News and Info, 1/6-2/2 (4 week ROLLUP)

Posted on January 5, 2013

Rolling up 4 weeks.

Next 4 weeks:

Jan 20 Opening for Allen Stone, Royale Boston, Boston, MA  [Postponed from Nov 17]

January 6

Episode 2 of RML was posted on youtube!  Haley’s segment starts fairly early, around 2:15 into the video.

January 7

ESPN and ABC have been playing clips of a few tracks (Oh My!, Hit The Ground Runnin’, etc) during the college football season but that ends as ESPN College football finishes today with the BCS Championship game.

January 10

Backstage Interview Real Music Live

January 14

DOPE Magazine @D_O_P_E  Nice working with @19News standout @HaleyReinhart today. Look forward to the singer’s feature in our #HighSociety issue #ListenUp Retweeted by Haley Reinhart 2:41 PM – 14 Jan 13 · Details

January 15

Haley Reinhart Looks Back On ‘American Idol’ [Energy 1037, has a quote from Lollapalooza]

Haley Reinhart-The DOPE MAG Interview [Dope Magazine, 1/15, note: fairly long, but it seems to indicate there may be there may be a longer version later]

(AA) You’re preparing for you next album. What can fans expect?  Can you give us any sneak peeks?

(Haley) I’m really excited.  I think that evolving as an artist is really important.  I don’t think that you should pigeon-hole yourself into a category.  For me, I want to step into my Blues-ier roots; keep it sultry but have some of that Rock & Roll edge to it.  I’m hoping to get my dad to play his Blues guitar licks throughout the whole album.  It should be fun!

(AA) Before you work on a new song, what do you do to relax and to get your creative juices flowing?

(Haley) Oh, man! I don’t know if I can talk about that! (Laughs!) I’m just kidding! I love walking into a room full of new people, new creative minds. I did it really fast last time and I was jumping from one producer and writer to the next. That’s how I’ve been used to working; I plowed through it all. This time, I’m looking forward to just laying back a little more and spending more time with each producer that I have a relationship with.

January 16

Slacker Radio interview from Lollapalooza.   Includes previously released segment on Olympics. [1/16/2013]
Free and Oh My! played as background for Shira Gavrielov’s audition in the first hour of American Idol tonight.
Michael Slezak ‏@MichaelSlezakTV Thank you, @dizzyfeet for a double dose of @HaleyReinhart music during Shira Gavrielov’s audition! #Idol 5:59 PM – 16 Jan 13 · Details
Haley’s also still in the opening credits!
Michael Slezak ‏@MichaelSlezakTV YESSSSS! @HaleyReinhart still in the opening credits of #Idol. 5:07 PM – 16 Jan 13 · Details
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan Haley Reinhart will be on this radio show today …  6:12 AM – 16 Jan 13  · Details Embedded image permalink
This is a repeat.  Haley was on Border Crossings last year during a trip to the DC area and this is simply a re-airing of the show.

January 17

Haley may appear during Idol during the Chicago audition episode.

PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan Haley Reinhart back on national TV next Thursday asdfghjkl;’ 9:32 AM – 8 Jan 13 · Details
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan @suggahNyerteeth American idol Chicago auditions air next Thursday
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan @suggahNyerteeth Yes she was there for the cattle call
Hollywood Reporter ‏@Idol_Worship Yay @HaleyReinhart on #idol! 5:28 PM – 17 Jan 13 · Details [Brief glimpse]
Video of Haley at the auditions

January 18

‘American Idol’ Recap: Do You Hear the People Sing? [THR, brief mention as a star from Chicago, 1/18]

American Idol Chicago Auditions Recap: The Windy (City) Project [Updated] [TVLine, a couple of mentions, 1/18]

‘American Idol’ recap: Chicago talent comes out singing [LA Times, brief mention, 1/18]

January 20

Opening for Allen Stone, Royale Boston, Boston, MA  Link  [Postponed from Nov 17]

“Hit The Ground Runnin'”, “Wasted Tears”, “Wonderland”, “Son of a  Preacher Man”, “Baby It’s You”, “Now That You’re Here”, “Keep Comin’ Back”, “Oh My!”, “House of the Rising Sun” with Allen Stone’s band.   Also looks like BJ Olin (Red Light Management) might have been acting as her manager today.
Bowery Boston ‏@boweryboston Tonight at @royaleboston: Drs 7PM/ @HaleyReinhart 8PM /@allen_stone 9:15PM (subject to change). @boweryboston#SOLDOUT 10:19 AM – 20 Jan 13 · Details
VH1 Music ‏@VH1Music We’re hanging out with the beautiful @HaleyReinhart before she hit the stage in Boston! How cute is she? 5:09 PM – 20 Jan 13 · Details
Embedded image permalink
kindred 1/1 ‏@haleyobsession Hey guys, all of the videos I took tonight are up at … sorry, I didn’t get the full performance of all of them 9:34 PM – 20 Jan 13 · Details
Wasted Tears


Song of a Preacher Man

Baby It’s You

Now That You’re Here

Keep Comin’ Back

Oh My! [part 1]
Oh My! [part 2]
House of the Rising Sun
kindred 1/1 ‏@haleyobsession SHE WAS AMAZING  5:48 PM – 20 Jan 13 · Details
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PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan Haley Reinhart in Boston 1 5:38 PM – 20 Jan 13  Details
Embedded image permalink
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan Haley Reinhart in Boston 2  5:39 PM – 20 Jan 13 · Details
Embedded image permalink
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan Haley Reinhart in Boston 3  5:40 PM – 20 Jan 13 · Details
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BJ Olin ‏@bj_olin Gettin real serial with @haleyreinhart in Boston. Ya heard?  6:02 PM – 20 Jan 13 · Details [BJ is Allen’s manager at RLM]
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kindred 1/1 ‏@haleyobsession HALEY’S JAMMIN TO ALLEN SHE’S SO FREAKING CUTE 6:08 PM – 20 Jan 13 · Details


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Facebook photos from Daniel Linik [26 photos]
musicgeek294 She’s too cute… What a perfect opening act for#allenstone  love your voice #haleyreinhart !! 
Thumb | Mid | Large | Orig ]  10min

January 21

Baby Dancing to Hit the Ground Running by Haley Reinhart  jtsummers82

haleyreinhart Can’t tell where the floor starts and I begin..  [ Thumb | Mid | Large | Orig ]  8min

January 22

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Back from good old Boston; now in sunny land! Today is the beginning of a whole lot of writing sessions.. Ya heardddd!?!???!#thatnewstuff 11:30 AM – 22 Jan 13 · Details
MIX1063 ‏@MIX1063 Some Haley Reinhart from the State Theatre in Bay City this past year to Warm you up!  2:32 PM – 22 Jan 13 · Details

January 23

Larufoto Facebook [Single photo from Stone show, 2/23]  Larufoto posted more photos (8) here.

Luis Ruiz ‏@larufoto @HaleyReinhart – hello! amazing performance in boston I took some pics for my site. Enjoy! … 6:52 PM – 23 Jan 13 · Details

IPB Image

January 24

Maddie Aussel American Idol audition [Mentions Haley (& Adele and Beyonce) as her musical influences around 2:20 in after a question from Keith; definitely picks up some styling and phrasing from Haley’s version of Oh My! (but is a bit more of a belter)]

Melinda Doolittle Love that she just said Haley Reinhart…cuz, I would have if she didn’t. Nice job Maddie! 6 hours ago · 

January 26

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Two years ago today, I had my big debut on American Idol:) Come a long way and have so much farther to go. T  4:06 PM – 26 Jan 13 · Details

January 28

Haley sang at  Casey Abrams’s performance at the Bootleg Theater on Jan. 26.  Unknown what song.

hintoflace They both have such beautiful voices.#haleyreinhart #caseyabrams #soulful #talent   1h


Haley Reinhart, came on stage for a beautiful duo on Steve Winwood’s classic ‘Can’t find my Way Home’.

February 1

“Oh My!” used in a Fox Connect video

ole (oh-lay) ‏@olemajorlyindie They couldn’t have picked a better song than @HaleyReinhart‘s OH MY!  #hot cc:@robkleiner 12:33 PM – 1 Feb 13 · Details
Michael Slezak ‏@MichaelSlezakTV If you’re not on the obsession wagon over @HaleyReinhart‘s “Oh My,” then it’s time to hop aboard. Here, let me help: … 1:11 PM – 1 Feb 13 · Details


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