News and Info, 4/16-4/27 (Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Jakarta)

Posted on April 16, 2013

Rolling up 4 weeks which, this time around, turned out to be a bit much and this “page” is a too long.     Split into two parts: Okinawa (3/31-4/15) and then Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Jakarta (4/16-4/27)

She’s busy doing her sophomore album but taking some time to perform in Asia.   A series of performances in Kuala Lumpur, Bali, and Jakarta for Starworld/Fox International Channels.

Likely another performance in Bali.  Rumors of a Malaysia visit Link (Confirmed).  Possibly more: Jakarta confirmed Link.   Also some indication she’s headed to Greece for an ole songwriting camp towards the start of May.

Upcoming 4/16-4/28:

April 18,  Event: The Bee, Publika, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, MIX fm! Link (via contest) 7:30PM  Link

April 18, Star World (Astro Ch 711) & Star World HD (Astro Ch 722), 6pm  (maybe 6pm, 8pm) Link

April 19, Star World (Astro Ch 711) & Star World HD (Astro Ch 722), 8pm  (maybe 6pm, 8pm) Link

April 23, Asia Pacific Pay-TV Operators Summit (APOS), April 22-24, 2013 at Ayana Resort & Spa Link [Via Stairway2Halien]

April 26, X-Factor Indonesia Performance, 9-11:59pm, LinkLive Stream

April 27,  Showcase,  Main Atrium, Gandaria City, Jakarta 2pm Free Official Link Banner M&G Info M&G Contest2

April 15

haleyreinhart Thanks for a delicious welcoming! #KualaLumpur #Malaysia #Fancy #DayOff #Poolthen #Press

April 16

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Best. Sushi. Ever. Thank you #Japan 👏👏 I will never forget this magical moment!  2:38 AM – 16 Apr 13 · Details
Kya Hill ‏@KyaMHill @HaleyReinhart can i ask you something? When will you come to Indonesia? I’m dyiiiiiiiiing! 😥
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart @KyaMHill @ariigaga I’ll be in Bali and Jakarta in a few days!!💋 2:47 AM – 16 Apr 13 · Details
5:04 PM – 16 Apr 13 · Details [They are supposed to upload the interview; following is a twitter chain from PJHaley_Fan]
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PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan Haley is on the air right now  5:08 PM – 16 Apr 13 · Details [You already missed this! but they should be putting up on their web site; the Gangam style reference comes for a goofy dance she did while on Idol]
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan 59m Asking about idol :7
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan52m THey talking about her hair @Haleyshair THey called her noodlehead as a nickname while she was on the show
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan49m @HaleysHair I’d take it as a compliment. THey give nicknames after food. All they want to talk about is you 😛
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan43m THey asking about her boyfriend lol she’s dodging hard
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan39m Haley claimed credit for Gangum style, wants to play guitar, her music will be out soonish (was vague)
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan38m Listen Haley’s taking a food challenge now 
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan37m omg a spicy food challenge
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan35m @HAleyREinhart wins food challenge didn’t even break a sweat
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan32m Haley said the only thing she has in common with Taylor Swift is stupid boys lol
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan21m Haley was so funny when they asked if she had a boyfriend. She said “noooooo I don’t need 1 boyfriend” in a little girl voice lmao
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan14m They just said they’ll have the whole interview on the website  @HaleyRnews

Haley at

Video of Haley’s visit to Mix.FM

[Image: aceaa1d6a70a11e2846522000a1f9d5a_7.jpg]
Caryn Khoo ‏@_caaryn Haley Reinhart LIVE in KL in conjunction w American Idol on Star World (Astro Ch 711) & Star World HD (Astro Ch 722) Thurs & Fri 6pm & 8pm 11:09 PM – 16 Apr 13 · Details [18, 19]
Red FM | RedFM ‏@iloveredfm Haley Reinhart of American Idol joins The Really Really Late Breakfast Show with Papi and Grumpy.  11:41 PM – 16 Apr 13 · Details

PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan jasonmighty’s photo w/ Haley Reinhart 
[Image: 9e03affaa71911e285d522000a9f3c76_7.jpg]
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan itchyfeetstreet’s photo w/ Haley Reinhart 
[Image: bb91b8f4a71f11e292eb22000a1fbd89_7.jpg]
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan wonguling’s photo w/ Haley Reinhart 
[Image: 6f094c16a72111e29cc222000a9f38cc_7.jpg]
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan esmadiaz’s photo w/ Haley Reinhart 
[Image: a4ad69bca70b11e2b74c22000a9f1427_7.jpg]
Caryn Khoo ‏@_caaryn She forced me to have durian! Such a cool chic! Haley Reinhart LIVE in KL. please let me know if you…  1:06 AM – 17 Apr 13 · Details
[Image: 9b8c5ceca73511e292fc22000a1f9806_7.jpg]

April 17

Red FM | RedFM ‏@iloveredfm26m See what Haley had to say when she tried the King of Fruits  3:54 AM – 17 Apr 13 · Details [Haley eating Durian!]
Red FM Interview Part 1 Part 2 [stairway2halien]

At the end:
Mentioned fall tour (US) as a possibility again.
Mentioned she’d be on the road writing  [Previously she said she was planning to go the UK to write and there are also rumor that she’ll attend the ole songwriting camp in Greece in April/May (looking like early May)]

Red FM | RedFM ‏@iloveredfm1h Haley Reinhart of American Idol joins The Really Really Late Breakfast Show with Papi and Grumpy. See what went…  3:14 AM – 17 Apr 13 · Details [20+ photos, 1 video (above)]
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Tan Lih Wern ‏@LihWern Around 10 more minutes and we’re gonna be interviewing @HaleyReinhart ! All under @thestar_rage ! 3:20 AM – 17 Apr 13 · Details
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R.AGE ‏@thestar_rage  managed to catch @HaleyReinhart going acapella right before we leave!
 4:33 AM – 17 Apr 13 · Details
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R.AGE ‏@thestar_rage Alright! It’s wrap up time now! The BRATs did have a good time with @HaleyReinhart  4:36 AM – 17 Apr 13 · Details

Kavin Jay ‏@KavinJay With the lovely Haley Reinhart #celebmoments  2:51 AM – 17 Apr 13 · Details

Jamal Jay Jamaluddin
  17 April 2013 Meeting my very 1st american idol contestant HALEY REINHART 3rd placed in season 10…absolutely fantastic voice [3 photos, fb, 17 April 2013]

R.AGE ‏@thestar_rage #InstaFrame hoho. Malaysia’s shoe ambassador came to greet @HaleyReinhart ! 4:47 AM – 17 Apr 13 · Details
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Full audio from the Mix Breakfast:
Maybe easier to listen to here:
Devi Antoinette ‏@devijeanny Wow, Haley Reinhart will have a showcase in Gandaria City, Jakarta Apr 27th, should i go? #itsthisweek 😦 5:28 PM – 17 Apr 13 · Details
Aisha Salsabilla ‏@ASalsabilla Haley Reinhart live in Jakarta 27th April 2013 dying to see her (╥﹏╥) 5:49 PM – 17 Apr 13 · Details
Red FM Interview Part 1 Part 2 [stairway2halien]
Georgie Joseph ‏@georgie_joseph This powerhouse former American Idol contestant. Meet Haley Reinhart. @americanidol #americanidol…  9:04 PM – 17 Apr 13 · Details
[Image: 3e45fda2a7dc11e2976e22000a1fbc8d_7.jpg] [Post from Skyar Stonestreet who co-wrote a song or two with Haley and Rob Kleiner earlier this year]

April 18

Event: The Bee, Publika, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, MIX fm! Link (via contest) 7:30PM  Link

[Previously listed two tv events on 18th and 19th, but that was just confusion (those were AI air times)]

Setlist: Wasted Tears, Hit The Ground Runnin’, Oh My, Bennie and the Jets, House Of The Rising Sun, Mercy
Guitarist:  Faz Aznam, Link
Wasted Tears [HotXPress, hotxpress1, 4/21]
Oh My! [Bridge version, Misha C·, 4/18]

Hit the Ground Runnin’ [Misha C, 4/18]

Bennie and the Jets [Partial, Misha C·, 4/18]

House of the Rising Sun [Misha C, 4/18]

Mercy [Misha C, 4/18]

Q&A part 1 [ Misha C·, 4/18 ]
Media: Singing At Last! [Subhadra Devan, 4/18]
Media clips [NIK HARIFF HASSANnstonlinetv, 4/18]
Halien :3 ‏@SwiftHalien13 Guys!!! Look! 4:00 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
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Halien :3 ‏@SwiftHalien13 Heres anther 🙂 4:02 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
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Halien :3 ‏@SwiftHalien13 I’m in the cafe! 4:11 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
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Joe Brooks Malaysia ‏@TeamJoeBrooksMY Haley performing wasted tears right now! @haleyreinhart #americanidol all thanks to #StarWorld ! 5:29 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
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Reinharted! ‏@juice_box232m omg spiderweb RT @syazwanshuhaimi Haley reinhart in the house baby! #idol!cgAKbab  5:43 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
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Yeow Mei Ann ‏@yeowmeiann One more #AmericanIdol off my checklist – Haley Reinhart: Live in KL! Sounding good!  5:36 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
Gordon Ling ‏@gordonated  Haley Reinhart love. Pretty great voice. 5:53 AM – 18 Apr 13 from Batu, Kuala Lumpur · Details
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Chiara Kramer ‏@chiarakramer Miss @haleyreinhart SMASHING IT IN MALAYSIA. #packedhouse #killedit #soproud #kualalumpur 🙂 @ The Bee  6:08 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
Brendan Lim ‏@brendan_lim89 Errrmahgerd. Haley Reinhart#idol #thebee #die  6:07 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
Edea Eats ‏@EdeaEats Hauled ass 2 catch ma homegirl Haley Reinhart. Boy can she “sangggg” her ass off. This crowd tho, cheeseness maximus!  6:37 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
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Halien :3 ‏@SwiftHalien13 Here are some of the photos for now 🙂 7:10 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
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Halien :3 ‏@SwiftHalien13 And thiss 🙂 7:13 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
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Halien :3 ‏@SwiftHalien13 @Taithleach wasted tears.HTGR,Oh My,BATJ,HOTRS,mercy,and then she did a Q&A 🙂 7:48 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
House of the Rising Sun 8:01 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
House of the Rising Sun
Hit the Ground Runnin’
Emellia Shariff ‏@emelliashariff HALEY REINHART LIVE IN MALAYSIA BITCHES! 🙂 🙂  8:47 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan1h charlenemixfm’s photo of Haley Reinhart  8:54 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan Haley Reinhart sings At Last a capella for reporters … 10:03 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan clips of Haley Reinhart meeting with reporters. Says she could see herself with Atlantic Records 🙂 … 9:59 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details

Halien :3 ‏@SwiftHalien13 Wasted Tears 🙂 10:00 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details

Embedded image permalink
H ▲ L I E N ‏@AzuoneNurazuwan41m Not very clear though but ❤ ! #HaleyReinhartInMalaysia @HaleyReinhart ! 10:00 AM – 18 Apr 13 · Details
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 Oh My! [Bridge version, Misha C·, 4/18]
Bennie and the Jets [Partial, Misha C·, 4/18]
Q&A part 1 [ Misha C·, 4/18 ]
Q&A part 2[ Misha C·, 4/18 ]
[okibrian, Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan) 4/18]Mercy [angelfireluv81, 4/18]

April 19

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart My eyes are wide open.. So much hate in such a beautiful place. Why oh why? Let us take action for the greater good and pick each other up! 12:09 AM – 19 Apr 13 · Details
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart They call me crazy but I’m just waiting For the world around me to change I’m thinkin maybe if we look inside We’ll find the ❤ & ✌ of mind 12:52 AM – 19 Apr 13 · Details [Lyrics from Walkin’ on Heaven]
After  people tweeted other lyrics and the name:
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart I love you guys. #Haliens 💋 #WalkingOnHeaven 💋 1:06 AM – 19 Apr 13 · Details
Almost gave up my “American Idol” [title is a translation, includes a short clip of “Dream A Little Dream Of Me”, Astro Awani, Malaysian TV, video, 4/19]

The Haley Reinhart experience [, author becomes a fan after the event at the Bee, 5+ photos, 4/19]

fuzzykins Performed with @haleyreinhart at The Bee, Publika tonight. #americanidol    Read more at [Faz Aznam]

Showcase Haley Reinhart di KL [.astro awani, video, 4/19]

Hayley hope to enter the film attempt to challenge Broadway [Oriental News, 4/19]

Hayley Lin Hart did not dare took a role in the Broadway [ChinaPress, 4/19, this and the Oriental News article may be hard to follow.   There was a english language article published 4/22 that’s easier to read]

Haley Reinhard Live in Malaysia [20+, facebook, 4/19]

Haley Reinhard Live in Malaysia [12 photos, fb, 4/19]

American Idol S10 finalist Haley Reinhart ~ Special message for Vela! 

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Missing the US a lot today.. Can’t believe my whole day will consist of traveling. Ehh. I’ll catch up later;) As for now, #Bali awaits!!!!! 8:11 PM – 20 Apr 13 · Details
halo Jakarta ‏@haloJakarta  Haley Reinhart ( American Idol ) will have a showcase in Gandaria City, Jakarta Apr 27th 2013, 2 PM 1:56 AM – 20 Apr 13 · Details [All About JAKARTA, 60k+ followers, Someone else tweeted that it was from 2-4pm]

April 21

haleyreinhart Just got to my villa in Bali… I’m all kinds of dazed and confuzed… #Bali #Paradise #Island #AlreadyGotLaid    Read more at [This is an old play on words: she had a lei put on, e.g. was lei’d which is said “laid”.   Unfortunately, doesn’t work as well in print.]

Haley Reinhart Live at The Bee, Kuala Lumpur [HotXPress, 3 photos, 1 video, 4/21]

Haley Reinhart Live at The Bee – Wasted Tears – hotmagazine [HotXPress, hotxpress1, 4/21]

Haley Reinhart performs in Malaysia for the first time [, 4/22]

How was your experience in 90210 and would you like to do more acting in the future?

Everybody was so nice. I had a great time. It was a little interesting and strange to play myself with scripted lines. And yeah, I would love to get into acting more and play somebody other than myself. That’s been a big passion of mine since I was young. I’ve done a lot of musicals and improvisations, and took some acting class.

What about Broadway?

I think it’s too much for me because you have to be really dedicated to do Broadway. As much as I love singing and acting, Broadway is a whole different lifestyle. But who knows, I’ll never say never.

Where is your next stop after Malaysia?

We’ll be here for a few more days, and after that we’ll be going to Bali. I’m very excited because I’ll be performing at a gala. After Bali, I’ll be heading to Jakarta.

So what do you do during your free time?

I’ll go get out in the sun. That’s one of my favourite things to do when I travel, and to get to see all these beautiful countries.

Besides singing, is there anything else that you’re passionate about?

Well, I love arts of all kinds. When I was young, I wrote poetry and I got into slam poetry. It’s almost like rapping but with lots of play on words, rhythm, and it’s got a lot of emotions in it. I’d like to get back into it. I did that a lot back in high school. That’s something I enjoy.

Who are you listening to right now?

When I’m travelling, I listen to Rufus Wainwright and a lot of Rolling Stones. I listen to a lot of classic rock.

Who will we be surprised to find on your playlist? Nicki Minaj?

Taylor Swift?


Justin Bieber?

I guess maybe it’ll be surprising. Before he was big, I used to watch him. My friends and I stumbled upon one of his YouTube videos and it was very early on. We just loved him! We thought he was the cutest thing. But it’s funny now how far he’s come!

Exclusive Interview With Manhwa Astro Haley Reinhart! [Astro GemPak, video, article is in Malay but video is in English, 4/22]

April 22

haleyreinhart Say whuuu? @chiarakramer #Bali #Margaritaville #Storm

The Sultry Growler [Malay Mail, nothing new, but put together nicely in a package, 4/22]

April 23

Asia Pacific Pay-TV Operators Summit (APOS), April 22-24, 2013 at Ayana Resort & Spa Link [Via Stairway2Halien]

We won’t see much media coming from this private event.

helenachan6789 Hailey reinhart performing for us 🙂 – American idol finalist 5.43 am 4/23/2013 [Helena Chan is Hong Kong’s representative to Asia’s Next Top Model]

Miguel ‏@HaleyFansDotCom Credit for the photo of @HaleyReinhart performing goes to Focus Productions of Bali  9:17 AM – 23 Apr 13 · Details

Video from Okinawa:

Full set from Steven Hendricks

Wasted Tears” [Intro, Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

Now That You’re Here” [Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

Mercy” [Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

Hit the Ground Runnin’” [4, Clip, Sound issues, Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

Oh My!’” [Most, Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

Free’” [Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

Let’s Run Away” [Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

Baby It’s You” [Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

Keep Coming Back”  [9 Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

Keep Coming Back” [Soundcheck, partial,  Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

I Hear You Knockin’”  [Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

Stay With Me”  [11 Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

Walkin’ On Heaven”  [ Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

Bennie And The Jets”  [ Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

House Of The Rising Sun”  [ Steven Hendricks, 4/23]

April 24

haleyreinhart Uh oh! …My first Cuban!  #Bali #FOX #AfterParty

Gandaria City ‏@GandariaCity Don’t miss it! On 27 April sing along with HALEY REINHART Live in Main Atrium. Starts from 2pm. 9:03 PM – 24 Apr 13 · Details [If people actually sing along, Haley would likely be tickled pink]

April 25

Renai Mattu ‏@_rendoll @haleyreinhart awesome to meet you! meet another cool cat @kittykittypuss who shall be in Jakarta if you ever need advice on where to go 🙂 2:50 AM – 25 Apr 13 · Details [ESPN Star Sports presenter and entertainer, NTV7, Malaysia ]

BRATs: Interview with Haley Reinhart from American Idol
 [R. AGE, nice acappella of Free at the start, 4/25]
haleyreinhartBye bye beautiful Bali… Last stop!!!! Live in #Jakarta #Mall #Performance & #XfactorIndonesia 😝✈
Article in The Star Malaysia, R.age, Online version: “Blues Sister
Karl Solito ‏@ItzmeKArlYummy  It’s a hot news from star Malaysia. I really love @HaleyReinhart @HaleyRNews … It was a blast.. 11:37 PM – 25 Apr 13 · Details 
Embedded image permalink

WHEN Haley Reinhart took on Rolling In The Deep on the American Idol 10 stage two years ago, she actually wasn’t too sure about the song. It was just fresh on the charts and not quite the smash hit yet.

“That was the toughest week,” said Reinhart during an interview with R.AGE last week. “It was hard choosing the songs, even with the themes they give you. But I learned so much from it.”

As it turns out, that was one of her most popular performances on Idol – at least on YouTube. It got over a million views in less than a month, and a re-uploaded version topped six million views. The performance was a hit with the judges too, who would later give her the show’s much-vaunted judges’ standing ovation three weeks in a row. Reinhart’s big, bluesy voice and subtle jazziness received much acclaim.

Still, Reinhart is soldiering on. She plans to release an EP later this year.

“I actually have a dozen songs in hand now, but nothing is definite yet,” she said. “If it is released, it will be very different from Listen Up!. It won’t be that lovey-dovey, but will carry a more feisty and punchy feeling.”

April 26

X-Factor Indonesia Performance, 9-11:59pm, LinkLive Stream

FIC Indonesia ‏@FOXChannels_ID Btw, FOX People. Besok malam Haley Reinhart akan tampil di @XFactor_ID lho. Jangan lupa nonton, ya 2:31 AM – 25 Apr 13 · Details [From yesterday, seems to say Haley on the Indonesian X-Factor today.]
Bennie was specifically requested.   Link.
Performed Bennie and the Jets, official X-Factor Indonesia video:
Better audio and video in this recording from Nanda Maulana Rizqie Rozan:
Audio only version recorded from the stream.  Has interview at end.
This will be live streamed.   Better link:   [Airs 9PM Jakarta time, translate it back to your own time zone (should be 7AM Pacific/10 Eastern I think 4/26)
Tiara Sugiyono ‏@TeeRaaa American Idol, Haley Reinhart is having surabi notosuman at studio RCTI. hehehe [pic] —  Tiara Sugiyono Posted a photo 2:00 AM – 26 Apr 13 · Details [X-Factor TV studios, 4/26]
Embedded image permalink

Steff de la Paz
 Haley Reinhart. My AI10 idol 😊 kilig #throwback  6:37 AM – 26 Apr 13 · Details

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Just finished performing on Indonesia’s xfactor_id You guys are awesome. See some of ya’s tomorrow!! 💋  11:49 AM – 26 Apr 13 · Details

[Image: 55683286aea111e2905222000aaa031b_7.jpg]

[Image: haleyalbumsalesxf.png]

Translation: “Debut album sold more than 100,000 copies”

Grusca Maura Audina ‏@GruscaMaura @HaleyReinhart thankU so much u want to take a pict w/me. You are very humble singer ever after @Angelo_Mikha haha!:) 3:40 PM – 26 Apr 13 · Details

April 27

Showcase,  Main Atrium, Gandaria City, Jakarta 2pm Free Official Link Banner M&G Info  M&G Contest2

Reported set list: “Wasted Tears”, “Hit the Ground Runnin'”, “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson, “Oh My!”, “Call Me”.  Also sang “Wasted Tears”, “Hit The Ground Runnin'”, part of “Free” a cappella, part of  “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” (Aerosmith)  at the M&G/dinner.  Link [Just a snippet: “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” along with a someone during a contest:  very short clip and solo: 20s clip (direct link: note portions covered if you are not a member)]

Star Media Nusantara ‏@SMN_Channel Starworld and Indovision showcase: Presenting @rinni_w and Haley Reinhart from American Idol, Perform 2PM at Gandariacity Jakarta BeThere=D 10:42 PM – 25 Apr 13 · Details [Rini Wulandari is opening]
FIC Indonesia ‏@FOXChannels_ID Kami juga punya 20 invitation untuk datang ke Meet n Greet+dinner dgn Haley Reinhart, FOX People! 2:35 AM – 22 Apr 13 · Details [Meet and Greet Dinner with Haley, presumably on the 27th]

Haley Reinhart – Wasted Tears (Live In Jakarta) [deonoxivar, 4/28]

The Way You Make Me Feel [deonoxivar, 4/28]

Haley Reinhart Live In Jakarta, [Youtube, Intro and start of Wasted Tears, salveria kirana, 4/27]

Haley Reinhart Live In Jakarta 2  [Rest  of Wasted Tears through Call Me, salveria kirana, 4/27]

– Another batch of videos:

[youtube ]
rini wulandari ‏@rinni_w With the gorgeous @haleyreinhart ,Getting ready to perform at gandaria city :)) i’ll be on stage at 2pm. See ya there  9:49 PM – 26 Apr 13 · Details

Tiara Sugiyono ‏@TeeRaaa @HaleyReinhart @ChiaraKramer dears, this is your stage for today’s show! 😉 10:23 PM – 26 Apr 13 · Details
Embedded image permalink
rini wulandari ‏@rinni_w Rehearsal with @HaleyReinhart :))  10:40 PM – 26 Apr 13 · Details
dean trineswara ‏@deanesia Watchin @HaleyReinhart showcase @GandariaCity #Jakarta unbelievable A+mazing! #Pow 12:08 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Md Saiful Azri ‏@mdsaifulazri 12:11 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details [FOOTBALLOVERLOADTV, 4/27]

Haley Reinhart sings ‘The #EURO2012 Final’ song  #hotpeopleifollow  Haley Reinhart sings ‘The Euro 2012 Final’ song we got American Idol finalist Haley Reinhart to sing a popular tune but replaced the lyrics with lines from a famous football commentary – in this case it wa…

FIC Indonesia ‏@FOXChannels_ID Rini Idol is on stage FOX People! ayo segera merapat ke gandaria city sebelum Haley Reinhart tampil yaa! 😉 12:21 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details [Rini is opening for Haley; may be doing duet or backup vocals as well]
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Kristov Bagaskoro ‏@kristovbagas Haley Reinhart Live in Jakarta. Now.Yuk. (at Gandaria City..) [pic] —  12:56 AM – 27 Apr 13 from Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan · Details [Photo is of Rini]
Andy Hoza Junardy ‏@AndyHoza Haley Reinhart runner up @AmericanIdol pers conference @BeerdyBar @GandariaCity Jakarta-Indonesia at 5pm-10pm 1:01 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
rini wulandari ‏@rinni_w Just finished my show. Now waiting for duet with @haleyreinhart 🙂 your voice is amazinggggg!!  1:24 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
M A M M O T H ‏@MammothMahendra1m Onstage with mbak Haley Reinhart.. Digoy’s Kel’s @PriandhaGalih @guitarkidzzz @HeyDews 😉 1:32 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
FIC Indonesia ‏@FOXChannels_ID Haley on stage!  1:36 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
FIC Indonesia ‏@FOXChannels_ID Gandaria City sedang disihir Haley, FOX People  1:40 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details

Gandaria City ‏@GandariaCity Hayley Reinhart on Main Atrium stage now!!  1:48 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Tiara Sugiyono ‏@TeeRaaa its ON! @HaleyReinhart is on stage everyone! [pic] —  1:48 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Gandaria City ‏@GandariaCity Amazing voice from Hayley Reinhart! The people sing along with her \(‘V’)/  1:50 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Pinky Mirror ‏@pinkymirror American Idol @HaleyReinhart at Gandaria City, Jakarta 1:52 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Yayas ‏@Yazh22 Haley Reinhart @ Gandaria City 1:52 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details

FIC Indonesia ‏@FOXChannels_ID Rame bener nih, yang nonton  1:51 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Felicia Budiman ‏@FeliciaAnggia Seriously can’t waiit! @HaleyReinhart @Indovision_TV ♥ 1:57 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Unlucky Girl ‏@amelvina Hiiiiii @HaleyReinhart 👋✋👋✋☺ #jakarta #americanidol 2:01 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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R I Z A H A B I B I ‏@RizaHBB Haley Reinhart on stage now! 2:05 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Hafiz Hairullah ‏@hafizz_hai Thank You @HaleyReinhart for coming to Jakarta! love You!!! 2:05 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Robby Febryanto ‏@robbyfebryanto @haleyreinhart from #americanidol feat @rinni_w from #indonesian idol !!! Amazingggg voice & perform,…  2:08 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
@DerryAhmad ‏@DerryAhmad Thank you for coming to Jakarta, @HaleyReinhart !! So little time 😦 We love you!!!  2:26 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Robby Febryanto ‏@robbyfebryanto watch @rinni_w from #indonesianidol and @haleyreinhart from #americanidol ,like her voice (both)…  2:36 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Shirley Elivia ‏@phiekuphieku Haley Reinhart! So amazing! Beruntung banget bisa liat dan denger dia langsung di depan mataaa!! Kyaaa!!… [pic] —   2:38 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details

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Talula Fidelia C ‏@Lulskie The moment she started singing, my goosebumps began. @HaleyReinhart #HaleyReinhartLiveInJakarta  3:17 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details 
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amNanda ‏@darahmude Beda panggung beda kualitas, kurang lepas nyanyinya di gancy, @HaleyReinhart pas di x factor td malem bagus bgt 3:19 AM – 27 Apr 13 from Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan · Details
6 Parody© ‏@6Parody @HaleyReinhart hi Haley! im Britney girl who give you pink rose.would you follow @britneylop <my account thanks! 3:20 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Gandaria City ‏@GandariaCity Hayley Reinhart at pers confrence on Gandaria City  3:23 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Farouk Ibnu Hanafi ‏@RealAuk Finally I met her! You’re so lovely @HaleyReinhart . Thank you so much. Love you!!! #dreamscometrue 3:28 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Carla Andrea Chrysta ‏@dalooth Call Me @haleyreinhart ft. @rini_w (with Bavner) [vid] —  3:30 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details [works best if you view it inside the tweet (click on “Details”)]
Gandaria City ‏@GandariaCity Hayley Reinhart can speak bahasa a little like “aku cinta kamu” #persconfrenceGC  3:30 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
[Image: 8295a2e6af2511e281d622000a1f975c_7.jpg]
Gandaria City ‏@GandariaCity Hayley Reinhart has been go to Bali and playing some beach game there #persconfrenceGC  3:34 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details

Niki Widjaja ‏@nikiwidjaja Haley Reinhart (live in #Jakarta, 27 – 4 – 2013)… #haleyreinhart #concerts  3:49 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Kevin Lim ‏@kevinnlimm Cancelled my flight for @HaleyReinhart! I did not regret a single thing. Thank you for being here 😀 You’re AMAZING! 4:15 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Call Me Nikki ‏@Nikki951kisfm Exclusive interview w/ @HaleyReinhart she’s beautiful, sassy & a smart young lady! @kisfmjakarta cc @RyanSeacrest 4:11 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Sashi Gandarum ‏@sashigandarum Opened for american idol’s Haley Reinhart 🙂 (with @yuyayuyi and @celngoceh) [pic] —  4:22 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Mutiara Putri Adelia ‏@putriadelia4 OMG! Haley Reinhart(y) 4:31 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Irvan JenG ‏@bangirpann Sweet,fun,friendly,humble,great voice… @HaleyReinhart 4:33 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Rachel Tampubolon ‏@RachZone At the backstage w/ @haleyreinhart @rinni_w Go Girls!! 💋👯 (at @TheGandariaCity) [pic] —   4:41 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Juyotax ‏@juyotax @HaleyReinhart performance at GanCi, taken from Upper Ground floor, should’ve been better if I bring my Prosumer Cam 4:41 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Arya Satya Nugraha ‏@aryasatya It was a very short performance but so happy to hear “wasted tears” was sung live by @HaleyReinhart. Cc:@mirajan 5:10 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Elvana Sarwono ‏@Nadyawz Haley Reinhart was singing soooo close from me:’) The most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard❤…  5:32 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Deon Oxivar ‏@deonoxivar Pon de stage is #AmericanIdol‘s Season 10 standout Miss Haley Freaking Reinhart (@HaleyReinhart) [pic] — 5:50 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Adis ‏@adisyahya Hi beautiful @haleyreinhart! ❤❤ love your mini #concert  6:20 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
VellaKytha ‏@pellaluckytha yeaahh Haley Reinhart [pic] —  6:27 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details

Haley Reinhart LIVE! in Jakarta Part 3:  [Wasted Tears,  low quality, ThreeBoysBromance, 4/27]

Haley Reinhart LIVE! in Jakarta Part 4: [Hit The Ground Runnin’,  low quality, ThreeBoysBromance, 4/27]

Haley Reinhart LIVE! in Jakarta Part 5:  [The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson,  low quality,ThreeBoysBromance, 4/27]

Haley Reinhart LIVE! in Jakarta Part 6:  [Oh My!,   low quality, ThreeBoysBromance, 4/27]

Haley Reinhart LIVE! in Jakarta Part 7:  [Call Me,  low quality,  ThreeBoysBromance, 4/27]

Felicia Budiman ‏@FeliciaAnggia Still can’t believe i was talking to @HaleyReinhart 😂 and she hugged mee!! And thank you for the autograph ! ❤❤ 8:03 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Mohamad reza ‏@rezamoch16m Haley reinhart live in jakarta :)) 8:14 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Aa ‏@ifanhere Haley reinhart voice is AMAZING!! 8:25 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Sandika Rakhim ‏@rakhim  @HaleyReinhart thanks for coming to Indonesia! I love your performance today.  8:30 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Wahyu Hermawan ‏@wahhher @HaleyReinhart Live in Jakarta 8:30 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Felicia Budiman ‏@FeliciaAnggia Thanks for tonight @haleyreinhart ! 😂 You’re so amazing! Hope you’ll remember this day. ILY! ❤…  8:35 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Hendrick Wiharjo ‏@justhendrick 1st pict of @HaleyReinhart @GandariaCity Live in Jakarta ! 8:47 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details 
Hendrick Wiharjo ‏@justhendrick Then @HaleyReinhart duet w/ the 1st winner of IndonesianIdol season 4 Rini , cool!whatcha think about her, haley? 😉 8:59 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Hendrick Wiharjo ‏@justhendrick 1st pict Meet and Greet with @HaleyReinhart @GandariaCity in Jakarta , Haley is very nice! 9:16 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Hendrick Wiharjo ‏@justhendrick 2nd pict Meet and Greet with @HaleyReinhart TOP3 AmericanIdol season10! In Jakarta @GandariaCity 9:19 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Hendrick Wiharjo ‏@justhendrick 3rd pict Meet and Greet with @HaleyReinhart in Jakarta @GandariaCity .. She sang “Free” !aa love it! 9:20 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details

Chiara Kramer ‏@chiarakramer “@sashigandarum: Haley for Jakarta. C u around, kids!✊@chiarakramer @haleyreinhart ” so great to meet you! You rock! 10:07 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Bandar Lampung ‏@bumilampung Haley Reinhart ‘American Idol’ Gelar Konser Mini di Mall Gandaria City: Jakarta, C&R Digital – Finalis America…  10:39 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details [Link is to]
Irvan JenG ‏@bangirpann Hanya 2 meter,bo! bahasa sononya…omg,just 2 meters away! Hug 10:37 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
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Irvan JenG ‏@bangirpann “Don’t wanna close my eyes,don’t wanna fall asleep…” mimpiin lo mulu ni,ley @HaleyReinhart 10:43 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Irvan JenG ‏@bangirpann Nampang dolo ahh…group photo session with @HaleyReinhart 10:48 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Ridwan Setiawan ‏@r1dwanset1awan @HaleyReinhart set list @meetngreet wasted tears, htgr, a bit of free acapella, n a bit of I don’t want to miss a thing (this one is cool!) 11:01 AM – 27 Apr 13 · Details


Haley Reinhart Jatuh Cinta dengan Bali [MetroTVNews, Indonesia, 4/27]

“Yesterday I was to Bali, stay and have fun there for five days. Balinese people said it was a true paradise, extraordinary. I went snorkeling, enjoy the underwater beauty of Indonesia. Truly enjoyed everything there,” Haley said with sparkling eyes told reporters in a media briefing in Gandaria City on Saturday (27/4).

Haley Reinhart Live In Jakarta, [Youtube, Intro and start of Wasted Tears, salveria kirana, 4/27]

Haley Reinhart Live In Jakarta 2  [Rest  of Wasted Tears through Call Me, salveria kirana, 4/27]

Photos from  deonoxiva (26):

IPB Image

VellaKytha‏@pellaluckytha With @HaleyReinhart ♥ see you again in jakarta xoxo  8:38 PM – 27 Apr 13 · Details
Nova Singing with Haley Reinhart [Turns out Haley only sang “Dont’ Want To Miss A Thing” due to someone in a contest not knowing the lyrics]

There’s a game at the M&G. Haley chose my sister to join the game with 4 other people. he game is singing a song that Haley picked. Haley chose “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith. My sister asked Haley to help her because she forgot the lyrics.

Clip of Haley singing “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” solo.

Diandra A. ‏@diandraayudhia Haley Reinhart sang I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing on her private concert in Jakarta! [vid] — 1:33 AM – 28 Apr 13 · Details


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