News and Info 9/29-11/2 (5 Week ROLLUP)

Posted on September 28, 2013

Month of October: News and Info 9/29-11/2 (5 Week ROLLUP) Rolling up 5 weeks.    Haley is busy doing her sophomore album, but may release an EP on iTunes soon.  Keep coming back as we’ll update this throughout the month!

October 2013

September 30-October 4 Ole/RocNation Songcamp Link Link  Link

October 12, Crystal Cove Concert, Private event

October 14-October 18 Ole/bluestone/Thomas Crowne (studio)  Songcamp Link

October 22, StageIt show with Casey Abrams, Link

October 25-28, Southern Rock Experience, Hard Rock Hotel, Cancun, Mexico Link Link Contest (with Casey and 6 others (country))

September 29

Haley in the wild from

caseybassy @haleyreinhart @_bonx_ @alainablair @markealan@jackietohn @aubreeginnydee @isthisben @ninastorey@caitlinlinney @angelica_breanne @stephaniedaulong@michaeljoebray @joeleckels @jkonesky @ijontrichy@jschoeny @tonytommasi @bayanjoonam @ag3000@kawbeats and I making music 🙂

ole (oh-lay) ‏@olemajorlyindie ole songwriters Scotty Mills and @HaleyReinhart are working on a beautiful #Lyricandmelody here at…   8:06 PM – 30 Sep 13 · Details

October 2

ole (oh-lay) ‏@olemajorlyindie  Curly hair twins @haleyreinhart and allisondevorah! Looking good ladies! #olesongcamp   11:31 AM – 2 Oct 13 · Details

October 2

ole (oh-lay) ‏@olemajorlyindie Watch out! @haleyreinhart‘s in the vocal booth! It’s gonna be awesome! #olesongcamp   6:50 PM – 2 Oct 13 · Details
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart Spending a week writing in the historic.. The legendary Westlake Studios. Yeuh. @olemajorlyindie 10:03 PM – 2 Oct 13 · Details

October 3

Casey Abrams ‏@CaseyBassy  yo, @HaleyReinhart and I are going to have a @Stageit show on October 22nd. feel free to watch and groove with us 🙂  1:11 PM – 3 Oct 13 · Details
Ole Camp is Rhianna themed (via PJ/ HaleyFans link)
El o El ‏@Free_in_March 2 Oct @HaleyReinhart if you have some downtime here’s a great article about pop songwriting “The hitmakers behind Rihanna” ….
Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart 2 Oct @Free_in_March Hmm very ironic.. 🙂 7:09 PM – 2 Oct 13 · Details

October 4

celetiamartin Omg I LOVE these people!!! So good to catch up with@haleyreinhart @mariamarcus at Westlake studios today! 

celetiamartin#WestlakeStudios #Hollywood #olesongcamp#WrapParty #SantoriniCrew #Reunion #Talent #Sweden#LA #London #International #Music #writerslife#Songwriter #Producer #Dopeshit #LALife#LondonLass #instapic #Love #losangeles 

celetiamartin Great to see some of my Santorini Massive tonight!!!#LA #santorinicrew

October 5

October 10

Alyce Paris ‏@alyceparisusa Our Fashion Show will be headlined by Chicago’s very own @HaleyReinhart save the date #NOV9th … 3:48 PM – 10 Oct 13 · Details

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Looks like Haley’s recording this week too.
setsuofromjapan Painting pictures with lyrics and melodies.
Ben Setsuo Ezaki ‏@setsuofromjapan Watching my homegirl @HaleyReinhart kill these vocal takes… Goosebumps. Good music is alive and well and life is absolutely beautiful.  6:49 PM – 10 Oct 13 · Details

October 12

Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley Super official 🙂 3:30 PM – 12 Oct 13 · Details
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KEiTH PHELPS ‏@KEiTHPHELPS  Out here runnin around Newport Beach with the one and only @AaronSmithMusic  10:28 AM – 12 Oct 13 · Details
Pat ‏@Pat5533 Sound check 5:16 PM – 12 Oct 13 · Details
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Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley LMAO…Haley’s silly sound checking  5:20 PM – 12 Oct 13 · Details

Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley Bennie ❤️ 
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley Haley just killed Undone. Flawlessly.

Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley  What is and what should never be  9:13 PM – 12 Oct 13 · Details
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley  Rock n roll 

Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley 💍🌊 
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley Better ❤️ 
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley SING IT GURLLL 
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley Oh my! ❤️ 
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley I hear you knockin! 
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley Haley and her dad! 
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley If I fell ❤️ 
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley She’s gonna sing Undone btw
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley  Harr
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley  🍰 
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley  My cake ❤️ 
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley  HTGR ❤️ 
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley  “@intrepid_heroin: She’s singing Blue. Bruh. I’m spazzing so much inside right now.” ksbsbjakaksjaja  7:41 PM – 12 Oct 13 · Details

October 13

Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley  Here’s my video from last night of Haley singing “Blue” for the first time since Idol!  💙 6:08 PM – 13 Oct 13 · Details 
[youtube ]
Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley Here is my video from last night of Haley singing UNDONE!   6:26 PM – 13 Oct 13 · Details
Rob Rasner ‏@RobRasner  @HaleyReinhart so awesome meeting you at #Micellis And hearing you sing. You’re amazing., 9:10 PM – 13 Oct 13 · Details [Micelis  – Italian home-style cooking with nightly jazz performances or opera and show tunes between courses.]

October 14

Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart “@CaseyBassy: … Thanks for listening and watching :)” Peoples! Check out this magical jam sesh:) Casey you rock!!  12:47 PM – 14 Oct 13 · Details

October 15

Raw footage of Stuck In London – Orchestra People   Casey Abrams [Reposted October 16]


October 17

kellybollmann  the wizard and the queen @velly30 @haleyreinhart #oleFollow 

October 18

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Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart1 @Timbaland: heard some of the songs from songcamp at @ThomasCrownVA. Crazy! thx 2 @chadofalltrades & the whole @olemajorlyindie team” Owww!  6:42 PM – 18 Oct 13 · Details

October 22

StageIt show with Casey Abrams, Link


Monster Mash – Intro – Casey/Haley
Island In The Sun (Weezer) – Haley/Casey
Stuck In London (Abrams) – Casey w/Haley
Wasted Tears Haley/Casey
Ghost (Abrams) – Casey/Haley
My Cake – Haley / Casey
I Feel The Earth Move – Haley/Casey
Precious (Spaulding) – Haley / Casey
Hit The Road Jack – Casey / Haley
Sail – Haley/Casey
Nightmare Before Christmas – Sally’s Song – Haley/Casey

My Cake Screenshot:

Sail Screenshot


Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams – StageIt (2013-10-22) stairway2halien [Best quality]

 Other uploads:

Caley Stageit  Nick Trimarco

Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams Stageit (part 1)  floodedtick

Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams Stageit (part 2)  floodedtick

Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams Stageit (part 3)  floodedtick

Parts 4,5 unposted as of 8/22.


October 25

Southern Rock Experience, Hard Rock Hotel, Cancun, Mexico Link Link Contest (with Casey and 6 others (country))
All Access ‏@AllAccessExp  Look who’s checking in for Southern Rock Experience! @HaleyReinhart @CaseyBassy @MattMasonMusic @DaniKnights & more! 2:53 PM – 25 Oct 13 · Details
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October 27

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All Access Experience 27 Oct 2013 Nothing tops off an amazing show like autographs from the stars! The VIP after party is underway!

October 28

Southern Rock Experience, Hard Rock Hotel, Cancun, Mexico Link Link Contest (with Casey and 6 others (country))
Ladies Night Haley performs
All Access Experience 28 Oct 2013 Congrats to the silent auction winner who got to take this AMAZING photo with all of our stars! What a great way to raise money for Little Kids Rock! Thank you to everyone who bid on auction items! — with Tommy Shane Steiner and 7 others.
WeDDings Jubilee ‏@DeeDeeNewell Look who I ran into tonight! Amazing performances by all. Especially @CaseyBassy & 10:35 PM – 28 Oct 13 · Details
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October 30

jasonmichaelcarroll 30 Oct 2013 Good times in Cancun! [Video]

WDCB Listener-Supported Jazz & Blues In case you missed it, here is Barry Winograd’s interview with Irvin Mayfield of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra from earlier today!

Irvin Mayfield of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra joined Barry Winograd in studio to discuss an upcoming WDCB-sponsored NOJO concert on Thurs. Nov. …

October 31

Dani Knights ‏@DaniKnights 30 Oct I got flagged in the face. Happens to the best of us. #mexico@haleyreinhart sderango 🌴☀️  
 Dani Knights ‏@DaniKnights 30 Oct We got lost & found ourselves at a swing bar on the beach! #mexico 👍 @haleyreinhart 
Haley hit Instagram hard today:
haleyreinhart #tbt #Timbaland song camp was amazing.. Great people. Great new songs:)
haleyreinhart #tbt #Stageit concert w @caseybassy and I:) Hope you guys had as much fun as we did! #sail #sallyssong how #precious 😉
haleyreinhart My happy pumpky – before and after I got back from Cancun… can’t turn his frown upside down.  #HappyHalloween
caseybassy Things got a little crazy on Isla Mujeres with@haleyreinhart and @daniknights

November 1

 Before their big feud.

haleyreinhart “I probably should’ve mentioned this earlier. I’m poison.”


November 2

2013 Southern Rock Experience from Drina Mohacsi of All Access Experience [15 of 24 photos]


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