News and Info 2/2-3/31/2014 (8 Week ROLLUP)

Posted on February 2, 2014


The future still looks bright for Haley, but this blog’s time has come.  Hopefully someone with more time can start a new blog and if so we’ll refer to it in this post.


Month of February and march: News and Info 2/2-3/29/2014 (8 Week ROLLUP) Rolling up 8 weeks. Haley is busy doing her sophomore album.   Rumors of an EP release have been floating for a while now but no new information has appeared in months.  Keep coming back as we’ll update this throughout these months!

Haley says:

and hopefully it’ll happen soon after the New Year and she’s already dropped hints:  

She’s currently involved with a project with Dj Danni G:

Haley’s doing a Indie Go Go campaign to fund a new music video [GOAL REACHED 3:19PM Pacific April 6 with 12 days remaining]
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29,000 as of April 5, 2014

and a little bonus video posted in support of this campaign


February 8, My Story, Harvard-Westlake, Los Angeles, private event, LinkMarch 21, Rally Idol, Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research, Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta, GA Tickets (w/Lauren and Bo Bice)

March 21, Rally Idol, Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research, Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta, GA Tickets (w/Lauren and Bo Bice)

March 31, Room5 LA, Haley and Casey, 9PM


February 6

February 8

My Story, Harvard-Westlake, Los Angeles, private event, Link

From the Harvard-Westlake PTA page:

Get ready for My Story! What is My Story? It’s a fun and empowering day for all of the girls and women of the Harvard-Westlake community to come together to celebrate the amazing women who live and work amongst us. On February 8th at the HW Middle School, you will hear the personal stories of inspirational women who have reached the top of their fields by believing in themselves and following their dreams. They’ve blazed the trails, and now you can hear them tell their tales. So tap into your passion, and let their stories inspire YOUR STORY!

and her bio from the event page:

Haley Reinhart
Singer/songwriter Haley Reinhart broke on to the national music scene after finishing in third place on the tenth season of American Idol . Following the completion of the American Idols LIVE! Tour in 2011, Reinhart released her first album, Listen Up!, co-writing all but one song. The album is a ten-track fusion of pop, R&B, rock and roll and soul. Thanks largely to her parents’ encouragement; Reinhart began pursuing her music dreams at a remarkably young age. First taking the stage as part of her parents’ band when she was only seven, Reinhart started writing songs in her first year of high school. Since her last record, Reinhart has played with her band along with her family at Chicago’s Lalapalooza festival, Carnegie Hall, and the Chicago Theatre with jazz trumpet player, Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra (NOJO). She has also performed with Slash and Myles Kennedy for Muhammad Ali’s 70th Birthday Celebration and has been a part of many fundraisers including MusiCares, Celebrity Fight Night, Dubin Breast Center Benefit, Brand 2gether, and more! Reinhart is currently writing for her second album as well as writing for other artists.

There’s also to be a musical performance which is likely either Haley and/or Jakie Tohn.  [Haley performed with John Notto, see the vines in the tweets below]

[instgram url=]

February 10

Michael Slezak still has Haley, in cameos, in his TVLine recap for Hollywood week:

(he comments directly on Haley in his first episode of the renamed show Reality Check starting at 11:20).

February 13

haleyreinhart There isn’t any other band in the history of music that has made such a impact on my everyday life. They remind me of kid years and my family in general. It’s amazing that 50 years later – their influence & their legacy lives on!#HappyAnniversary #50years #TheBeatles #Love 🚶🚶🚶🚶

… content, education, & community.” It was awesome performing & sharing a bit of my story to help encourage young woman to dig down to the core of who they are and believe in themselves. It’s important that we as women – know our self worth. There’s no sense in bringing eachother down, when we can build each other up!

February 14

February 16

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haleyreinhart Hope you all had a fun filled V-day this year, I know I did.

Hope you all had a fun filled V-day this year, I know I did. 🌹

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February 17

Haley’s doing a Indie Go Go campaign to fund a new music video
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Hi there! I’m singer/songwriter/rec. artist Haley Reinhart & I am trying to raise funds to release a stellar music video for a brand new song called, “Show Me Your Moves!” I’m at a stage in my career where I’m making lots of big transitions; which means changes and wonderful additions to my team. It also means I have artistic freedom like never before. I believe when an opportunity comes a knockin’ …and it feels right, you gotta open that door! My creative wheels are constantly turning and it’s about time I let you guys in on one of my projects. The coolest part about this campaign is the fact that it’s coming straight from the artists direction… No label interference, no nothin! It will be pure raw talent coming together from all angles.

Top perk:

  • $15,000USD AT HOME CONCERT A musician and myself will fly out (if needed) to your place to play a rockin show in your backyard for you and your friends!

February 18

‘American Idol’ alum Haley Reinhart turns to Indiegogo to fund music video [Chicago Tribune]

Haley Reinhart has an idea for her music video for her song “Show Me Your Moves!” but she doesn’t have the funds to pay for it. The Wheeling native and “American Idol” alum was dropped by Interscope Records in 2012.

That’s where Indiegogo comes in.

The 23-year-old singer is using the crowdfunding website to raise $30,000 for the music video. Her campaign began Monday and will end April 18. As of Tuesday morning, $3,741 had been raised for the video.

Haley Reinhart confirmed new single “Show Me Your Moves!” [Ultimate Music Blog, josep vinaixa, credible source but does not say if they got the information direct or second hand]

The singer confirmed new single entitled ‘Show Me Your Moves!‘, first taste of her highly-anticipated second studio album. Reinhart plans to launch the single in March and she’s raising money for the video now via co-fundraising site indiegogo. She’s coming… and yes, she loves exclamation points!

February 19

haleyreinhart Hahahh thanks for capturing these amazing moments@ryanbergeron1102 & @caseybassy ….sometimes ya just gotta let it all hang out!😜 #dimples #karaoke #ILoveLucy

February 21

‘American Idol’ Alum Casey Abrams on NYC Shows, Acting and Free Music (Video) [Hollywood Reporter]

Abrams’ jam sessions is what fans have come to know and love about the Texas native. At a Los Angeles show at Room 5 in January, Abrams and his band got so carried away that they played beyond the midnight curfew and took the party out into the street. It was there that fans got another surprise — fellow season 10 alum Haley Reinhart had come to watch her friend perform, and was coaxed into an impromptu performance of “House of the Rising Sun.”

“That’s what I love about her — she’s up for anything, and I think that is what is going to help her career and her life,” he said.

February 23 Michael Slezak backs up his fandom with money.

20140223185406-reality_check_12-23-13Michael Slezak (2/23) $250

February 26

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 February 27

March 2

I love Mardi Gras. This city is the coolest. #nofilta @sderango

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March 5

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March 6

Miss this already! #NewOrleans #MardiGras #2014 #facepaint #lioness

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March 7

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March 12

‘American Idol’; Top 11 Recap: Jena Irene’s  ‘Decode,’ Caleb Johnson’s ‘Skyfall’ – TVLine

Ben Briley: Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets” (27 Dresses) — Grade: C | OK, get out your “Hypocrite!” signs and get ready to hoist ‘em in the air. Because after criticizing Dexter for playing it depressingly safe, I’m gonna take poor Ben to task for playing it risky and delivering something depressing in the process. Again, credit must be given for Ben’s dapper green velvet jacket and well-groomed beard (finally!), but his hotel-lounge arrangement and peculiar phrasing of Elton John’s grooviest jam felt positively anemic compared to the original (and stacked up against Haley Reinhart’s epic, exuberant Season 10 take – which contained 77% more “hardcore bangage”). Even worse, though, the country rocker ended his rendition with a series of falsetto notes that sounded like a distress signal or the soundtrack to the “universal sign for choking.” If I got to tamper with the votes, Ben’s spaced-out effort wouldn’t result in elimination — just a good, solid scare — but I’ll be shocked if he’s not in the Bottom 3 come Thursday night.

March 14

haleyreinhart Luhhh me some #CHANEL #CoCoMademoiselle 🌻

Luhhh me some #CHANEL #CoCoMademoiselle 🌻

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Clip of Casey’s band:

March 15

March 16

March 17

March 19

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March 20

Earlier today, I stopped by Shula’s in Buckhead, where 92.9/The Game was doing a live show and season four “Idol” finalists Bo Bice and Anthony Fedorov came by to promote tomorrow’s Rally Idol fundraiser at the Buckhead Theatre to promote research to cure childhood cancer. If this season is boring you, this will remind you of the show when its popularity was peaking. Season 10′s Haley Reinhart was going to arrive later in the day. Bo was going to keep both of them at the Bice compound. He has 40 acres in Covington. He also planned to cook dinner for the mini-”Idol” reunion as well. (He knew Haley because they’ve done some shows together.) All three will be celebrity judges with Lauren Alaina tomorrow and don’t be surprised if they sing as well.

March 21

Rally Idol, Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research, Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta, GA Tickets (w/Lauren and Bo Bice)

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Haley said she got involved through working with Bo on other benefits. The American Idols spent today hanging out with the Rally Idols, watching them rehearse and meeting them backstage.

“They’re the sweetest kids,” Haley said. “They have a lot of conviction, a lot of strength and fire. When they’re singing, I can see it. In general, they seem very mature. I’m sure because of everything they’ve been through. It really astounds me honestly.”

By the way, I couldn’t talk to Haley without asking her about new music. After all, it’s been nearly two years since she released her post-Idol debut album, “Listen Up.” I’ll be posting what she had to say about that topic sometime soon, so keep checking back.


March 22

Rally Idol Photos by Little Sun Photography [128 photos, maybe 20 or so with Haley]

March 23

March 24

Caleb is on the current season of American Idol

March 26

haleyreinhart Caught up with this lil’ angel today. She’s always been the sweetest! It’s been too long @ThiaMegia 😘 #Season10#AmericanIdol


March 27

Haley Reinhart – Rally Idol [Starry Magazine]

Q) What did you take away from your experience with Rally Idol?

A) The fact that a twelve year old girl put all this together has really been eye opening. I realize that with enough focus, drive and supporters – you have the power to help change the world.

Q) What will be unique and different about your new music?

A) It will remain sultry an retro fresh, but I think I go a little deeper this time around.

Q) How much hand in the production of your music do you have?

A) As much as I’d like. Lately, I’ve let a lot of producers do their own unique thang. Now it’s time to hone in on what I like and make it all one defining sound.

Q) Who have you been rooting for this season on “American Idol” and why?

A) I really appreciate Caleb. I just hung out with him recently and had a blast hanging/jamming. We both love good old rock&roll and he’s got one heck of a voice!


March 28

Rally Idol Final video clips.  Part 1 Part 2 [Just glimpses of Haley on stage with all the others]



What’s next for you?
I’m onto the next chapter, new music, new content. Look out Grammy’s! 😉

Who are some artists you want to work with?
Love Prince.. Paul McCartney.. Mick Jagger.. Go big or go home right?!

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I’m an expert at making eggs & sandwiches. Nothing more, nothing less. 😉 Oh and I also wouldn’t mind being a judge on Idol someday.

March 29

Woah woah woah! It's magic, you know? @haleyreinhart

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March 30

Room5 LA, Haley and Casey, 9PM

March 31

New Song: You were there.

Rachel Calderon

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(Cry Me A River)


My Cake

Steamroller Blues

Cry Me A River

Stuck In London

Sail, Stuck In London, My Cake


March 31

The future still looks bright for Haley, but this blog’s time has come.  Hopefully someone with more time can start a new blog and if so we’ll refer to it in this post.

As usual, information captured by a cast of many including stairway2halien, init2winit, pj_haleyrfan, addicted2haley, migueldomcom, etc., collected, and posted here.
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