News and Info 6/2-6/29 (4 Week ROLLUP)

Posted on June 1, 2013

Month of June: News and Info 6/2-6/29 (4 Week ROLLUP)  Rolling up 4 weeks.    Haley is busy doing her sophomore album.   We don’t know of any events this month (yet).   Next month, she’s scheduled for a songwriting conference in Hawaii.

June 2

Haley’s little sister Angie graduated today.   There’s some photos of Haley at the event floating around.

Haley visited her old stomping grounds PS Pub last night and joined her parent’s band for four songs last night.   (“Hey Joe”, “House Of The Rising Sun”, “Son Of A Preacher Man” and unknown but previously done cover song).   Video for 2 below courtesy of PS Pub.
showtime17 Look at these lil piglets I stumbled into. #rocknroll    Read more at
PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan “Son of a Preacher Man” @HaleyReinhart with her mom and Traffic Jam at PS Pub 6/1/2013 #video … 2:18 PM – 2 Jun 13 · Details
Another couple of videos from inktankpr
“House Of The Rising Sun” [inktankpr, 6/2]
Traffic Jam at PS Pub [Dad playing, Haley shows up from time to time dancing, inktankpr, 6/2]
Haley dancing in one of her vines (probably same place):   Direct Link
An oldie that Tusk dragged up:
Haley and family doing Spiderweb

June 6

Alyce Paris ‏@alyceparisusa The beautiful @HaleyReinhart was at ALYCE today … 3:16 PM – 6 Jun 13 · Details
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Hangin in a warehouse FULL of pretty dresses… In my glory;) @alyceparisusa
haleyreinhart I love tryin on a buncha #fancy #dresses & lounging in a #big #red #satin robe. 

PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan Sox game yo. — Vine clip by Haley Reinhart — Vinebox … 6:48 PM – 6 Jun 13 · Details [Direct link]

June 9

Haley was sighted at the Blues Fest (Chicago).

June 10

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart My dad just showed me this video… Cutest little thang! Don’t worry London, I’m not goin’ Anywhere! … 3:23 PM – 10 Jun 13 · Details

June 12

Casey Abrams ‏@IAmCaseyAbrams “Hey @haleyreinhart what are you doing?” “I don’t know, this feels right”  9:07 AM – 12 Jun 13 · Details

June 14

Carlos Piaggio ‏@carlospiaggio So much talent walking around Venice! @HaleyReinhart you rock! can’t wait to hear your next album! 10:36 AM – 14 Jun 13 · Details
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Carlos Piaggio ‏@carlospiaggio @HaleyReinhart another one 😉 10:46 AM – 14 Jun 13 · Details [Angie’s in town]
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June 15

PJ ‏@PJ_HaleyRfan new post–Haley Reinhart Meet and Greet at Gandaria City Jakarta:  via @youtube
  9:49 AM – 15 Jun 13 · Details
[youtube ]
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Cause I love to live so pleasantly, Live this life of luxury, Lazing on a sunny afternoon. In the summertime☀ 12:33 PM – 15 Jun 13 · Details [from Sunday Afternoon by the Kinks]

June 18

 Pip ‏@pip_andrew 16 Jun Met one of my vocal idols tonight while selling CD’s! So nice meeting you @HaleyReinhart!! #RealityShowKids 🙂
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Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart @pip_andrew Great meeting ya Pip! So cool to hear you were inspired by my version of hotrs. Goodluck to ya; I’ll be checkin out your tunes:) 5:37 PM – 18 Jun 13 · Details
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart “@sweetemmarose: @HaleyReinhart cuzzys and best friend for life<3” Hahahhh! True dat!  6:23 PM – 18 Jun 13 · Details
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haleyreinhart Hey look! It’s Cousin Itt! 👨
haleyreinhart Back in 2009- performing at #Montreux & #Umbria #Jazz #festivals w WHS jazz band. Met Chick Corea at a pit stop in Rome after seeing him perform the night before in Perugia..#Fate #tbt 

haleyreinhart Last year @ Lollapalooza. 
Impromptu photo shoot at the #lollashop signing!
Photo cred: @ChiaraKramer

June 22

Team Haley shared info on the Aug. 10 event and added info: looks like a new song may be posted then.   Rob Kleiner is going too, so it might be the song

  • “Voodoo Doll” by Skyler Stonestreet, Robert Kleiner, Haley Reinhart V23021

though could be an unlisted Kleiner Reinhart song or could be just Rob showing support.

Haley Reinhart shared Universal CityWalk Hollywood‘sevent. LA! Miss Reinhart and Mr Casey Abrams are going to be playing a special show for you guys on August 10th at Universal CityWalk Hollywood! Check out the event below! Can anyone say “new music maybe?” :):):):) -Team Haley

Some photos from Shiloh (possibly today or possibly from Greece)

June 23

Daniel Rasmussen ‏@drazzle I have twitter for a day and I’m already meeting celebs. Say hello to my future wife, Haley Reinhart. #AmericanIdol 1:27 PM – 23 Jun 13 · Details [Togos]
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“Oh My!” in Lifetime “Summer Nights” promo (1m30s)
Michael Slezak @MichaelSlezakTV Hell yeah! Just heard @HaleyReinhart‘s spectacular “Oh My!” in a lengthy promo for @lifetimetv‘s summer programming. #NowWakeUpRadio 9:42 PM – 23 Jun 13

June 24

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Hey guys this summer, bring hope to those who truly need it! Join me & help fight cancer. Donate now @ . #SUMMEROFHOPE 1:33 PM – 24 Jun 13 · Details

June 25

haleyreinhart Cheetah girl fo life.

Some photos from navitiyanahofficial (probably from Sunday, June 23)

haleyreinhart What a lovely time:)

June 26

From Sunday:

haleyreinhart Lake Shrine with my love lights– @navitiyanahofficial @iammynority

June 27

m_kat ‏@mikekhalilmusic Wrote a great song today with @HaleyReinhart @JackieBoyz @CMinorIsTheKey @yaboychizzy I said it first!!! 3:40 PM – 27 Jun 13 · Details


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