White Sox, 8/5-8/11 (ROLLUP)

Posted on August 4, 2012

MLB this week

Aug 5, 1:10 PM, Musical Appearance, LA Angels at Chicago White Sox, Anthem and 7th Inning stretch, CSN (Comcast Sports Network) TV, TBS (National TV), WSCR 690 AM Listen Live, 97.5 ESPN Eportes (Spanish).

Aug 5

Information, from a Reinhart family friend, is that she’ll will sing either the Star Spangled Banner or during the 7th inning stretch at the Angels at Whte Sox game at 1:10PM.  Unclear what she would sing during the 7th inning stretch on Saturday, “God Bless America” is an option since it’s a Sunday game.

New, she’ll do both: Luis Gomez ‏@aboutluisgomez “American Idol” alum Haley Reinhart will sing the national anthem and “God Bless America” at Sunday’s White Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field. 1:35 PM – 3 Aug 12 via web · Details

Airs on CSN (Comcast Sports Network) TV, WSCR 690 AM Listen Live, 97.5 ESPN Eportes (Spanish).

The game is Throwback Sunday White Sox to wear 1972 throwback uniforms in 2012.   Fittin’ for Haley!


The Star Spangled Banner (Himm2, LuannC3515 ) [very close to her Tiger’s performance]

God Bless America  (Himm2, LuannC3515 makes a ajor mistake, but she recovers)

Via Stairway2Halien

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Chicago White Sox ‏@whitesox Singer/Songwriter @HaleyReinhart will be at U.S. Cellular Field 2 sing the National Anthem & “God Bless America” 2day! @AmericanIdol 9:34 AM – 5 Aug 12 via web · Details

Chicago White Sox ‏@whitesox .@HaleyReinhart‘s almost ready to sing the National Anthem at U.S. Cellular Field! http://twitpic.com/afvz63 10:57 AM – 5 Aug 12 via Twitter for Android · Details

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Jordan Kalkofen ‏@jordankalk Interviewed @HaleyReinhart be4 she sang the Anthem at the #WhiteSox game. She sounded great singing & I probably sounded great interviewing. 11:17 AM – 5 Aug 12 via Twitter for Mac · Details
Jordan Kalkofen ‏@jordankalk #HaleyReinhart singing the National Anthem before the #WhiteSox game #AmericanIdol http://instagr.am/p/N9M9k-ObFz/ 11:25 AM – 5 Aug 12 via Instagram · Details
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 2mVanessa KishimotoVanessa Kishimoto ‏@ItsVeeKay Omgggg, Haley Reinhart just sang the national anthem. 🙂 
2mAron SalzbergAron Salzberg ‏@asalzberg3 Haley Reinhart nailed the anthem.
2mBrooke BurczykBrooke Burczyk ‏@brookeburczyk American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart singing the National Anthem at the Sox game? I’ll take it! 🎤 #LetsGoGoGoWhiteSox 
2mJamie HJamie H ‏@jHersk0 Probably the best national anthem I’ve ever heard by Haley reinhart
4mChris BodenChris Boden ‏@CSNBoden Haley Reinhart a “God Bless America” oopsies. She knew rt away. Crowd groaned then cheered as she finished strong. Izzy in for LA#WhiteSox

tracyswartztracyswartz ‏@tracyswartz haley reinhart flubs “god bless america.” crowd starts singing to help her. #sox #Americaidol

Halien ☀Halien ☀@Reinhart4ever And I swore I’d never post another Haley pic but…. thank me later.pic.twitter.com/pDMbm3Ie 1:46 PM – 5 Aug 12 via web · Embed this Tweet

AP Photo Caption “Singer-songwriter rapper Haley Reinhart…”


Found new song listing: “Let Yourself Be Beautiful”  by Haley Reinhart, Brian Kennedy, and Bobby Hamrick SESAC 747745
Joel Morales ‏@joelmorales2 @HaleyReinhart – Thanks for coming to the #LollaShop #Chicago yesterday!!http://pic.twitter.com/Z3nlhCfy [Via Stairway2halien]
IPB ImageHaley Reinhart at the LollaShop Thompson Hotels Lounge with Magnolia Bakery’s Lollapalooza cupcake!! Thanks for coming by Haley!!  Fb [Via Stairway2halien]
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August 6

‘Free’ and Easy: Haley Reinhart’s Style [Yahoo Shine, Photo Essay, 8/6]
Fans of the show certainly remember former contestant Haley Reinhart. She wowed American Idol audiences with her raspy yet powerful voice, but she wowed us with her diva-in-training wardrobe and gorgeous head of hair. While she didn’t win her season, she shows no signs of slowing down–she released her first album “Listen Up!” in May and will be at this years Lollapalooza festival.

On the red carpet for the Teen Choice Awards this July

This girl’s hair–I can’t even. It looks good curly, it looks good straightened. She’d probably even look good with the Rachel (well, maybe not). Plus, her “Listen Up” necklace is pulling double duty here, giving her outfit just the right amount of shiny while sending subliminal messages about her album.
At the American Idol Season 11 Grand Finale this year
Cheetah girl or American Idol finalist? When you break this outfit down to its individual components it shouldn’t work, but she’s young and vibrant enough to carry the look. Besides, I’m a sucker for a hot pink pump.
Performing on Season 11 of American Idol last March
The flowing fabric and slit give this already vibrant dress the perfect amount of drama for the stage without becoming too Lady Gaga-weird. Her hair is, yet again, outstanding (she’s rocking the ombre look that’s been popular lately). She may not have come out on top, but she’s certainly a winner here.
Eva Longoria stumps for the president [Miami Herald, 8/6]

Hot off its pop-up pool party in NYC last week, Miami represented at Lollapalooza in Chicago over the weekend, where some A-list celebs were seen taking advantage of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor’s Bureau’s “It’s So Miami Oasis” at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago….

Also seen tapping into the free booze and swag: singers Ryan Cabrera and B.o.B., Friday Night Lightsactor Zach Gifford, Cougar Town actor Josh Hopkins, and American Idol runner up Haley Reinhart, seen kissing her dad goodbye after he helped her pack up the family van, a beat-up old conversion. “They kissed goodbye as he told her he loved her and she asked if it was OK if she stayed behind to hang out with friends,” says our source. “He told her OK but to take care of them to which she responded, ‘Of course; I’m going to get them right now to make sure they know where they’re going.’ ”
Chad Richardson ‏@chadofalltrades thanks to the crew at @WaltonIsaacson from @HaleyReinhart and@olemajorlyindie You guys were awesome! !http://pic.twitter.com/epzMtedR 4:25 PM – 6 Aug 12 via web · Details
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Laura Swetin @Loswetin Haley Reinhardt from American idol stopped by the office to sing us a few tunes. Undeniably fantastic. Now thttp://instagr.am/p/OA1E7eidbL/ 9:12 PM – 6 Aug 12 via Instagram · Details [Ogilvy]
Photos: It’s So Miami Oasis at the Hard Rock Hotel (via Stairway2Halien) [Saturday]
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Lollapalooza 2012: Bands & Performances[Chicago Magazine, 4 photos, 8/6]

August 7

DH Haley ‏@haleyscoop Rather enjoying this shot of @HaleyReinhart signing her Tartan ball for the Ryder Cup fundaiser http://bit.ly/MsVVem image by @Alyoup005, 12m 9:50 PM – 7 Aug 12 via TweetDeck · Details
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Blogett Bird ‏@dromMomma @alyoup005 @haleyreinhart @haleyscoop Patti told me about this today. She opened door to find this.
Mariah Carey A ‘Great Choice’ For ‘American Idol,’ Haley Reinhart Says[MTV, 8/7]

“I think it’s a great choice, and I don’t think they could have done much better than that,” Reinhart told MTV News after her performance at Chicago’s Lollapalooza. “She’s a huge diva with a huge, beautiful, amazing voice. I don’t think that there’s anybody who could give better critiques to people who are trying to be aspiring singers, so I think they did really good.”

Reinhart, who finished in third place during season 10, said she would want to return to the show that started it all for her — but as a mentor, not a judge.

“Honestly, there’s nothing that I really love more, aside from performing, but to be a guiding force and to help people and to mentor and to judge in the nicest way possible and just be real,” she said. “So I would love to [be a mentor] at some point. I mean, definitely working on my career right now, but maybe one day.”

August 8

Leaks: There are unauthorized copies of 8 unreleased Haley songs floating around, including the full version of “Soul on Fire”, “Follow My Heart”.   The other five are: “Get Yourself Together”, “Let Yourself Be Beautiful”, “So Smooth”,  “Thanks For The Songs”, “Heart and Soul” and the short “Sweet Something”.   Please do not support the distribution of these.

Idol Innovation: An Interview With Casey Abrams[Idol Innovations, brief mention of Haley, 8/9]

It’s great that you brought Haley Reinhart in to sing with you on “Hit the Road Jack”. You both have so much vocal chemistry and, on American Idol, were pushing your boundaries constantly. Neither of you won, but at least you were out there taking risks.

You know what? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Music is exploration. Everything should be exploration. I’ve tried it, and it’s fun to see what comes from taking chances – what better place to try that out than on American Idol? The audience will go along for the ride. I really don’t care if people like everything I do, or everything I did on the show. I’m just experimenting, and I want to be able to have fun making music. Wait … to a certain extent I do care. I hope at least some people liked it.

August 9

Backstage with American Idol’s Haley Reinhart [Joonbug,mentions tour events are “close”, 8/9]

Q.  Obviously, American Idol has been a great thing for you, it’s gotten you here… But is it kind of difficult at times too?  Do you think people kind of have preconceived notions where they hear the words “American Idol” and they just have a certain expectation, whether it’s bad or good?

HR:  Sure!  I’m not gonna doubt that at all.  Everybody’s different and it’s hard to break a lot of the wall down, break those barriers.  And this just proves that I did it.  And Lollapalooza is such a huge deal so I’m happy to be a guiding force in that sense.

Via Stairway2Halien:
Oake on the Water videos appearing here:
http://www.cities97.com/pages/studioc/Wasted Tears
http://www.cities97.com/player/?mid=22333442Keep Coming Back
http://www.cities97.com/player/?mid=22317483Audio (interview and performance clips)
Only clips of WT and Free. This is the broadcast, but they edited out parts of the songs.Also on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/live-fr…o-c/id175472339
(Says: 30 second performance clips.)
Ole modified the status of “Sweet Something” to “Commercially Released”.   Could be mistake, but watch out for it.

August 10

Haley Reinhart 16 minutes ago Artist Wristbands! So Excited!  [Facebook, Team Haley, 8/20]
Miguel ‏@HaleyFansDotCom BMI Stage, Lollapalooza 2012 – Haley at 49-second mark:http://youtu.be/SWb4Ln7cX1g via @youtube 5:25 PM – 10 Aug 12 via Tweet Button · Details

August 11

Via Stairway2Halien: 2012-08-04 – ck one Color Music Lounge – Day Two SourceIPB Image


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