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Posted on November 25, 2012

Dec 6,7,8 Residency at The Cosmopolitan, The Chandelier 8-8:45pm, 9:05-9:30pm, 9:45-10:30pm, Las Vegas,   Link Complimentary Concert

Next 2 weeks:

Dec 18, StageIt Holiday show.  Link  Suggested price 50 notes ($5.00)

Dec 22, Real Music Live, NBC, likely Dec 22, after SNL.   Link

November 25

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart  Hope your turkey day was amazing everybody! 🐔The Chicago parade was bananas! Say hi to Bozo🎈🎉 12:57 PM – 25 Nov 12 · Details

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Watch for Haley in NYC soon:
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart @LAlainaArmy I think I see NYC in my near future;) 1:05 PM – 25 Nov 12 · Details
K i n d r e d ‏@haleyobsession @HaleyReinhart are you still going to open for Allen Stone at the make-up date in Boston???
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart @haleyobsession We’re all planning on it happenin! 1:02 PM – 25 Nov 12 · Details

November 26

TuneFind AllSongs ‏@tunefind_all New Gossip Girl music: “Oh My! (feat. B.o.B)” by Haley Reinhart –  7:24 PM – 26 Nov 12 · Details
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart PARTY PEOPLE!!! I’ll be in VEGAS for a 3 night residency at the@cosmopolitan_LV Dec. 6th, 7th, and 8th. Come hang! 9:33 PM – 26 Nov 12 · Details

November 27

Holiday StageIt show posted.  December 18.
Haley Reinhart News ‏@HaleyRNews Get through the CW player long ads, @HaleyReinhart‘s “Oh My!” plays at the 32 min mark on Gossip Girl! …

I would argue that the jazzy Chicago native is the best singer to come out of the Idol machine since Jennifer Hudson (and when I say “singer,” I don’t mean a bellow-by-the-numbers diva likeJessica Sanchez — I’m talking about a powerhouse vocalist who still understands restraint and lyrical interpretation). And Listen Up! was one of the strongest post-Idol albums ever produced — a sexy, Motown-tinged retro-pop delight.

So if Haley Reinhart was really all that great, why didn’t she sell as well as her fellow Season 10 contestants Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina? Well, there’s no knowing that for sure, but I’d suspect that a big part of the problem was that her first single, “Free,” utterly abandoned the artistic identity she established while on American Idol.

November 30
Some notes from the Live in the Vineyard event:

There’s a bi-annual gathering in the Napa Valley called Live in the Vineyard, which treats a number of lucky radio listeners to a weekend of live music by both emerging and well-established musical acts. The event also attracts the recording and movie industries to the valley for the weekend, and the musicians get to perform for these influential executives in private settings.

A love for music is part of our DNA here at the winery, and earlier this month, Far Niente hosted an afternoon of exclusive performances and a lunch pairing Chef Trevor’s menu with our Napa Valley Cabernet and Chardonnay. The Round Room in the wine caves was the perfect setting for an intimate, acoustic presentation by third-place American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart. The smoky voice of this young singer-songwriter, who loves singing rock and R&B, emanated through the caves, seeming to smoothly envelop the barrels and fill any empty space.

Haley Reinhart performed in the Far Niente Round Room (Photo Credit: Ambient Light Photo)

Real Music “Sizzle” Reel.  Some glimpses of her “Oh My!” performance.   She’ll most likely be in the second Real Music Live performance (not Dec 22).

December 2

haleyreinhart It’s the holiday season   6h

December 4

Idol Bliss [Girls Scouts of America, 12/4]

In the Girl Scout Leadership Journey BLISS: Live It! Give It!, Ambassadors learn to dream big now, and for the future, while encouraging others to dream big too. Which is exactly what Haley advises. “I want you girls to know that you have a voice, too, and I really encourage you to use it,” she said. “Keep it up and follow your dreams.”


Haley is one example of how to pursue your dreams—and give back. “You are a group, a team, an alliance, a circle of friends, a family,” Haley told the Cookie Classic crowd. “I want you to remember as you grow up, to take all of these things you learn now with you and really just make a difference.”

December 6

Dec 6,7,8 Residency at The Cosmopolitan, The Chandelier 8-8:45pm, 9:05-9:30pm, 9:45-10:30pm, Las Vegas,   Link Complimentary Concert

3 sets.   2nd set was primarily jazz.

“Wasted Tears” from HaleysTusk  [12/7]

“Hit The Ground Runnin'” HaleysTusk  [12/7]

“Wonderland'” HaleysTusk [12/7]

“Let’s Run Away” HaleysTusk [12/7]

“Now That You’re Here” ” HaleysTusk [12/9, added late]

“Keep Comin’ Back” HaleysTusk [12/7]

“Oh My!” HaleysTusk [12/7]

“Jazz Set Intro” (“All  Blues” by Miles Davis) HaleysTusk  [12/7]

“Brazil” (“Song For My Father”) HaleysTusk  [12/7]

“SummerTime” HaleysTusk  [12/7]

“Night and Day” HaleysTusk  [12/7]

“God Bless The Child”  HaleysTusk  [12/7]

“Baby It’s You” (Smith version)   HaleysTusk  [12/7]

“Mercy” HaleysTusk  [12/7]

“Free”  HaleysTusk  [12/6]

“Walking On Heaven”   HaleysTusk  [12/7]

“Bennie and the Jets”  HaleysTusk  [12/7]

“House of the Rising Sun”  HaleysTusk  [12/7]

“Oh Darling!”  HaleysTusk  [12/7]

“Oh My!” from Swansteel [Low Res]

TouchTunes ‏@TouchTunes @HaleyReinhart @TouchTunes is in Vegas 2night! Come visit us upstairs at ChandelierBar @Cosmopolitan_LV & sing karaoke w/ us! We’d LUV 2cu! 2:12 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details [Just an invite to visit them]
swansteel ‏@swansteel Hales! 8:04 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
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katevoegele ‏@katevoegele thanks @Cosmopolitan_LV! Bday celebration has been awesome so far. Headed to dinner & maybe catching @haleyreinhart @ #Bondlater! 6:14 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details [One Tree Hill]
Aaron Smith ‏@AaronSmithMusic About to see @HaleyReinhart perform! #Vegas 7:06 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
Janice Gebhardt ‏@JaniceGebhardt @HaleyReinhart at the cosmo?! Whattt we aren’t in wheeling!?! Girl sounds amazing!!! 8:04 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
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swansteel ‏@swansteel Haley’s next set coming up will be jazz standards. OMG!!! 8:51 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
Keith Umbaugh ‏@KeithUmbaugh Drink in hand listening/watching @HaleyReinhart … Life is GREAT! 8:54 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Haley singing Brazil. Sooooooo great!!!! 9:00 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Summertime! 9:06 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
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swansteel ‏@swansteel Night and Day! 9:15 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel God Bless the Child! 9:21 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
Chiara Kramer ‏@chiarakramer I am actually in heaven. That was unreal. @HaleyReinhart@KEiTHPHELPS @KortHaussProd 9:35 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Baby, It’s You. 9:50 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Mercy by Duffy. 9:55 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel A vampy sultry version of Free, including vibrato. 9:59 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT FREE. BLOWN AWAY! 10:04 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Walking On Heaven. 10:05 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Bennie and the Jets! 10:09 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel House of the Rising Sun! Holy Crap!!! 10:14 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
Jonathan Hansen ‏@JonHansen85 I walked into the Cosmopolitan, saw and heard this Jazz singer…and suddenly, I understand Las Vegas… #am 
 Retweeted by Miguel 10:10 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details
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swansteel ‏@swansteel Oh, Darling!! 10:20 PM – 6 Dec 12 · Details


Via Stairway2Halien, KKBox from Taiwan interviews on youtube:

Via Stairway2Halien:

McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade, 11/22…57632182665172/

Click on image for full-size or go to Flickr link.
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December 7

Second night at The Chandelier!   Haley, Chiara and Keith took a break to go ice skating (yes, there’s a rink on top of The Cosmopolitan).  Reports trickling in has folks from at least Nebraska, Chicago, Pacific NW, LA, etc. there to see Haley perform.

Moanin’ [HaleysTusk, 12/7]

God Bless The Child [HaleysTusk, 12/8]

Baby It’s You [HaleysTusk, 12/8]

Son Of A Preacher Man [HaleysTusk, 12/8]

Let’s Run Away [ CaliCountryGirl 12/8 partial, fills in bass]

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swansteel ‏@swansteel Hit the Ground Running. 8:09 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Wonderland. 8:13 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Now That You’re Here 8:16 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Keep Coming Back. 8:21 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Added riffs and piano solo on KCB. 8:27 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Let’s Run Away. Yes! 8:28 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel @swansteel Son of a Preacher Man!! 8:33 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Oh, My! 8:35 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
Al Quackenbush ‏@SoCalBowhunter Just listened to Haley Reinhart from American Idol at The Cosmopolitan and she was beyond words amazing. She is gifted. 8:45 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
Set 2
swansteel ‏@swansteel Courtney and Keith are jamming like crazy right now. 9:09 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details [All Blues]
swansteel ‏@swansteel All Blues! Haley back with a new drink and ready for some jazz. 9:12 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Wonderful scat run. OMG. 9:16 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Night and Day. 9:19 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel And now that wonderful Brazil/father song I’m not sure of the name. 9:27 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Summertime! 9:34 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel God Bless the Child. 9:39 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Moanin’!!!! 9:48 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel People are getting up and dancing!!!!! 9:50 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
Set 3
swansteel ‏@swansteel Tonight has a different feel from last night. Tonight is total jazz club vibe. 10:14 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Baby, It’s You! 10:16 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Mercy. With Haley dancing the froog. 10:19 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Haley is feeling this Mercy!! 10:22 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Haley speaking in an English accent! 10:23 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Bennie! Bennie!! 10:24 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel Hardcore Bangage indeed! 10:28 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel HOTRS! 10:30 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
Chiara Kramer ‏@chiarakramer Night # 2. Great success! 11:03 PM – 7 Dec 12 · Details
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dottie @dottie1277 @HaleyReinhart @Cosmopolitan_LV looking & sounding ever so awesome! #lasvegas 5:58 PM – 8 Dec 12 · Details
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Shane Goss 2 hours ago Haley Reinhart at the Cosmo last night. (6 photos)
Photo: Haley Reinhart at the Cosmo last night.Photo: Haley Reinhart at the Cosmo last night.Photo: Haley Reinhart at the Cosmo last night.

December 8

Final night at The Chandelier:

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Vegas… It’s been real;) #owwwww#goodtimes #precioustimes#highonlife 2:51 AM – 9 Dec 12 · Details

Set 1: Wasted Tears, Hit The Ground Runnin’, Wonderland, Son Of A Preacher Man, Keep Coming Back, Oh My!

Set 2 (includes): All Blues, Song For My Father, Summertime, Night And Day, Moanin’

Set 3 (includes):  The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire), Baby It’s You, Free, Bennie And The Jets, Oh Darlin’

Pat ‏@PatAHaleyFan Haley is looking beautiful tonight!! 7:57 PM – 8 Dec 12 · Details
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Katrina Bleckley ‏@katrinableckley My favorite girl @haleyreinhart at one of the prettiest places in Vegas. Weekend success.  8:12 PM – 8 Dec 12 · Details
Aaron Smith ‏@AaronSmithMusic Watching @HaleyReinhart@KEiTHPHELPS, and @KortHaussProdperform one more time before I leave Vegas. 8:35 PM – 8 Dec 12 · Details
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Pat ‏@PatAHaleyFan Keep Coming Back 8:23 PM – 8 Dec 12 · Details
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Jesse Ben Harris  ‏@JesseBenHarris @HaleyReinhart sounds great singing in The Chandelier. cosmopolitan_lv @ The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas  9:38 PM – 8 Dec 12 · Details

Lexi c; ‏@Ohhey_lexi Good job at the cosmo tonight @HaleyReinhart ( 10:35 PM – 8 Dec 12 · Details
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Pat ‏@PatAHaleyFan What an amazing set.@KEiTHPHELPS jammed out on Keep Coming Back and @HaleyReinhart ‘s voice is beyond fantastic! I am in HEAVEN!! 8:40 PM – 8 Dec 12 · Details
Pat ‏@PatAHaleyFan First set: wasted Tears, hit the ground running, wonderland, son of a preacher man, keep coming back,oh my 9:48 PM – 8 Dec 12 · Details
Pat ‏@PatAHaleyFan Keith is killing it tonight, absolutely positively killing it.Jazz album for sure. Thanks for the street cred Keith! ❤ 9:45 PM – 8 Dec 12 · Details
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Pat ‏@PatAHaleyFan Oh Darlin to close it out!!!!! 10:19 PM – 8 Dec 12 · Details
Keith Phelps ‏@KEiTHPHELPS Epic epic epic performance from @HaleyReinhart…the BEST yet. Had me screaming on stage #vegas 11:20 PM – 8 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel @HaleyReinhart Tonight was a real barn burner. Fiery, propulsive, and emotional. And the crowd loved every minute. 3:13 AM – 9 Dec 12 · Details
swansteel ‏@swansteel By the end of tonight’s show the audience was huge and excited. It was like a revival meeting. 3:15 AM – 9 Dec 12 · Details

David Edwards
 2 hours ago · [via Facebook]


“American Idol” finalist Haley Reinhart skated at The Ice Rink at The Cosmopolitan on Friday. Reinhart was in town for her performances at The Chandelier Friday and Saturday. She received second runner-up in the tenth season of hit Fox show “American Idol” and was the first “American Idol” contestant to perform at Lollapalooza. (Photo courtesy of Ben Garcia)

haley reinhart- “Whatta lucky girl I am! Gosh.. I love my Haliens – far and wide, thank you all! … via@webstagram
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S2 ‏@stairway2halien WHS Jazz Band’s full (studio) recording of “Night and Day” w/ Haley Reinhart from a (? 2007-2008) album. …


As usual, information captured by a cast of many including stairway2halien, init2winit, pj_haleyrfan, addicted2haley, migueldomcom, etc., collected, and posted here.
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