News and Info, 3/3-3/30 (4 week ROLLUP 2013)

Posted on March 2, 2013

Rolling up 4 weeks.  One major event scheduled and she’ll probably pop up with one or two other performances.  She’s busy doing her sophomore album!

March 14, Show for Fox International Channels, Opening Fox Sports Asia at 72-13, Singapore

March 15, Tip Cup, CBS,  Link [Web only]

March 23, Celebrity Fight Night XIX, on bill with Jennifer Lopez and others, Link Tickets start at $1,500.

March 27, Million Dollar Quartet, “encore jam performance”, Apollo Theatre, Chicago, IL

March 3

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Wrote a song about my grandma & got a flat tire today! #Eventful And a kind group of kids helped me out. So 9:58 p.m. – Mar 5, 2013 · Details
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March 6

Haley participated in her friend’s fashion show.   The outfit she wore on Real Music Live came from her.
Nicolette Lonski @Desipah @HaleyReinhart thank you for the support love!! It was a blast 🙂
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart @Desipah So proud! You and the chikas were fantasticooo💃 7:19 a.m. – Mar 7, 2013 · Details

March 8

[Haley’s in New York City.  Rumor has it she’s there with Keith Phelps taping a TV show.   Not sure this means anything, but Nicholas Teti  has appeared, as an extra, on “The Good Wife”, “The Carrie Diaries”, etc. recently.
Nicholas Teti ‏@NickyTeti Just sang along “Benny and The Jets” with the super talented@haleyreinhart  8:04 a.m. – Mar 8, 2013 · Details

[Image: bf6c9c5c881411e2926822000a1f9c9b_7.jpg]

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart @stacieorrico Thank you! Stuck was the jammm;) Hope all is well w you in music land, I’ll be lookin out! 5:23 p.m. – Mar 8, 2013 · Details

March 11

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Leaving for Singapore right now!! 22hour flight. HA! Doing another gig for Fox International Channels! Can’t wait! Especially for the food;) 10:32 p.m. – Mar 11, 2013 · Details

Video from the March 8th trip.  “very nice performance by haley reinhart at the chelsea market in new york city to help raise money for music education sponsored by motorola :)” Via Stairway2halien: (Tumblr)

@AmericanIdol’s @HaleyReinhart’s surprise performance for @MusiCaresUSA at @ChelseaMarketNY #IWD (at Chelsea Market) [Most likely it’s actually for Musicares Foundation (part of the Grammy organization).   MusiCaresUSA seems to be something else.].

@AmericanIdol’s @HaleyReinhart’s surprise performance for @MusiCaresUSA at @ChelseaMarketNY #IWD (at Chelsea Market)

March 13

Haley’s in Singapore.  She should be performing on the 14th in a event with Charley Boorman for FIC.

Haley’s going to be on Tip Cup on CBS!   That’s what her NYC trip was all about.

Tip Cup is the surprise music performance series capturing famous artists playing undercover in unexpected locations on a mission for good to support MusiCares. Artists in disguise play for tips, which Motorola multiplies to $10,000 for helping MusiCares provide a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. Each episode showcases a different musician revealing their true identity at the end of the performance to the shock and delight of passersby. Tip Cup removes the barrier between artist and audience to show how music makes positive change.

CBS Television @CBS Musicians go undercover to collect $ for @MusiCares – guess the first #TipCup artist 2:07 PM – Mar 13, 2013
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chiarakramer#singaporefoodtrail with @haleyreinhart. #hawkermarket #singapore #nevertoomuchfood #lovethiscity

I (Who Have Nothing)  convered tonight on AI12.
Melinda Doolittle ‏@mdoolittle That song has been done SO well now by @JordinSparks, @HaleyReinhart and now @CandiceAI12…it now needs to be retired, cuz who can do better?
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart @mdoolittle Your such a sweetie pieee!🍰 1:19 a.m. – Mar 14, 2013 · Details

March 14

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Back to the fun stuff.😝 I LOVE SINGAPORE!!! Amazing food.. People.. ❤ the #hothotheat & #stickyskin weather! Have a show for FOX in a few! 1:43 a.m. – Mar 14, 2013 · Details
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Just finished doing a bunch of great interviews in Singapore’s very own FOX offices!  1:51 a.m. – Mar 14, 2013 · Details

Video (short clip of mercy)

Thanks to Stairway2Halien for most of the following.

Yahoo! Singapore ‏@YahooSG The stage is set at the Fox International Channels party at 72-13 to welcome @haleyreinhart! 4:46 AM – Mar 14, 2013 · Details
Shah Salimat ‏@shahsalimat These jellybeans at the Fox International Channels party r da seks. Excited to see @haleyreinhart! 4:50 a.m. – Mar 14, 2013 · Details
Sky Kuo ‏@Sky_Kuo Close up with Haley (*^﹏^*) 5:39 a.m. – Mar 14, 2013 · Details
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Yahoo! Singapore ‏@YahooSG On stage now: the stunning @haleyreinhart! Looking sexy in a one-shoulder bandage dress. 5:39 a.m. – Mar 14, 2013 · Details

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Yahoo! Singapore ‏@YahooSG “They all bring something diverse to the table and balance each other out” – @haleyreinhart, about the new @americanidol judges 5:45 a.m. – Mar 14, 2013 · Details
Yahoo! Singapore ‏@YahooSG “We went down to the food trail and had oyster omelette — I really enjoyed it! I shall go try chilli crab tomorrow.” – @haleyreinhart 5:44 a.m. – Mar 14, 2013 · Details
Shah Salimat ‏@shahsalimat HALEY REINHART OMFG MY CHILDHOOD DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE HOLD ME NOW 5:41a.m. – Mar 14, 2013 · Details
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[Image: 42e338408ca511e2b22b22000a1f96e2_7.jpg]
Yahoo! Singapore Newsroom March 14, 2013 4:51AM American Idol alum Haley Reinhart is now on stage, looking sexy in a one-shoulder bandage dress and serenading the crowd with her signature raspy vocals. She was specially flown in for a Fox International Channels event at 72-13.
Photo: American Idol alum Haley Reinhart is now on stage, looking sexy in a one-shoulder bandage dress and serenading the crowd with her signature raspy vocals. She was specially flown in for a Fox International Channels event at 72-13.
vivalavidaviv Haley Reinhart at Fox Sports trade party #fox #americanidol #tv #work [Instagam] [Image: 71484bea8ca411e28ed022000a1fbc58_7.jpg] kel_vinn With #HaleyReinhart omg omg i can’t breathe.
[Image: 549663128cac11e2bd6422000a9f12df_7.jpg]

March 15

Tip Cup, CBS,  Link [Web only]

Oh My (rap version)

Keep Comin’ Back

Behind The Scenes

Extended interview at CBS: (copies of the other videos available there as well)

Interview via Himmm2
Power98FM ‏@Power98 This Friday night on the Hot Date with JK @jeraldjustin we have#AmericanIdol 10 2nd runner up @HaleyReinhart LIVE ON AIR! 5:41 a.m. – Mar 13, 2013 · Details [9AM-12 Eastern Time]
Alvinyeo ‏@AlvinYeo8 Haley Rhinehart. The most lovely American Idol contestant ever! She has the voice of a jazz angel.  8:31 a.m. – Mar 14, 2013 · Details
Alvinyeo ‏@AlvinYeo8 @DaniReinhart thanks Dani! But too bad autocorrect spelt it wrong. Haley RINEHART. Biggest sweetheart on the world. Radio interview next!
Alvinyeo ‏@AlvinYeo8 With the awesome Haley Reinhart at Power 98 FM radio interview ‘with JK on the Hot Date’……  6:35 a.m. – Mar 15, 2013 from Johor, Malaysia · Details
[Image: c0cfdf188d7411e2995622000a1f9812_7.jpg]
Alvinyeo ‏@AlvinYeo8 Caught in bibs and eating Singapore’s chilli crab! @HaleyReinhart  6:38 a.m. – Mar 15, 2013 · Details
[Image: 73bc1c948d6c11e2929322000a9e0719_7.jpg]
Power98FM ‏@Power98 Words from our very own JK @jeraldjustin :”Photos do no justice to @HaleyReinhart, absolutely gorgeous in person”  7:07 AM – 15 Mar 13 · Details
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DORO†HY ♡ ‏@thedoodlexx Omggggggggggg @HaleyReinhart, thank you so much, @thejaynahop & I love youuuuuuuu ❤❤❤

12:59 AM – 15 Mar 13 · Details

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Singapore Halien ‏@haleyreinhartsg Haley Reinhart in Singapore! @HaleyReinhart #Pic1 8:03 AM – 15 Mar 13 · Details
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March 16

I don’t regret any of it [AsiaOne, ShowBiz, 3/17, source article in The New Paper is not online but this pretty much is a duplicate]

Being dropped by her record label was shocking, but it isn’t the end of the world.

Haley Reinhart made headlines in November last year when US record label Interscope decided to part ways with the American Idol Season 10 second runner-up.

Interscope has artists like Madonna, Van Halen, and South Korean group Girls’ Generation under its wings.

Reinhart, 22, told The New Paper in an interview in Singapore on Thursday: “It was a setback for about a day and I just let it simmer.”

American Idol singer Haley Reinhart to put out new EP [Straits Times, Singapore, great picture there, 3/17]

Reinhart, 22, who finished in third place in season 10 of hit reality television series American Idol, says she already has begun writing songs for a new EP to follow-up her debut album, Listen Up! (2012).

The singer, who was in town to promote the 12th season of Idol, which is currently airing on cable TV here, told Life! last Friday of her new material: “I think there will be elements that will be different about the music as a whole (compared to Listen Up!), but it will still have soulfulness to it.”

She said there is no release date for the EP as yet, but it is something she is working to put out as soon as possible.

March 17

American Idol living the dream(Haley Reinhart Pt 1) [Strait Times,, 3/17]

Her fans pose and propose (Haley Reinhart Pt 2) [Strait Times,, 3/17]

March 18

haleyreinhart Casey and I are making the most of St Patrick’s day in LA!   18 March

[Image: 52e006de8f9c11e2999e22000a1f8afc_7.jpg]

Casey Abrams ‏@IAmCaseyAbrams Them green beers leave marks  9:50 AM – 18 Mar 13 · Details
[Image: 1bbff2868fec11e298b222000aa80313_7.jpg]

March 18

Channel News Asia Interview Video [Video, Channel News Asia, 3/18]

March 19

‘Stupid boys’ will inspire her songs [AsiaOne ShowBiz, 3/19]

She said there is no release date for the EP yet but wants to put it out as soon as possible.

Taking a cue from American pop singer Taylor Swift, a songwriter known to write break-up songs about every ex-boyfriend who has done her wrong, Reinhart jokes her new songs will also be inspired by “stupid boys”.

She says: “19 Entertainment is a great team, but really the EP is geared towards this new music that reflects me and where I am right now, so we can go to record labels to shop the EP… and see what happens.”

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart This is how we do it yeuhh! Wit my girl @HairByEvelise #gettinmahairdid  7:12 PM – 19 Mar 13 · Details

IPB Image

March 20

Via Himmm2, Chicago Daily Herald 3/20/2013

Attached Image

Michael Orland @MichaelOrland We may or may not be in a kitchen but I know for sure I love running into my girl @haleyreinhart 12:28 PM – 20 Mar 13 · Details

[Image: 1d8f7b0a919411e2882622000a1f985d_7.jpg]

Nancy Yearing ‏@NancyYearing9m Kickin’ it with my crew – @chiarakramer @haleyreinhart zenzan8 and lfraddy. #Idol rehearsal @ American…  1:04 PM – 20 Mar 13 from Los Angeles, CA · Details
Two unattributed photos of Haley with AI12 folk:
[Image: BF0ncKLCAAANE02.jpg][Image: BF0oxSLCMAEPJmq.jpg]
rchew281 Haley Reinhart dropped by Idol to hang …. love her voice
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhar A year ago today my single “Free” was released! And I was just back at the Idol studio today sharing my…  8:38 PM – 20 Mar 13 · Details
haleyreinhartA year ago today my single “Free” was released! And I was just back at the Idol studio today sharing my new material with my A team! Getting ready for the Next Chapter. 🙂 I’m so thankful, every step of the way!
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Met all the contestants today & stuck around for their dress rehearsals! Such sweethearts, w some really… 8:47 PM – 20 Mar 13 · Details
haleyreinhartMet all the contestants today & stuck around for their dress rehearsals! Such sweethearts, w some really great renditions! It is Lennon/McCartney week.. You know I couldn’t miss it;)

March 21

Q&A with American Idol’s Haley Reinhart [Straits Times, 3/21]

Will you continue growling on future songs?

For my new music, I will let things get grittier. I definitely want to explore a softer side as well, but I’ll keep it all very sultry.

March 22

Haley performed tonight for Celebrity Fight Night as part of the Founders Club Diner Entertainment (arranged by David Foster).

Haley on stage and doing background vocals for “Johnny B. Goode” during the Celebrity Fight Night Founder’s Dinner.


Power98 published thier interview online (Singapore).
Power98FM ‏@Power98 This Friday night on the Hot Date with JK @jeraldjustin we have#AmericanIdol 10 2nd runner up @HaleyReinhart LIVE ON AIR! 5:41 a.m. – Mar 13, 2013 · Details [9AM-12 Eastern Time]
Christine Wu ‏@xtinewu Jammin w @haleyreinhart! sounds amazing & so cute!! loved playing w her @americanidol, even better…  4:00 PM – 22 Mar 13 from Los Angeles, CA · Details
[Image: 14bb3ab2934411e2a3b222000a9f1696_7.jpg]

howieschwa Celeb Fight Night Founders Dinner #holyfield #haleyreinhart #tatestevens#davidfoster #kwarner #reba #muhammadali #stevemartin   22 March 2013 [Instagram]

Blogett Bird @dromMomma 23rd March 2013 from TwitLonger Note from Momma REINHART. “I’m in Arizona rite now + sitting. & having dinner 4 seats from Reba + 4 seats from david foster, on the other side of me at this large oval table in front of the stage that . Haley will soon partake singing on… Wow!

March 23

Celebrity Fight Night XIX, on bill with Jennifer Lopez and others, Link Tickets start at $1,500.
See for Stairway2Halien’s catalog of media from this event.
Blogett Bird ‏@dromMomma Last.night Haley sang Bennie, Wasted. And a.bit of Johnny be good with Billy Ray. Tonight no word yet. 11:56 AM – 23 Mar 13 · Details [Billy Ray Cyrus]
Christine Wu ‏@xtinewu @HaleyReinhart w @officialdfoster-sang like the superstar she is, last night! What a voice, and beautiful inside and out! 10:35 AM – 23 Mar 13 · Details
Barrow Foundation ‏@SupportBarrow VIDEO @HaleyReinhart amazing on the red carpet as she talks about supporting the Ali family and giving back  #CFN 8:59 PM – 23 Mar 13 · Details
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan Holy Haley 7:02 PM – 23 Mar 13 · Details
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Buy Listen Up! ‏@Addicted2Haley “rayhughesla @vernetroyer and Hailey Reinhardt backstage at#cfn” @HaleyReinhart  7:53 PM – 23 Mar 13 · Details
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American Idol FAN @VivAmericanIdol21m Singers @michael_johns and @HaleyReinhart attend Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night XIX 8:07 PM – 23 Mar 13 · Details
[Image: 4ccea1b0930711e2a7d622000a9e298f_7.jpg]

March 24 [USA Today, Use the gallery to skip to the 6th photo,  Photo of Haley with Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks’ wife)]
[Image: haleyritacfn.png]
(HD) Haley Reinhart – Listen Up + Unreleased Tracks Vocal Range
Photos via Stairway2Halien:
[Image: UnSwadB.jpg][Image: Xxk2uCd.jpg][Image: KujxnZY.jpg][Image: g1v9KTt.jpg]st[Image: aOv0s2k.jpg][Image: LAOUGpf.jpg][Image: ycABCUh.jpg][Image: Hozcq8e.jpg][Image: IJR7Boh.jpg][Image: qVbXUij.jpg][Image: YhkRoCS.jpg][Image: DuyY8yl.jpg]

[Image: H7RUbPk.jpg]

[Image: 8We57QA.jpg]

[Image: owKyctm.jpg]

[Image: tZZKslA.jpg]

[Image: Jyt7nlu.jpg]

[Image: 6KRQXyK.jpg]

[Image: ByNWPP7.jpg]

[Image: FGIXh1h.jpg]

[Image: t11sUzJ.jpg]

Some HQ of pics posted before:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

March 25

Haley Reinhart Celebrity Fight Night 2013 red carpet interview  [StarWatchMedia, 3/25/13; mentions possible fall tour and sassy stories]

WORTH A ‘MILLION’: It’s become something of a nice tradition during “Million Dollar Quartet’s” long runs in Chicago, New York, London, Vegas and on tour for notable musicians to play with the cast during the hit show’s finale. So it’s appropriate that Wheeling native and “American Idol” finalist Haley Reinhart will be welcomed for a rockin’ “Sittin’ In With the Band” gig at the Apollo Theatre on Lincoln Avenue this Wednesday night.

Brief glimpse of Haley in this video at 1m: Celebrity Fight Night 2013 [FM 101.5, 3/25]

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart What an outstanding weekend in PHX! I’m so honored to have been a part of #CelebrityFightNight for a 2nd year now! Such a powerful cause! 12:45 PM – 25 Mar 13 · Details
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Friday night had a intimate feel. Sang Wasted Tears & Benny and The Jets:) So cool to chat w crazy amazing artists. All so down to earth! 1:14 PM – 25 Mar 13 · Details
Following the awards were several other music performances coordinated by the night’s Musical Director, David Foster. Billy Ray Cyrus sang “Hillbilly Heart,” “Achy Breaky Heart,” and “Johnny B. Goode,” followed by “American Idol” finalist Haley Reinhart, who sang her rendition of “Bennie and The Jets.”
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart This woman is so sweet & spunky! Thanks for the laughs ritawilson. You rocked the stage. Lookin… 2:33 PM – 25 Mar 13 · Details
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart billycrystal & I just off the red carpet at #celebrityfightnight What a riot!  2:23 PM – 25 Mar 13 · Details

[Image: 8846a9e0959111e293a222000a1fb70a_7.jpg]

Star Watch Media ‏@StarWatchMedia “Possible tour in the Fall so keep a look out.”@HaleyReinhart discusses working on her next album @CelebFightNight … 9:05 PM – 25 Mar 13 · Details
More fight night photos via Stairway2Halien (see for Stairway2Halien’s catalog of the event):
More HQ pics: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9[Image: 9xijYHF.jpg][Image: DDrMELd.jpg]
(Sipa via Isifa)[Image: 15_img_0133_lr_83_20130325_1117881497.jpg] [Image: 16_img_0137_lr_84_20130325_1879462740.jpg]…catid=2615[Image: lpcy5m6.jpg] [Image: v1pseuS.jpg]
(PictureGroup)Big GrinClick for HQ[Image: super-snake-celebrity-fight-night-141.jpg?w=800]…ght-night/

March 26

Joey Bradfisch interview showed up explaining this comment (2:11 into interview, jump direct to Haley portion).
Joey Bradfisch ‏@joeybradfisc .@HaleyReinhart I’m sorry I was so awkward in our interview. Thank you for stopping by!  7:19 PM – 23 Mar 13 · Details
Scene & Heard: Haley’s Comments [xin, full story available later this week]
American Idol Season 10 second-runner up Haley Reinhart talks to us about the new AI judges (hello Nicki and Mimi!) and… James Franco?

MARIAH CAREY: “She’s very technical. She says things that only singers would go, “Oh my god, are you reading my mind?” It’s really powerful stuff ‘cos she’s been through it. I think of Marilyn Monroe when I look at her. I don’t know her personally, but her actions have been very (puts on a dramatic tone, and mimics the singer’s habit of showing only her left profile) diva-esque! It’s kind of funny, but she comes across as a very sweet person.”

For the full story, read this week’s issue of 8 DAYS (#1171).

March 27

Million Dollar Quartet, “encore jam performance”, Apollo Theatre, Chicago, IL

The Chicago production of Million Dollar Quartet will get an extra shot of star power on Wednesday night.American Idol finalist Haley Reinhart will join the talented cast on Wednesday for a special encore jam session…just after performing at the Celebrity Fight Night Foundation‘s Saturday night gala, pictured below. Get ready for a knock performance, rock n’ rollers! PHOTO BY: Rick Scuteri/Invision/AP

Mr. ReiNhart ! ‏@nickkndhaley588  okay!! heres the FINAL video guys! it should work on mobile too!!! hope you guys lovee it!!! :))) … @HaleyReinhart Retweeted by Rachel! ☮ 9:59 AM – 27 Mar 13 · Details
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Thank you @alyceparisusa for making #celebrityfightnight even more glamorous for me! Your dresses are stunning! 12:17 PM – 27 Mar 13 · Details
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Alyce Paris ‏@alyceparisusa How cute is this pic of @haleyreinhart putting her dukes up in ALYCE style #35517  Retweeted by Haley Reinhart 7:51 AM – 27 Mar 13 · Details

Alyce Paris ‏@alyceparisusa26 Mar The beautiful @haleyreinhart in ALYCE Paris    Retweeted by Haley Reinhart 7:15 AM – 26 Mar 13 · Details

Buy Listen Up! ‏@Addicted2Haley Kree Harrison & Burnell Taylor Want To Perform With Haley Reinhart:  via @youtube 1:03 PM – 27 Mar 13 · Details 
Buy Listen Up! ‏@Addicted2Haley Haley Reinhart, Undone – Dance Video:  via @youtube 1:07 PM – 27 Mar 13 · Details
molly peterson ‏@molly__peterson i just saw haley reinhart in person totally by surprise she sings bennie and the jets what is life this is amazing😊😄☺😋 7:31 PM – 27 Mar 13 · Details
molly peterson ‏@molly__peterson7m blown away @HaleyReinhart was at the million dollar quartet show, i sang your cover of bennie & the jets in the talent show! you’re my idol!

March 28

Jones ‏@wit_knee_kay Sound checking with @HaleyReinhart and @MillionDQuartet yesterday at the Apollo. 9:09 AM – 28 Mar 13 · Details
Embedded image permalink
Jones ‏@wit_knee_kay Mar 28 Shared the stage with the awesome @HaleyReinhart last night. It’s cool when famous folks are talented AND humble. Loved her! Thanks, Haley!
Carly’s My Angel ‏@Ariana_Angel1 Just read this magazine article on you!!! Totally awesome!!;) Follow back maybe? @HaleyReinhart @AmericanIdol 6:48 AM – 28 Mar 13 · Details [From Scene & Heard section of 8 Days in Singapore, Click on link or photo for a full size (readable) image]
Embedded image permalink
Looks like Haley sang Blue last night.   Other reports from a audience member implied Bennie and the Jets, but the Blue report came from a cast member.  Perhaps both.  (Same photo as wit_knee_kay tweeted earlier today).  Caption: “wit_knee_jones #soundcheck with #haleyreinhart yesterday. She sat in with #milliondollarquartet and sang her rendition of Blue. She was super nice and so was her family. I hope to see them again in the future! Great people. #actorproblems “
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart2 Thanks @MillionDQuartet ! You took us all back to Dec 1956! Where there really was a Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On. 😉  12:30 PM – 28 Mar 13 · Details

Got to share the stage last night w the very talented cast of Million Dollar Quartet! Great show guys; way to bring back that good old rock ‘n’ roll!

[Image: 3c05154e97da11e2b7f822000a1fb726_7.jpg]

Back Room Chicago ‏@BackRoomChi @HaleyReinhart Nice meeting you!!! I’m your biggest fan! Come to the back Room on Rush. #LiveBluesMusic xOXO 8:06 PM – 28 Mar 13 · Details
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March 29

Haley Reinhart performs with MDQ Chicago [facebook, 9 photos, 3/29]

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Let’s pretend it’s still tbt:) Happy almost Easter!  10:09 AM – 29 Mar 13 · Details

[Image: 02a8617a989311e2b68522000a1fb1ee_7.jpg]

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As usual, information captured by a cast of many including stairway2halien, init2winit, pj_haleyrfan, addicted2haley, migueldomcom, etc., collected, and posted here.

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