News and Info 12/29/2013-2/1/2014 (5 Week ROLLUP)

Posted on December 29, 2013

Month of January: News and Info 12/29/2013-2/1/2014 (5 Week ROLLUP) Rolling up 5 weeks. Haley is busy doing her sophomore album.   Rumors of an EP release have been floating for a while now but no new information has appeared in months.  Keep coming back as we’ll update this throughout these months!

Haley says:

and hopefully it’ll happen soon after the New Year and she’s already dropped hints:  

No known events for this month.

January 1, 2014

Happy New Years!

January 4

January 5

January 6

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haleyreinhart Girlfrands🌻 #Authentic #Mayan bracelets, yay!  

January 7

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January 8

A quick snippet of upcoming music!

haleyreinhart I love this sweet angel of music🌹#Aaliyah #wcw

January 9

January 10

January 13

January 16

Haley also posted the same photo to her instagram with the comment: “You see these mischievous faces? They’re about to take an idea & make it a funky a$$ reality. Stay tuned.✌”

January 20

January 22

mollynoriko  Who’s the prettiest girl in the world? #me @haleyreinhart (Jan 17)

mollynoriko Don’t bring me down #KeepYaHeadUp #GirlsGotYaBack#YaHeard @haleyreinhart (Jan 17)

January 23

chadcnoteroper #TBT In #SantoriniGreece cut’n vocals with my homegirl@HaleyReinhart aka #HBoogie! Santorini had some#AMAZING vibes for creating #MUSICK! Look’n forward to this year!

haleyreinhartYussss, CBoogie! How I miss it so.. Gotta make some more magic!!:$

January 26

haleyreinhart Tweetledee & tweetledum!👯

mollynoriko Wanna play? @haleyreinhart

mollynoriko We some wild cats 😉 @haleyreinhart @mandomadnesssdefinitely gonna miss having this guy in Cali. hope to see you out here again soon! 😝

January 27

Here are a few from -ole-‘s Photos in ole at The Grammys 2014 [7 photos]

Haley with Allison Kaplan (songwriter) and Clare Reynolds (songwriter)

Haley with her team from LaPolt Law

Some “lost” videos from the Akoo sessions:

January 28

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January 29

January 31

February 1

Daniel Gutierrez photo shoot with American idol singer Haley Reinhart good times.  31 Jan 2014

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You Are A Fool Not To Watch “American Idol” [The Backlot blog]

3. It makes new songs better.

Now, all right: Adele is a righteous talent on her own. Yes. But I’m telling you the first time I realized she was a bankable talent was when I heard Haley Reinhart wail “Rolling in the Deep” and revitalize her entire season 11 arc. When a contestant can find urgency and a sense of self within a new pop song, it proves he/she isn’t merely a trained pageant singer with a recycled repertoire; it proves we’re witnessing (forgive me) the potential for true artistry. And Idol itself has a way of proving that current music isn’t always the brainless fodder you’ve trained yourself to believe it is, like when Phillip Phillips and Elise Testonenailed their duet of “Somebody That I Used to Know” or Angie Miller‘s salable takes on the songs of Jessie J.

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