News and Info 9/1-9/28 (4 Week ROLLUP)

Posted on August 31, 2013

Month of September: News and Info 9/1-9/28 (4 Week ROLLUP) Rolling up 4 weeks.    Haley is busy doing her sophomore album, but may release an EP on iTunes soon. No known scheduled events for September. September 9, Haley’s birthday

September 26, Beasley Broadcast Group, Private event through BMI, Naples FL Link Link

September 27, Guest duet performer.  Bianca Minniti’s show at the Foundation Room at the House Of Blues, Hollywood, 8PM, Clip of the two singing Jolene

September 1

Mike Danenberg Photo ‏@MikeDanenberg1 Damn this girl rocks. @HaleyReinhart at BGDays — prints available at   12:00 AM – 1 Sep 13 · Details
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Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk4Posting this now, but will marry the audio with my video, Enjoy 😀 Haley Reinhart “Better” New Song:   12:08 AM – 1 Sep 13 · Details  [This is higher quality]
Miguel ‏@HaleyFansDotCom “Better” – Audio from New Haley Reinhart Song’ performed at Buffalo Grove Days 8-31-13 #SoundCloud …  12:51 AM – 1 Sep 13 · Details
Miguel ‏@HaleyFansDotCom  Tusk’s front-row video of HaleyReinhart performing “Better” on 8-31-13 married to my audio   1:47 AM – 1 Sep 13 · Details
Buffalo Grove Days ‏@BGDays Guess you #Haliens are wanting more! Ok last for now, more tomorrow!! Photo of @haleyreinhart by 12:12 AM – 1 Sep 13 · Details
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Haley Reinhart OH MY!!!! Buffalo Grove Days.   drommom [9/1/2013]

September 2

Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk The second encore @ Buffalo Grove @HaleyReinhart “What is and What Should Never Be”:  2:35 AM – 2 Sep 13 · Details

Haley Reinhart at BG Days Burt Miller [Let’s Run Away, 9/1/2013]

Haley Reinhart “My Cake” The Cosmo Las Vegas 8-16-2013  RBC 25 [9/2/2013]

Paul Somerstorfer added 7 photos9/2/2013  The night before we saw Haley Reinhart!  — in Buffalo Grove, IL.  [Go to site for larger images]

September 3

haleyreinhart Bead worlddddd💙

My Cake Ryan Clausen [9/3/2013]

September 4

Mike Danenberg Photo ‏@MikeDanenberg Photo of @HaleyReinhart and her family at the @bgdays parade #Haliens #BGDays Retweeted by Haley Reinhart  5:09 PM – 3 Sep 13 · Details
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Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Hey guys & gals! It was a blast playin @BGDays 🙂 For those who weren’t there, enjoy the videos poppin up! I hope you like my new tunes!!!!!  1:47 PM – 4 Sep 13 · Details

September 5

Haley Reinhart “Beautiful” Buffalo Grove Days  HaleysTusk [9/5/2013]

haleyreinhart Back in LA.. You got to be startin’ somethin’
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Great memories recording at Capital Studios with Idol. Casey caught my reflection off a grand piano:)…  9:25 PM – 5 Sep 13 · Details

September 6

Haley Reinhart “Wasted Tears” Buffalo Grove Days HaleysTusk [9/6/2013]

Haley Reinhart signing autographs, Buffalo Grove Days  Babbsie234 [9/6/2013]

September 7

A few featuring Harry and Patti:

September 9

_bonx_ Happy birthday, sweet thaaang! @haleyreinhart

Happy Birthday Haley!

Happy 23rd Birthday Haley. from 
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Wow thanks to everyone who made the video for my b day!! What a great reminder of how silly, sweet, and dedicated you all are & have been. 💋 9:52 PM – 9 Sep 13 · Details
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart  And thanks for all the birthday love in general… You guys rock my world!😝 9:53 PM – 9 Sep 13 · Details
haleyreinhart I’ll have my cake(s) and eat it too🎶 #NewSong #Birfday#Girl #MyCake 🎂 Filmed by- Tusk!

September 12

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Should b sleepin, tryina get betta.. Then again music’s my #1 meditation medication & rejuvenation;) Vibin to #TheElectricLady@JanelleMonae  1:29 AM – 12 Sep 13 · Details
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Well, one good thing about bein sick.. It gives me some alone time. That’s the time songs come pouring outa me like lava out the volcanos 😉  12:07 PM – 12 Sep 13 · Details
Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel visit.
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart I’m backstage at @jimmykimmel and just watched @GyllenhaalJake say “Whats up?” to @StephenGlickman then we all hung with @DiannaAgron 6:48 PM – 12 Sep 13 · Details
7:38 PM – 12 Sep 13 · Details
Haley Reinhart “What is and What Should Never Be II” BGDays  HaleysTusk [9/13/2013 – different audio source, different video mixed together]

September 13

caseybassy Gangster Chick

haleyreinhart Reppin these #JimmyKimmelLive hats pretty hard.. Great show, great time! @caseybassy 

Casey Abrams ‏@IAmCaseyAbrams  Me and @haleyreinhart at kimmel 7:32 PM – 13 Sep 13 · Details

September 17

haleyreinhart It gets so real here:) #rollerskatin #funky #inspiration

Bianca Minniti ‏@_bonx_ The cool kids are doing it! @HaleyReinhart  8:06 AM – 17 Sep 13 · Details
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September 19

Irvin Mayfield ‏@IrvinMayfieldJr @HaleyReinhart So how bout we do it all over again? Last time it was @carnigie hall this time the world famous Chicago theatre.  7:32 PM – 18 Sep 13 · Details
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Oh my! @IrvinMayfieldJr I’d be more than delighted!!! As if @Carnigie hall wasn’t enough.. Makin’ dreams come true here.. You’re too much.;)  12:04 PM – 19 Sep 13 · Details
(Event is scheduled for Nov 21 Link)

September 20

 · 20 September 2013 · I know you #Haliens love hearing new Haley Reinhart tunes. Have you seen this video of Haley performing “Better” yet? It was written at our recent songcamp in Santorini. What do you think?

September 22

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart  Another two jamcakes out in the universe… Can’t vaittt to show ya’s!!! Always a pleasure, @robkleiner 🙂  4:10 PM – 21 Sep 13 · Details [2 more songs]
Bianca Minniti ‏@_bonx_  Jolene! Check us out in the Foundation Room at House of Blues on Friday at 8PM. haleyreinhart’s video   6:36 PM – 22 Sep 13 · Details
haleyreinhart Come by House of Blues Foundation room – Friday night 8pm – see my friend @_bonx_ play with a little help from her friends;)
Bianca Minniti ‏@_bonx_ M83 with the Hollywood Bowl orchestra ❤️ @ The Hollywood Bowl   7:14 PM – 22 Sep 13 from Los Angeles, CA · Details

September 23

 Making magic @_bonx_ @haleyreinhart

Casey Abrams ‏@IAmCaseyAbrams We jammin to Paul Haley Reinhart   8:05 PM – 23 Sep 13 · Details [Haley made another Paul McCartney concert, this time for the Jimmy Kimmel Live taping on Hollywood Boulevard].

September 25

Haley and Bianca doing Breathe.

September 26

haleyreinhart 26 Sept Just finished playin for #BMI & the #Beasley Broadcast Group here in Naples, Florida. What a treat it was!@keithphelps

September 27

Guest duet performer.  Bianca Minniti’s show at the Foundation Room at the House Of Blues, Hollywood, 8PM, Clip of the two singing Jolene

haleyreinhart The magical day I was on set of #Entourage while they were filming their last episode:)) Chillin w #KevinConnolly & the boys… Sighhhh #fbf

Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley Hanging with my gurlll @HaleyReinhart talking about our birthdays 😉  9:26 PM – 27 Sep 13 · Details
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Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley  Got this shot while recording earlier. Greeeeen haha 9:47 PM – 27 Sep 13 · Details
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Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley They just sang Jolene together 🙂 recorded it!  8:59 PM – 27 Sep 13 · Details

September 28

Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley My video from last night of @_bonx_ & @HaleyReinhart singing Jolene!   1:44 PM – 28 Sep 13 · Details
chiarakramer I threw your 💍into the 🌊 #better @haleyreinhart


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