tears (HaleyFansDotCom)

Hit The Ground Runnin’ (HaleyFansDotCom, LuanneC3515)

Walking On Heaven (HaleyFansDotCom, LuanneC3515)

Oh My! (LuanneC3515, SirTom11, HaleyFansDotCom, Kimock7, ElizabethThrown ) SirTom11 [Partial, good audio] video, Oh My! [ElizabethThrown, audio issues watch for video only]

Free (Kimock7, Haleyfansdotcom)

SpiderWeb (HaleyFansDotCom, LuanneC3515)

Keep Coming Back (LuanneC3515, HaleyFansDotCom)

House Of the Rising Sun (HaleyFansDotCom LuanneC3515, Kimock7, Himm2)

Some serious audio issues, but excellent otherwise.

Full Performance ( Himm2)

Audio patched from the HaleyFanDotCom version

Original with some serious audio distortion issues but still excellent

Chiara Kramer ‏@chiarakramer Smashed. It. @ Grant Park 1:43 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Instagram · Details via Stairway2Halien
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageMore photos via Stairway2Halien, high-res (around 2k x 2k, click on image to jump to the site, then click again to expand)

Hi-res images from Daily Herald article:…8039691/photos/IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

Via Stairway2Halien: More hi-res images from Yahoo! HQ (Getty, WireImage)IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image


BMI@bmi We found @HaleyReinhart backstage@lollapalooza. She’ll be hitting the #BMILollaStage  10:49 AM – 3 Aug 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Embed this Tweet
BMI ‏@bmi We never want @HaleyReinhart to leave the #BMILollaStage. The@lollapalooza crowd loves her!
WGN TV News ‏@WGNNews Crowd showing some love for Wheeling’s own American Idol – Haley Reinhart #lolla 11:16 AM – 3 Aug 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details
Marcus Leshock ‏@marcusleshock Crowd for Haley Reinhart. On in 5 minutes. @ BMI Lollapalooza Stage 11:04 AM – 3 Aug 12 via Instagram · Details
Marcus Leshock ‏@marcusleshock Haley Reinhart drawing the younger crowd. #Lolla 11:10 AM – 3 Aug 12 via Instagram · Details

Eric ‏@ThisOldRecord Tons of chicks at Hailey Reinhart#lolla #marrieddudetweet 11:14 AM – 3 Aug 12 via Mobile Web · Details

DH Haley ‏@haleyscoop We’ve got @HaleyReinhart with mom Patti and sister Angie rocking the backup vocals here @lollapalooza 11:19 AM – 3 Aug 12 via web · Details
Marcus Leshock ‏@marcusleshock Haley Reinhart on stage now. Big smile, says she’s “having a gay old time.” @ BMI Lollapalooza Stage
M.J.C. ‏@michaeljchr Haley Reinhart! #Lolla 11:33 AM – 3 Aug 12 via Instagram · Details
April Panichaya ‏@aprohike @HaleyReinhart amazing set at the BMI stage. #Lollapalooza #lolla 11:51 AM – 3 Aug 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details
Billboard @billboard American Idol’s Haley Reinhardt covering the Stones’ House of the Rising Sun for an impressive crowd at the #Lolla BMI stage@Jeff__Bejamin 11:53 AM – 3 Aug 12 via Echofon · Details
DH Haley (@haleyscoop) So @haleyreinhart just finished an epic @Lollapalooza set list. WT, HTGR, Free, WoH, oh my (with haley rapping!) KCB and HotRS. Stay tuned for full recap, pics and hopefully video links! · Reply
DH Haley ‏@haleyscoop Yes @haleyreinhart did Spiderweb too guys. Thanks my bad. Spiderweb in between oh my and KCB #Lollapalooza 12:05 PM – 3 Aug 12 via TweetCaster for iOS · Details
Brian Berman ‏@brianbnyla @HaleyReinhart @lollapalooza …another new band for me..lead singer really brought it 12:58 PM – 3 Aug 12 via TweetCaster for Android · Details
Elizabeth ‏@HaleyRSupport That was Haley when she was talking to me!!! A guy took it with my phone. :)) 12:58 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Twitter for Android · Details
Embedded image permalink
DH Haley ‏@haleyscoop Close up on Haley during “Hold On” earlier at #Lolla2012#Haleypalooza 1:09 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details

Embedded image permalink

@ChristinaMTV: Sat down with .@haleyreinhart at #lollapalooza @MTVNews Details

IPB Image

Nylon Magazine ‏@NylonMag We have such a #bandcrush on Haley Reinhardt… Oh and@matdevineslife #lolla 5:18 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Instagram · Details
Keith Phelps ‏@KEiTHPHELPS S/O to @DanFromRoland for showin love!!! #Lollarig  6:00 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Echofon · Details
Buy Listen Up! ‏@Addicted2Haley Thumbs up for an amazing job today, @HaleyReinhart 🙂 8:36 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Yfrog · Details
Collin ‏@CMooreMusic519 Haley, Angela, and Patti singing away at @lollapalooza today 🙂@HaleyReinhart 8:57 PM – 3 Aug 12 via web · Details
HaleyReinhartForever ‏@HaleyHalien I got the Haley button from lollapolooza<3  9:28 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details

Greg Allen ‏@greglw3 I saw Haley at Lalapalooza today, she was absolutely incredible, off the charts, performed Oh My & did the rap herself! 9:57 PM – 3 Aug 12 via web · Details
HaleyReinhartForever ‏@HaleyHalien – Ok so here’s a clip of walking on heaven- so sorry about the wait/quality 😦 10:07 PM – 3 Aug 12 via TwitVid on iOS · Details
Chiara Kramer ‏@chiarakramer Great job today @HaleyReinhart @KortHaussProd @KEiTHPHELPS@johnnotto @roi_lmusic! So proud. Such an honor to be part of your team. 🙂 11:43 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details

@chiarakramer @haleyreinhart @keithphelps @johnnotto@roi_lmusic We couldn’t do it without you Chiara. Thanks for all of your support. 11:47 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details

Lollapalooza bringing dance focus to Chicago [Chicago Herald Tribune, AP Newswire, 8/3]

The festival, which Ferrell started in 1991, is in Chicago for the eighth year, taking up more than 115 acres and eight stages. Those stages will be filled with acts such as Florence and the Machine, Jack White and Sigur Ros, as well as up-and-comers like former “American Idol” contestant Haley Reinhart.

“I’m really blessed to be part of something this huge early on,” Reinhart said. “Coming off of `American Idol’ it’s such a hip thing to be a part of. It will hopefully turn a lot of heads.”

Reinhart hopes Lollapalooza concert boosts her profile [Chicago Daily Herald, 8/3]

Reinhart’s danceable, soul-infused brand of pop isn’t the norm at Lollapalooza, but that’s what has her so excited about performing there.

“It will give me a chance to really make my name,” she said. “The fact that I’m the first ‘Idol’ to do this, and that I’ll be playing for people who might not be familiar with me — I feel like this is a great way to break out a bit, build my audience.”

Lollapalooza is one of the biggest music festivals in the country. Well over 100 bands — the headliners include the Black Keys, Jack White and a reunited Black Sabbath — will perform on eight stages throughout the weekend. It’s expected to draw 300,000 people to Grant Park during its three-day run.

Concert Preview: Lollapalooza 2012 – 140 Artists on 8 Stages over 3 Days in Chicago [Chicago Now, 8/3]

Haley Reinhart (Friday at 1:10PM on the BMI stage) – The first American Idol alum to play Lollapalooza…  That designation alone is likely to bring a roll of the eyes from hipsters and other festivalgoers… but give her a chance.  Somehow, “Oh My” popped up on my Pandora feed last week and I have to admit, the last thing I expected when I picked up my phone was to see the name of an American Idol contestant.  Surprisingly cool and extremely catchy, her May debut Listen Up! is drenched in piano based, classic pop influences and dictates you do just that.

Lollapalooza 2012: Day 1 brings the noise, heat [WGN]

Lollapalooza Day 1 [Chicago Redeye, photo gallery, 8/3]

Haley Reinhart ‘Lets Loose,’ Raps At Lollapalooza [MTV News, article + video, 8/3]

Chicago — Former “American Idol” contestant Haley Reinhart made history among “Idol” contestants on Friday (August 3), becoming the first to perform at Chicago’s famed Lollapalooza festival.

“It’s pretty rad, I can’t believe it. It’s so rewarding,” Reinhart told MTV News following her performance. “I’m feeling so honored to be a part of it.”

Reinhart sang a 40-minute set before a packed and excited crowd and made her performance a family affair, with her mom, Patti, and sister singing backup vocals and her father, Harry, joining her on guitar.


Reinhart’s soul-infused, jazz-pop style is different from most of the other bands at Lollapalooza, but drew in fans of all ages for her afternoon set.

Haley Reinhart at Lollapalooza 2012 | Photos and music review [TimeoutChicago]

Wheeling native Haley Reinhart became the first American Idol contestant to play Lolla Friday, opening the fest with a set heavy on sultry soul and light on bubble-gum Idol pop. Reinhart tried out some new material (“We haven’t played a lot of these songs together, but we are just having a gay old time up here!” she giggled). Reinhart turned her BMI stage performance into a family affair with mom and sis joining her on back-up vocals and dad playing guitar. She was at her strongest with her raspy, sexy cover of “House of the Rising Sun” (and weakest when she was, um, rapping??).

Haley Reinhart | Lollapalooza | August 3, 2012

Slacker Radio interview from Lollapalooza.   Showed up in 2013…. Includes  above previously released segment on Olympics. [1/16/2013]

Lollapalooza Day 1: Black Sabbath and Haley Reinhart Rock the Show[Ace Showbiz, 8/3]

American Idol” alum Haley made history by becoming the first singer from the competition to take the Lollapalooza stage.

The third-place finisher catered the crowd in front of BMI stage with her songs from debut album “Listen Up!“. She delivered “Free”, “Keep Coming Back”, “Oh My” and “Walking on Heaven”. A bonus track “Spiderweb” also made its live debut on the music festivity.

When singing “Oh My”, Haley did a double duty by rapping the lines originally rapped by B.o.B who was unfortunately not in the house. “It’s pretty rad, I can’t believe it. It’s so rewarding,” she told MTV News after her performance. “I’m feeling so honored to be a part of it.”

“I think I was more nervous every day leading up to this point and I got here and it kind of all went away. I let loose,” she continued. “I’ve had a little bit of experience with that and the big crowds and live performing like this is what I really love. It’s my passion. I let loose and had a ball with it.”

Not only did it mark her Lollapalooza debut but the gig was also a family affair. “I have an amazing band that I’ve barely played with behind me, but my mom and sister doing backup vocals, my dad on guitar, just such an incredible feeling,” she gushed.

Hard Rock Cafe Rock The Vote Nights 21+ event.  (   Performing Friday.

[Source: BMF Media @BMFmedia ATTN CHICAGO: @haleyreinhart will be at #RTVNIGHTS next week@rockthevote @hardrockchicago @calvinklein 2:20 PM – 28 Jul 12 via HootSuite · Details   Lineup to be revealed on Monday 7/30 at HRC Chicago’s facebook site.  VIP ticket contest here.]

Ticket: $225 for 3 nights

Photo: Beyond excited to reveal our Rock the Vote Nights lineup for Lollapalooza weekend!

Via Stairway2Halien
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
jayk mons†er ‏@monsterjayk Haley Reinhart again ☺ 9:12 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details
jayk mons†er ‏@monsterjayk  – A little bit of Haley performing tonight
Hard Rock Hotel ‏@HardRockChicago Packed house for @HaleyReinhart‘s performance. The woman can SING! #RockTheVoteNights  9:34 PM – 3 Aug 12 via web · Details
Madison Hanna ‏@MadisonQuinn12 Hayley Reinhardt looking fabulous. 9:23 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Instagram · Details
Amanda MacNaughton ‏@AmandaMalia Hailey Rienheart at Rock The Vote Nights @lollapalooza @ Hard Rock Hotel Chicago 9:14 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Instagram · Details
amy aiello ‏@amyphotochicago Haley Reinhart performing at the Hard Rock after party 11:55 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Facebook · Details
amy aiello ‏@amyphotochicago Haley Reinhart performing at an after party 11:54 PM – 3 Aug 12 via Facebook · Details

lanzev9 ‏@lanzev9 Had a blast hanging’ with @MissKellyO , @HaleyReinhart &amp;@RyanCabrera tonight..More LollaPartyin’ on the way.. 1:21 AM – 4 Aug 12 via web · Details
Rock the Vote ‏@RockTheVote It’s @haleyreinhart performing at our Rock The Vote Nights at Lolla! @ Hard Rock Hotel Chicago 3:51 PM – 4 Aug 12 via Instagram · Details

August 4

Lollashop Artist Signings [Haley at noon]


Concert Review: Day 1 of Lollapalooza 2012 – Friday, 8/3/12 in Chicago  [Chicago Now, 8/4]

Haley Reinhart– The first American Idol alum to perform at the festival had without doubt the best vocal prowess of the day.  “American Idol” are words that no doubt carry an eye rolling and negative connotation for many in attendance.  But performing with a four piece band (keyboards, drums, guitar and bass), Lollapalooza was actually a homecoming of sorts for the Wheeling native now located in Los Angeles.  And to borrow from Sly Stone, Friday’s set was also a bit of a family affair as Reinhart’s backing band also featured her father on guitar for a few songs and her mother and sister on backing vocals for the duration of the set.  “Spiderwebs” from her recently released debutListen Up! was one of the set’s more rocking moments while the Idol’s rock influences were on full display again during a soulful cover of “House of the Rising Sun” to close out the set.  Reinhart impressed in the live setting and with her variety of vocal influences should be one of the more interesting post-Idol careers to watch unfold.

Lollapalooza 2012: 15 Things Seen & Heard Friday [, 8/4]

It was a family affair for Haley Reinhart ‘s early show on the BMI stage. Not only were her sister and mother on back-up vocals, but towards the end of the set, her father joined in on guitar. The former “American Idol” contestant, who is from Chicago suburb Wheeling, played tunes from her debut album, including the first single “Free,” and as well as a track she revealed hope would be a single, “Oh My!” which features fellow Lollapalooza performer B.o.B. (who sadly did not appear).

ck one Rock The Vote – Night 1 [World Red Eye]

Friday @ Lollapalooza: Haley Reinhart (video) – Music: Via Chicago [Chicago Sun-Times Blogs, 8/4]

Hanging With Haley | happily obsessed [maurices blog, 8/4]

maurices presents Haley Reinhart at Lollapalooza [Maurices, youtube, 8/4]

Best and worst of Friday at Lollapalooza  [WGN Radio, 8/4]

Haley Reinhart Makes ‘American Idol’ History at Lollapalooza (Video) [THR, 8/4]

The Wheeling-Illinois native lit up the crowd on a small stage on Friday, entertaining the crowd with selections from her new CD, Listen Up! Reinhart’s backup band was a family affair — her father played guitar, and her mother and sister assisted backup vocals.

Reinhart said that playing in front of the hometown audience energized her perfomance. “I let loose,” she said. “I’ve had a little bit of experience with that and the big crowds, and live performing like this is what I really love. It’s my passion. I let loose and had a ball with it.”

Lollapalooza, Day 1: Who’s On Stage? [, 8/4]

Haley Reinhart bridges ”Idol” and indie; the Shins; Dhani Harrison’s newno2; Afghan Whigs; more pics!

MTV News ‏@MTVNews American Idol alum @haleyreinhart chilled with us at @lollapalooza! 2:39 PM – 4 Aug 12 via Instagram · Details

Earlier in the afternoon, there was a notable moment of a different sort, when Haley Reinhart became the first American Idol alumna to ever play Lollapalooza. The girl-next-door charm that won the hearts of America was on full display when she turned her stage into a family affair: Her mother and sister joined on back-up vocals, and her father helped out on guitar. The way Reinhart moves on stage still suggest she’s a girl whose recording and performance career was groomed on national television, but her spunky high-energy soul suggest she won’t have too a hard time leaving Idol behind as her defining descriptor.

Lollapalooza 2012: If these could join any Lollapalooza 2012 band on stage who would they choose? [iHeartRadio, photo gallery, 8/4]

IPB Image

Hayley Reinhart would choose one of the Blacks…Keys or Sabbath.

Nicky Digital {Smile} V3.0 beta | CK One presents Rock The Vote Nights at Hard Rock Hotel Chicago on August 3, 2012 [Nicky Digital Blog, via Stairway2halien, 8/4]IPB ImageIPB Image

HALEY REINHART: My high school experience [The Mash Blog, 8/4]


As usual, information captured by a cast of many including stairway2halien, init2winit, pj_haleyrfan, addicted2haley, migueldomcom, etc., collected, and posted here.



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