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Posted on August 25, 2012

This week:

Aug 27 VH1 Single Ladies, used “Hit the Ground Runnin'”

Aug 29, 7PM, Z100 iHeart Radio Theater w/Season 11 finalists (Philip Philips, Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, Colton Dixon), New York, NY Info Tickets via Radio contest only.

Aug 30 9AM Mix 94.9, St. Cloud, MNGet Up & Go Show 9:30AM (Central);  To be recorded Aug 28

August 26


August 27

VH1 Music ‏@VH1Music You just heard @haleyreinhart and @emilesande on tonight’s#SingleLadies. Listen and download here: 6:35 PM – 27 Aug 12 · Details

Via Stairway2Halien:  Haley was at the MJ tribute at W Hollywood. Stefano performed.

officialjr2112 #HaleyReinhart of #AmericanIdol rockin’ #rShades by JRRBrand.
fm_3 Ran into @HaleyReinhart on Sunday Funday #talented
Also, previous day, Haley and Stefano were involved in a surprise party for Paul McDonald
daniellewithers The girl opening for Macy was on American Idol, I think… She has a georgous voice… #HaileyReinhart  [Instagram, 8/25]

Via Stairway2Halien:A Look Back At Lolla 2012 [CBS Chicago, passing chat with Haley from about 12:10 to 12:30, 8/27]

Cities 97 Podcast [From 8/2 performance, 8/27]

Haley Reinhart on ‘What’s Trending’ [USA Today Idol Chatter Blog, reference to event of 8/22, 8/27]

Haley Reinhart (@HaleyReinhart) At The Americana At Brand [CelebSecrets4U, 95 photos, 8/27]

PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan @Haleyreinhart your song “hit the ground runnin” was used on Vh1 single ladies 😀 #proudhalien

August 28

Mix949 ‏@mix949 @haleyreinhart joins the Get Up & Go Show Thursday morning @ 9:30AM. We are recording interview on Tues. What do u want us 2 ask her? [Tuesday, Aug 28; 8/27]

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Back in the NYC. Bout to take a trip back to yesteryear an get ma groove on w the idol tour band for I Heart Radio🎉🎉 11:33 AM – 28 Aug 12 · Details
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Reinhart Is Free [, click on video to play ,most are repeats, 8/28]
Overstated! Haley didn’t know the song and was doing it on the fly.  Will show on TMZ 8/29.
Alex Quinn ‏@AlexQuinnLA @TMZ – @HaleyReinhart came as a guest & was asked to sing. She gave a gutsy impromptu performance & received a standing ovation#thetruth 12:19 PM – 29 Aug 12 · Details [Alex is the organizer behind the event]
Stefano Langone ‏@Stefano @nickkndhaley588 man… I’m not sayin nothin but she was kinda forced up there

August 29

7PM, Z100 iHeart Radio Theater w/Season 11 finalists (Philip Philips, Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, Colton Dixon), New York, NY Info Tickets via Radio contest only.

An unexpected grouping, but interestingly, the listed AI11 folks are those who walked away with contracts from 19E.   Update: Haley sang “Undone” and “Oh My!” with the new bridge.   Video of the entire session at iHeartRadio.

Haley at iHeartRadio (MJsBigBlog,  ,)

“Undone” (MJsBigBlog)


“Oh My!” (MJsBigBlog)


Both  (,)

[youtube] (above also posted by brittanyL123 as

Tune in Wednesday, August 29 at 7pm ET to watch the American Idol Live! Tour at iHeartRadio featuring performances by Phillip, Jessica, Joshua and Colton, with a special appearance by 19/Interscope artist Haley Reinhart!
Joshua Ledet ‏@joshledet Me and my darling @haleyreinhart (: 4:54 PM – 29 Aug 12 · Details

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Brielle Von Hugel ‏@BVonHugelAI11 Me and the lovely @HaleyReinhart!! Much love, girl! Xo 5:13 PM – 29 Aug 12 · Details
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Photos from the Z100 event. [alwaysahalien tumblr, 8/29]

News & Info

ole (oh-lay) ‏@olemajorlyindie Just got word that as of tomorrow @HaleyReinhart fans will hear OH MY! with their @ESPN College Football fix. @robkleiner @bobatl #haliens 3:21 PM – 29 Aug 12 · Details
Via Using two of Haley’s songs (ESPN).  Second song is “Hit the Ground Runnin'”.
ESPN College Football music is courtesy of Red Light Management and, per trailer (9/1).

August 30

Photos from the Z100 event [zimbio, chance this link may fail in the future, 8/30]

Haley Reinhart Answers Your Tweets [AUDIO] [Mix949, St. Paul, MN, Q&A only, 8/30]

Almost Full Interview: Singer / Songwriter Haley Reinhart [Mix949, St. Paul, MN, 8/30]

Full Interview (via Stairway2halien): [youtube]

Chiara Kramer ‏@chiarakramer GAH! I just heard Haley’s song “Oh My!” on ESPN During College Football. Those of you who know me know HOW EXCITING THIS!#proudmanager 7:48 PM – 30 Aug 12 · Details [First of many showings on ESPN College football this year].
Jenni Radosevich ‏@ISpyDIY Shooting today with @haleyreinhart and @parkeretc in BK for@nordstrom_rack 9:11 AM – 30 Aug 12 · Details [Previously, Haley was listed as one of several summer feature artists but this looks to be something different, either an interview or ad shoot as they did video.]
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Jenni Radosevich ‏@ISpyDIY Talking fashion with @haleyreinhart for @nordstrom_rack today! 12:29 PM – 30 Aug 12 · Details
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2mKelly NashKelly Nash ‏@kellynashville Us and @HaleyReinhart! Thanks so much girl for all your hard work! 
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2mKelly NashKelly Nash ‏@kellynashville After meeting @HaleyReinhart, found out she’s a Sox fan. Told her I was going to throw her Sox flip flops in the sewer haha much love ❤
David Moffly ‏@Moffly Haley Reinhardt talking fall fashion with @baeblemusic in Brooklyn.  9:37 AM – 30 Aug 12 · Details
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David Moffly ‏@Moffly More Fall Fashion with Haley Reinhardt in McCarrren Park Brooklyn  9:43 AM – 30 Aug 12 · Details
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David Moffly
 More out with Haley for @baeblemusic @ bedford avenue  10:48 AM – 30 Aug 12 from New York, NY · Details
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ole (oh-lay) ‏@olemajorlyindie Hey #Haliens! More great news! @HaleyReinhart‘s “Hit the Ground Runnin'” will be featured in the Promos for @ABC‘s new show@Nashville_ABC! 1:20 PM – 30 Aug 12 · Details

August 31

THAT’S A WRAP: HALEY REINHART [Baeble Music, 25+ photos, 8/31]

Haley Reinhart is a budding singer-songwriter from the Midwest fresh off the release of her debut album Listen Up!. If you recognize her name or her voice, it’s most likely because you saw season ten of American Idol, in which she finished in third place. Turns out the girl can do more than sing — yesterday we spent the day roaming around Brooklyn talking to her about fashion for the upcoming fall season. I mean seriously, check out her pants in the pics below — the girl knows what she’s talking about. You can watch the whole interview soon, but to hold you over we’ve got a photo journal of our day in Brooklyn with the ever-fashionable Haley Reinhart.

Haley Reinhart The Americana at Grand Performance [Youtube, Oh My!, 8/31]


Radio Hits One: Nine Songs From 2012 That Should Have Been Huge [Village Voice blog, 8/31]

September 1

Haley Reinhart Performs at The Americana at Brand 8/29/12 [CelebSecret4u, Wasted Tears, Youtube, 9/1]

Alex Quinn@AlexQuinnLA With @HaleyReinhart & @Stefano and my beautiful wife to-be Ivanna at USC game 4:05 PM – 1 Sep 12 · Details 
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As usual, information captured by a cast of many including stairway2halien, init2winit, pj_haleyrfan, addicted2haley, migueldomcom, etc., collected, and posted here.
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