News and Info 11/3-12/28 (8 Week ROLLUP)

Posted on November 2, 2013

Month of November & December: News and Info 11/3-12/28 (8 Week ROLLUP) Rolling up 8 weeks.   Extended this entry to December as things are quiet this December.

Haley is busy doing her sophomore album.   Rumors of an EP have been floating for a while now but no new information has appeared in months.  Keep coming back as we’ll update this throughout these months!


November 7, WCIU, You & Me This Morning, Performance, Link Link Link

November 9, Alyce Paris Fashion show, headliner, Link Tickets (No cover, currently sold out 10/10 but some tickets may be available from the waiting list).

November 21, Guest performer, Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL, LinkLink Listen $53.50 – $153.50

November 23, Wilmette Holiday Parade, 10:30a-1pm, Link

November 24, M&G,  Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, Rosemont convention center, 12pm-2:30pm Link, Link $20

November 3 

November 4

House of Rising Sun [Oct 27, Cancun & yes, Casey on keysReba Witwer

Reba O’Toodle Witwer

Southern Rock Experience [3 photos of Haley in this collection]  Reba O’Toodle Witwer

November 4

ole’s Haley Reinhart Balances Recording Career With Growing Demand As Songwriter [Ole Newsletter]

ole writer Haley Reinhart at ole Greek Eurocamp
Haley Reinhart at ole-bluestone songcamp held at Timbaland’s Thomas Crown studio in Virginia Beach, Virginia
ole songwriter Haley Reinhart with writers Alex Geringas (l) and Clarence Coffee Jr. at 2012 olepop+urban songcamp

As ole songwriter Haley Reinhart continues to write for her next album, the follow-up to her critically-acclaimed debut,Listen Up! (19 Entertainment/Interscope), which reached #17 on the Billboard Album chart, she is balancing the creation of her own material with the growing demand for her services as co-writer of songs for other artists. It’s a new but fulfilling experience for Reinhart.

“I’ve always been up for it – I have always said that I want to be a songwriter as much as an artist – but I definitely like to distinguish if a song is going to be for me or for somebody else because those are two different mindsets,” explains Reinhart, who signed a worldwide publishing deal with ole in early 2012. “At the last ole pop+urban songcamp in Los Angeles, we were writing for people like Rihanna and it was pretty much the first full week I have ever spent writing for somebody other than myself, which was really a blast. Thankfully everyone that I have worked with, including producers from my last album and new ones introduced to me by ole, are all very open-minded and give me a lot of creative control. I want to be more and more involved with each session I do. I feel thankful that the people I’m working with are very open to that.”

Reinhart co-wrote all of the songs but one on her first album, Listen Up! Her performance on the record was frequently characterized as “authentic” and “distinctive” by critics. “I had to make the first album very quickly so I had in my head what I wanted it to sound like. Even though I worked with a variety of producers, there was a consistency to it. But this time I have time to go wild so I’m basically letting the producers do what they want creatively for the most part. If I know that they’re in a different niche than I am, I let them do their thing because nothing is set in stone yet, but I write what I want to write.”

Reinhart demonstrated a musical talent from a very early age. By the age of eight, she was writing poetry and singing and, at the age of nine, she entertained a large crowd at a Chicago tattoo convention. By the time she was attending Wheeling High School in Wheeling, Illinois, she had earned herself a place in her parents’ ‘60s/’70s rock song cover band, Midnight. After graduating in 2009, she began studying jazz at nearby Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, singing in the jazz band which performed at festivals in Switzerland (Montreux Jazz Festival) and Italy.

“Growing up with a lot of different genres of music has really paid off for me because I know at least a little bit of everything and like most of it,” says Reinhart. “I certainly think I can put my own spin on whatever genre I work in.”

There is no date-certain for the completion or release of Reinhart’s sophomore album. “It was so strange for me to not put out another record within six months of the last one,” Reinhart states. “My manager told me not to worry about production or about making everything fit together quite yet, just write great songs, so I took that advice. At this point, I’ve written so much that there’s a really solid group of songs that I would love to put on the album. It’s just a matter of tying it all together production-wise. I’m really tapping into a lot of new things, even things like ballads, which I wasn’t too hip on before – emotional type stuff and these epic, motivational songs. I’m really excited to be able to evolve. I think that’s so important for any artist.”

Adds Reinhart, who has been a regular presence at the ole songcamps in places like West Hollywood, California; Santorini, Greece and, most recently, Virginia Beach, Virginia for the ole-bluestone camp at Timbaland’s Thomas Crown studio complex: “It’s really important to know that Chad [Richardson] and Debra [Delshad] and Julie [Moe] – everybody at ole – are behind me. They’ve given me the utmost respect and it just makes me so happy to be with a team like that. Being with them, the writers and producers now, it feels less of just a team but more like a family. ole and I have had a lot of success over the past year and I’m excited to see what happens next.”

ole-bluestone Songcamp at Timbaland’s Virginia Beach Studio Produces 13 Cuts [Ole November 2013 Newsletter]

ole songwriters Haley Reinhart, Clare Reynolds and Allison Kaplan at ole-bluestone songcamp
Clare Reynolds, Mynority Jose Aquirre Lopez, Haley Reinhart and Velly at the ole-bluestone songcamp held at Timbaland’s Thomas Crown studio complex in Virginia Beach, VA

The ole-bluestone Songcamp, held last month at Timbaland’s Thomas Crown Studio complex in Virginia Beach, Virginia, produced 13 cuts from the 10 songwriters in attendance. ole-bluestone is the co-venture struck in the summer between iconic super-producer Timbaland and ole. Participating ole writers included Haley Reinhart, Clare Reynolds, Allison Kaplan and Mynority, who were joined by Virginia songwriters David Bollman, Kelly Bollman, Matt Osborn and Stephen Lee of ReKapse, a group signed to Timbaland’s label, along with top-liner Satasha Torres and producer Velly.

Comments Richardson: “It was a fantastic experience and we got 13 new songs from the camp – 12, plus an extra one that Clare Reynolds wrote. With the band ReKapse, we had two of the guys in as producers and the other two guys as top liners and they did really well. With the ole writers, one could have argued that they might have been burnt out after the olepop+urban songcamp in L.A. but it was actually just the opposite. It was like a runner in training. I remember saying on day-one to the writers as we listened to the songs, ‘Wow guys, those are day-three songs!’ Normally it takes a few days for everyone to really get into it. Also, Debra came and she did a Synchronization and Licensing brief, which was invaluable.”

david_tobin #halloween just keeps goin… @raemarrie @bradfordsnow @haleyreinhart

November 7

November 5, WCIU, You & Me This Morning, Performance, Link Link Link

Yay!  Himmm2 posted video, Haley performing “Wasted Tears”: You&Me and Haley & Harry This Morning  Himmm2

WCIU posted HD video.

Casey Abrams – Haley Reinhart Covering Awolnation – Sail [97 Cities Radio Station Blog]

So, perhaps these two become a professional duo? They’re already joined at the hip. He’s a talented creative goofball, she’s just flat out for real. Her voice is over the top good. Of course, they are Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart.

They turn a song that I typically don’t care for, into something I actually really like! This is really good. That song is “Sail” by Awolnation

Haley Reinhart In Style #2267 On WCIU TV [Alyce Paris Facebook photo album, 6 photos]

November 8

November 9

November 9, Alyce Paris Fashion show, headliner, Link Tickets (No cover, currently sold out 10/10 but some tickets may be available from the waiting list).

Alyce Paris Haley Reinhart Himmm2·

Some shots from Cancun last week tracked down by PJ (Sunday, Monday)

November 10

November 11

BMI singer-songwriter Haley Reinhart, a finalist from American Idol season 10, sang her way into the hearts of Beasley Broadcast Group’s management team at their annual General Managers meeting held recently (9/26/13) in Naples, FL. The powerhouse singer belted out songs from her debut album, Listen Up, as well as tunes from her upcoming sophomore effort. Beasley Broadcast Group owns 44 radio stations in 11 markets.

Pictured after Haley’s inspiring performance (l to r): Beasley Broadcast Group Chairman/CEO George Beasley, BBGI’s Ann Beasley, BBGI President/COO Bruce Beasley, Haley Reinhart, BMI’s Dan Spears, BBGI EVP/CFO Caroline Beasley and BBGI VP, Operations Brian Beasley.

Haley’s retweets

November 13

haleyreinhart When I cannot sing my heart, I can only speak my mind.. 

When I cannot sing my heart, I can only speak my mind..

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haleyreinhart Come on sister! #TakeAStand #SpeakOut#WhoRunDaWorld #Women

Come on sister! #TakeAStand #SpeakOut #WhoRunDaWorld #Women

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November 18

Caption:Thug lyfe☝

Thug lyfe☝

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November 19


November 20

November 21

November 21, Guest performer, Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL, LinkLink Listen $53.50 – $153.50

Haley’s set: Dream A Little Dream Of Me, Moanin’, Come Rain or Come Shine (B.B King)

Moanin’ audio only

Didn't see her on tinder. #nolatochi

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End of concert parade

November 22

Bootleg video (raw):

5 photos from “Babbs234” at

[Image: HaleyReinhartChicagoTheatre032_zps3ef1ef8f.jpg]

[Image: HaleyReinhartChicagoTheatre064_zps5dec49...1385022419]

mollym_rose my #lovely and #talented cousin @haleyreinhartperforming at the #Chicago Theater with jazz #legends@irvinmayfieldjr & The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra. So happy I got to see it live. #amazing #loveit #jazz👏🎶🎷🎤🎺🎶👏

Come Rain Or Come Shine Clip

Come Rain Or Come Shine Audio only

Haley Reinhart & NOJO “Dream a Little Dream of Me” Chicago Theater   HaleysTusk

Haley Reinhart Chicago Theatre  Babbsie234 [Moanin’ scat battle]

November 23

November 23, Wilmette Holiday Parade, 10:30a-1pm, Link

Haley rode in the parade.

Ryan Duvall added 8 photos. NOJO and Haley Reinhart — at Chicago Theatre.

November 24

November 24, M&G,  Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, Rosemont convention center, 12pm-2:30pm LinkLink $20

haleyreinhart Chillin w/ Sparky after wavin out a firetruck for the Wilmette parade. 🐶

haleyreinhart Today at the Muscle Car & Corvettes Nationals show. Can’t wait to take this baby home after I win the raffle;)#MCACN 🏁

November 26


Rax Trax Recording 26 November 2013  Did a session today with Haley Reinhart, 2nd runner up on American Idol. She did a guest appearance on the upcoming Adrian and Mark Duet CD! — with Haley Reinhart and 2 others.
Photo: Did a session today with Haley Reinhart, 2nd runner up on American Idol. She did a guest appearance on the upcoming Adrian and Mark Duet  CD!

November 27

November 28

December 7

haleyreinhart 👸 #Royals #instastretchfaces #trucksingalongs

👸 #Royals #instastretchfaces #trucksingalongs

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December 8

This tweet from her former 19e manager Chiara Kramer, who is now with Vector/Boardwalk management working with ZZ Ward among others, generated a lot of interest:

and Haley’s response:

and her response to fans:

A possible speculation is that a song or her long promised EP may be appearing soon.   But it could be just about anything including a label signing, move from 19e, etc.

Also, an allusion to a song from a frequent songwriting collaborator:


December 13

I'm goin' down to New Orleans.👏🎉🎶☔☀😍🎶🌻🎺

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December 14

December 15

More performances from the NOJO house party:

The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra- NOJO Our friend Haley Reinhart sitting in at the NOJO House Party with NOCCA’s Thelonious Monk Jazz Ensemble. #MyJazzIs#GodBlessTheChild [Video, God Bless The Child]
The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra- NOJO Quite the finale at tonight’s NOJO House Party with Davell Crawford, Haley Reinhart & more! #MyJazzIs #WeWishYouAMerryChristmas [Video]

December 17

 haleyreinhart  Reunited w my sweet Natasha.. & the idol family lives on.#NewOrleans #Love

December 18

haleyreinhart What a time.. #IrvinMayfield #neworleans #eatin #dancin #playin #sangin #Jazz [Brief glimpse of haley]

These Vines are of the NOJO by Haley.

December 19

haleyreinhart Thank you New Orleans.. It’s been so real.

Thank you New Orleans.. It's been so real.

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haleyreinhart  I miss it already! #NOLA #Food #Dranks

I miss it already! #NOLA #Food #Dranks

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December 20

haleyreinhart Get in the holiday spirit with me & @caseybassy ‘s version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Also available on the iTunes! ⛄

A couple of photos from a few days ago:

The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra- NOJO  December 17  “From New Orleans to Chicago with Love”   November 21, 2013 #NOLAtoCHI — with Haley Reinhart at The Chicago Theatre

December 23

December 24

Haley got a nice little writeup on the New York Times.

A Hot Duet for Those Cold Nights

But the version I’m featuring is by one of my favorite new artists, Haley Reinhart, who placed third in the 10th season of “American Idol” (performed with Casey Abrams, a finalist that same season). Ms. Reinhart, whose debut album “Listen Up”came out last year, was raised on 1960s and ‘70s rock, played in her parents’ band, studied jazz in college and blew the socks off the crowd at Lollapalooza two years ago (with her dad on guitar). This is one versatile young woman, as you’ll see from this other cover and two originals.

Haley’s on a working vacation: See

December 25

December 28


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