Haley’s Living Room,10/14-10/27 (2 week ROLLUP)

Posted on October 13, 2012

Haley’s public schedule is light for October, so we’ll roll up the next two weeks into this post.  The next major event schedule is Haley’s StageIt concert.  The ticket price is fairly nominal.    Even if you can’t attend, if you can afford it, consider buying some “notes” and sending them Haley’s way as “tips”.

Oct 16, 6-6:3pmPDT, Stageit Online Concert: “Haley Reinhart: Live From My Living Room“, Tickets: $5, tips allowed.  [New medium that 19e artists have been exploring].

Oct 19, Dream Foundation Fundraiser, Montecito, Santa Barbara Private party.

Oct 20, Opening of Villa San-Juliette, San Miguel, California Info Info Info Private party.

Oct 23, Recorded Real Music Live concert.  Info 

Next upcoming events in November have her opening for The Hotel Cafe, LA (CA); Allen Stone in Montreal, Portland (ME), and Cambridge (MA).

October 14

Haley Reinhart covers “Can’t Find My Way Home” by Blind Faith   

Haley Reinhart covers Blind Faith plus Keep Coming Back at Room5 10/12/12   

October 15

Haley Reinhart sings Oh Darlin’ at Room 5, Los Angeles 10/12/12  

Haley Reinhart at Room 5 – 10/12/12 [Short clip, no singing, 10/15]

October 16

6-6:3pmPDT, Stageit Online Concert: “Haley Reinhart: Live From My Living Room“, Tickets: $5, tips allowed.  [New medium that 19e artists have been exploring].

Watch Haley from your  living room, office, bedroom or where ever you can get bandwidth!

Tip Haley if you want, there are prizes for the top 3 tippers:

1st place: “Housewarming gift” from Haley
2nd place: signed handwritten lyrics of the fan’s favorite song
3rd place: personally signed official “Listen Up” promo poster

StageIt was mixed.   There were many technical glitches, but when it worked well, it was engaging.  Setlist: Wasted Tears, Hit The Ground Running, Keep Coming Back, Oh My!. Wonderland, Santeria, Let’s Run Away, At Last, Bennie & the Jets, Can’t Find My Way Home, Oh Darling.
Sound only available at haleyFans.com.   StageIt show posted by  , part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here.   Also posted by   Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.
“Oh Darling!”    [Most people missed the ending because the stream cut off]
“At Last!” 
Nice little tidbit:

haleyobsession That was my sunflower plate she showed I can’t stop sobbing I didn’t think she ever got it
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Hey guys! I’m backstage in my kitchen! Show starts in 5! I’ll see you in the main stage aka my couch!!! pic.twitter.com/Z6Jx69f0 5:55 PM – 16 Oct 12 · Details
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Other News & Info

Five Miles Up with … Haley Reinhart–Y! Travel shares an armrest for a chat about and magnets, breakfast sushi, and all that jazz. [Yahoo!Travel, 10/16]

Where’s your favorite place to perform?
As far as cities go, I really enjoy Nashville. As for venues, I enjoy playing smaller, intimate theaters like the House of Blues.

What’s the silliest souvenir you ever came back with?
I’m a magnet collector. I go a little crazy. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on some stuff, but then ended up buying a million magnets from Vegas.

October 17

“Hit The Ground Runnin'” in a ABC’s Nashville promo:

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Wow.. That may have been the biggest twitter party I’ve ever had. It’s been real. Night #Haliens #onelove <33 11:36 PM – 17 Oct 12 · Details

October 18

Haley Reinhart: Listen Up Vocal Range  

This is American Idol contestant Haley Reinharts debut album. I personally think she has a stunning voice with a great natural rasp. Her album doesnt displayed what she is capable of vocally and I’m hoping she improves her technique, but either way I am in love with her voice.

ole (oh-lay) ‏@olemajorlyindie #Haliens! Tune into @GreysABC Tonight to catch a new promo featuring @HaleyReinhart‘s “Oh My!” #Halien4Life 3:46 PM – 18 Oct 12 · Details
Rachel! ☮ ‏@RClovesHaley So like 10 years later I FINALLY uploaded my video of Haley performing Keep coming back last Friday! MY FAV!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNdKRCtzUyQ … 4:30 PM – 18 Oct 12 · Details
Rachel! ☮ ‏@RClovesHaley Finally YouTube isn’t being dumb anymore. HERE’S A VIDEO I TOOK OF HALEY CHATTING WITH FANS GUYS 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMOhP8WHEns … 5:24 PM – 18 Oct 12 · Details

October 19

stairway2halien ‏@stairway2halien Haley Reinhart – Oh! Darling & Outro (StageIt 2012-10-16)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCQHjVrFTvg … [Most people missed the ending because the stream cut off, worth watching!!!]
Via Stairway2Halien:
Last night’s fundraiser gig. #InstaFrame

IPB Image
Fundraiser was rumored to have been held in Santa Barbara; Haley may have stayed at the Bacara Resort that evening, but likely was not held there (most of trees at The Bacara are palms).   Most likely a Dream Foundation event.

October 20

Opening of Villa San-Juliette, San Miguel, California Info Info Info Private party.
Nigel Lythgoe ‏@dizzyfeet @HaleyReinhart and @KrisAllen are coming to open our Vineyard @VillaSanJuliette on the 20th October. We are so happy and thrilled. 2:30 PM – 6 Oct 12 · Details
(They keep changing around their facebook and twitter names, currently VSJWinery, but also has used VSJWines, etc)
This is Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick’s winery.  Nice article here.  Article on the wine.
Oh My
Can’t Find My Way Home
Wasted Tears
House of the Rising Sun
Nigel Lythgoe ‏@dizzyfeet Big day for Ken and me today. We are finally officially opening@vsjwinery. Lots of dear friends attending. @krisallen and@haleyreinhart 8:40 AM – 20 Oct 12 · Details
Chloe Pappas ‏@thechloepappas The drive up to Paso Robles…. http://instagr.am/p/RBNMVjE3sj/  2:15 PM – 20 Oct 12 · Details
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Chiara Kramer ‏@chiarakramer Holy California. pic.twitter.com/DJMAtjOM 11:39 AM – 20 Oct 12 · Details [The Cliff Walk, Bacara Resort, Santa Barbara]
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Kris Allen ‏@KrisAllen It’s the Catalina Wine Mixer http://instagr.am/p/RBYCKASy5j/  3:50 PM – 20 Oct 12 · Details
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Chloe Pappas ‏@thechloepappas Villa San Juliette vineyard grand opening. Cheers!http://instagr.am/p/RBsfwWE3tg/  6:48 PM – 20 Oct 12 · Details
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John Notto ‏@JohnNotto Show in wine country tonight. http://instagr.am/p/RBwGbXOpqq/  7:20 PM – 20 Oct 12 · Details
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Tim Brewer ‏@TimVickiBrewer Hayley Rineheart (3rd US Idol) performing new tunes for as at the most am @ San-Juliette Vineyard And Wineryhttp://instagr.am/p/RB28OsiOHA/  8:22 PM – 20 Oct 12 from Paso Robles, CA · Details
Just a girl & music ‏@OutlandoGirl Just her and a guy on guitar. Song called “Oh My” that she hopes will be a potential single on her new album. 8:20 PM – 20 Oct 12 · Details
2mJust a girl & musicJust a girl & music ‏@OutlandoGirl Wasted Tears. The sound is good. Crowd likes her. #fortheHaleyfans
5mJust a girl & musicJust a girl & music ‏@OutlandoGirl It’s cold and she keeps talking abt shivering.
6mJust a girl & musicJust a girl & music ‏@OutlandoGirl Cover. Guitarist is John. Blind Faith Can’t Find My Way Home. Her dad used to play this. He was a musician.
9mJust a girl & musicJust a girl & music ‏@OutlandoGirl Such a nice, smokey voice.

Just a girl & music ‏@OutlandoGirl One of her favs and a request from Ken: House of the Rising Sun. Crowd appreciates. Some whoops from this staid groups.
Just a girl & music ‏@OutlandoGirl Nigel singing Haley’s praises.

Other News & Info

Real Music Live ‏@RMLusa #MusicLovers We are so proud to announce #HaleyReinhart will appear on #RealMusicLivehttp://fb.me/2gH1M0jBF  8:22 PM – 20 Oct 12 · Details [New Show, 2 specials over this winter, airs after Saturday Night Live; pilot filmed  in The Grove (LA)]
Update:  Looks like the show will be filmed Tuesday/Wednesday (looks like at The Grove at Anaheim at the City National Grove of Anaheim) for airing in Dec/Jan.

October 21

Shanda Renee ‏@ShandaRenee99 @HaleyReinhart met ya last night at Nigel’s wine open 🙂 pleasure ! Be blessed always!! Shanda Renee ❤ pic.twitter.com/yLh72Xpz 10:50 AM – 21 Oct 12 · Details
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October 22

Dream Foundation ‏@dreamfound @HaleyReinhart – you knocked everyone out with your incredible voice at the @dreamfound event! We keep hearing about it. LOVE the new songs!  Retweeted by PJ 10:50 AM – 22 Oct 12 · Details [This is a charity that CKX and Nigel Lythgoe is associated with].
Miguel ‏@HaleyFansDotCom Haley Reinhart – “Hit the Ground Running” – Live in The Akoo Studio:http://youtu.be/J3Y3sOs9lI8  2:01 PM – 22 Oct 12 · Details [From the Akoo Studio visit in May, “Free” previously released]
Also Wasted Tears:

October 23

Nigel LythgoeNigel Lythgoe ‏@dizzyfeet @HayleyReinhart Thank you so much for your fabulous appearance@VSJWinery. You stole the evening. We love you. x 8:23 AM – 23 Oct 12 · Details

KEY News shared John Palminteri‘s photoabout an hour ago John Palminteri here everyone… Check out his photo of American Idol star Haley Reinhart – Performing in Montecito for a Dream Foundation fundraiser. Incredible voice and a glowing personality. (photo by John Palminteri)

American Idol star Haley Reinhart – Performing in Montecito for a Dream Foundation fundraiser. Incredible voice and a glowing personality. (photo by John Palminteri) [This was her Oct 19 performance]
Photo: American Idol star Haley Reinhart - Performing in Montecito for a Dream Foundation fundraiser. Incredible voice and a glowing personality. (photo by John Palminteri)

Lockwoodtv ‏@Lockwoodtv Directing “Real Music Live” day 1 Haley Reinhart, Luke James and Chris Rene. 11:17 AM – 23 Oct 12 · Details
Real Music Live ‏@RMLusa #HaleyReinhart arriving at #RealMusicLive stay tuned for more photos! http://fb.me/16BmBBXIt  11:04 AM – 23 Oct 12 · Details 
LAZARUS ‏@LAZTHEACTOR @HaleyReinhart just did an AMAZING Sound Check! It’s going down Liiiiiiive! 12:18 PM – 23 Oct 12 from Anaheim, CA · Details
Ken Okajima ‏@kenokajima Impressed with #HaleyReinhart vocal versatility and chops at#RealMusicLive taping. 2:31 PM – 23 Oct 12 · Details
Real Music Live ‏@RMLusa #Prolifik VIP room interview with #HaleyReinhart at #RealMusicLivehttp://fb.me/xyKFtzAn  1:10 PM – 23 Oct 12 · Details
John Notto ‏@JohnNotto About to shoot a quick performance with Haley Reinhart for Real Music Live which will air on TV soon! @Roi_Lmusic @KortHaussProd 1:15 PM – 23 Oct 12 · Details
Alicia Warrington ‏@MzWarrington The @HaleyReinhart band sounds amazing right now @RMLusa#RealMusicLive! Excited to be on the show today w @mrChrisRene 3:20 PM – 23 Oct 12 · Details
Real Music Live ‏@RMLusa Haley Reinhart on stage Real Music Live http://fb.me/1IYC1P7Bq   Facebook  3:53 PM – 23 Oct 12 · Details

AliciaMoniqueBlanco ‏@ALICiamBLANCO Just met and interviewed the beautiful @HaleyReinhart love her! Such a genuine and vibrant spirit. #americanidol #fan pic.twitter.com/9RR5Y6AN 3:44 PM – 23 Oct 12 · Details
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PROLIFIK ON-AIR ‏@Prolifik203 @HaleyReinhart and I on set at @RMLusa …she has the sexiest singing/talking voice ever… #sprung pic.twitter.com/GiImy0Pr 7:17 PM – 23 Oct 12 from Anaheim, CA · Details
Kristin Adams ‏@kristinadamstv Set your DVR’s! Dec. 22nd on @NBC. New music show#RealMusicLive bringing back REAL music 🎼👏. Follow @RMLusa. Thx! pic.twitter.com/QCUzdEOF 5:34 PM – 22 Oct 12 · Details

Late Arriving Lollapalooza videos [higher resolution of ones already posted by Tusk]

“Oh My!”
Rich Ferguson ‏@richferguson @HaleyReinhart GREAT to see you guys at Nigel’s party. Your voice is magical! It was fun doing tricks for you all! pic.twitter.com/vcQob0c6  6:07 PM – 23 Oct 12 · Details

October 24

More reports of “Oh My!” playing in promos on ABC (for Grey’s Anatomy).  Video.

October 25

PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan yooitsrichiiee #TBT when I meet #HaleyReinhart #AmericanIdol#Season10 #beautiful #favorite #contestant instagrampic.twitter.com/qzlCDNaE 5:19 PM – 25 Oct 12 · Details  [http://www.hollywoodtoysandcostumes.com/turns out to be crop of a photo from last year http://twitpic.com/74xo1b ; Hint: TBT = Throwback Thursday]

October 26

Akoo ‏@Akoo Brand new Live in the Akoo studio featuring the lovely@HaleyReinharthttp://bit.ly/SdECod  3:45 PM – 26 Oct 12 · Details [Hit The Ground Runnin’ – has been up for a few days, but Akoo just now publicizing it]

October 27

Haley Reinhart -“Walking On Heaven” HD -Chicago Illinois Lollapalooza [Tusk, higher resolution version of previous]


As usual, information captured by a cast of many including stairway2halien, init2winit, pj_haleyrfan, addicted2haley, migueldomcom, etc., collected, and posted here.
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